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Penbryn Beach...

Penbryn Beach, owned by the National Trust, is just a few minutes walk from the Manorafon campsite.  Walking down through the country lanes covered in foxgloves, grasses and red campion, you can hear the occasional bleat of a sheep and the tantalising sound of the waves.  Every twist and turn takes you down the valley closer to the beach.

And what a beach.  Wide, sandy and shallow.  Backed by grassy sand dunes and tall cave pitted cliffs either end. Penbryn is wild.  The rush of the waves is deafening, my first experience of this cold Atlantic sea.... it's extreme.

The boys, wet suited, ran and played in the foam.  Whilst Dan and I read and brewed a cuppa.  We always take the Kelly Kettle out with us.  Dan and I are tea addicts, so we need to be prepared - always!  In just a few minutes the water is boiling and the magical smell of wood smoke mixes with the sea breeze.  Perfection.

We stayed at Manorafon Camp.

last year..

This image above was taken this time last year.
The UK was treated to the best heat wave.
Sunshine and summer temperatures... it was glorious.
I still think back to this day - it was perfect... you know one of those perfect everything days.
It's the day I set all other days too... it was that good.
I am hoping we will get treated to weather like this.. I am ever hopeful!

p.s. over on the right I have my new monthly love list - October.  Go see.

Cornish Holiday Part 3 ... The Beach

We arrived in Cornwall on Monday evening. - Dan had returned from his charity cycle ride on Sunday night... the following day we headed off for our summer adventure.
As soon as we got to the cottage, we threw our bags in and immediately headed to the beach.

Sennen Cove.

It was our first time at this beach.. and it took our breaths away.
I am actually in LOVE with it.
Wild, natural, beautiful.
Much like beaches in med.... white sand and turquoise sea.
On that first evening, the tide rolled in fast and furious... on lookers on the beach shrieking as the waves engulfed their towels.
It felt alive, wild and full of energy.  Surfers braved the Atlantic Ocean, children dug moats and squealed with delight as the waves knocked them off their feet.
We had FOUND our beach... the bar was set high.
Every day we returned here.  Early in the morning for breakfast, frying bacon on our little burner. Staying until lunchtime, heading off to a garden when the sun became to hot to handle.  Then returning for a beach BBQ in the evening, to watch the sunset.
It reminded me of years of travelling... my days spent worshipping the sun.

a mid winter stroll upon the prom..

Yesterday afternoon the sun shone brightly and the wind blew strongly, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and working off the excesses of Christmas.
We took a trip out to Clevedon to stroll along the prom, the last time we were there the weather was more to my liking, but none the less the boys made a beeline to the beach to play their favourite game, splatalob.

Splatalob is basically.... collecting as many pebbles as you can hold, then when standing on a certain spot on the wall and throw the pebbles into the fresh wobbly mud. The mud does make a satisfying squelch and a blancmange style wobble as the pebble hits it.  I found myself shrieking with laughter as we all threw large pebbles in.
Ah simple pleasures eh?

Today was supposed to be an allotment day, I still haven't planted my Garlic yet!!
But it looks like rain, so cosying up on the sofa in front of the fire seems like a better option.

fish & chips & sunsets

What a weekend!
AMAZING sunshine here in the UK.  With strict instructions from the entire nation to make the most of it, we tried.
Saturday we hosted Rufus' birthday party.  I will tell you more about this on another post.
Immediately after the party, as the weather was so warm, we madly decided to paint the front of our house.
Yes, the whole front of the house, painted white.
It may have been in the high 20's out there, but we white washed the pebble dash.
I will show before and after pictures once we've sorted the windows and painted the front door!

But it wasn't all parties and painting... yesterday evening we headed to the local beach for fish and chips and to watch the sunset.
Charlie rock pooled.
Rufus threw stones into the mud.
We watched the sky turn turquoise and gold.
A perfect end to October heatwave.

A week of cornish bliss

Padstow, Ice Cream & The Camel Trail
Hello!  It's been a while I know, I have had a funny old month.  Feeling unwell, having a birthday, the rain... not feeling up to blogging much.  Mojo most definitely missing.

What I needed was a holiday, so a holiday we had!

A week in a lovely cottage in St Merryn, just outside the gorgeous Padstow.  We have had a ball!  Found the most wonderful beach at Trevone, amazing rock pools, the clearest sea, clean sand, a hop from the carpark which had a fab cafe & shop!  Perfeck.

I love Padstow, I love the Padstow Cycle Hire, for their speed & quality of service.  We hired two bikes and a trailer for the boys and cycled the camel trail from Padstow to Wadebridge.  Now, I haven't really been on a bike since I was pregnant with Charlie, so 5 years!  And I found the whole ride absolutely exhilarating.  The  Camel Trail runs along the Camel river on an old disused railway line, it is car free and thankfully very flat!

Eden Project

We visited the Eden Project.  Charlie was so excited (this boy of mine is soooo ready to start school in September), he was running from activity to activity wanting to learn everything that was on offer!  It was exhausting!  For the school holidays, Eden had put on a Survival Summer Splash, which involved Den building, making runs with guttering and pumps to push water down a hill, fire lighting and survival.  I couldn't keep up!  Half way though den building number two, I made a quick exit and found a little corner for a much need coffee... watching Dan and his boys erect a tipi from large pieces of bamboo and an old parachute.. ah more cake!


We did wish to spend every day on the beach, but unfortunately on day one, Rufus' eardrums decided to burst and horrible thick goo pour from his lobes... yuck!  A quick visit to the docs and some yellow medicine he was on the mend.  So instead on sea and sand for a day, ear puss and sand I felt did not mix, we visited Lanhydrock 

Beautiful garden with stunningly blue hydrangeas.
 If you are ever in Cornwall, this is most definitely worth the visit.  Hydrangeas in white, blue, purple and pink, an amazing display of Astilbes and clipped yew trees.  A garden to get lost in and perfect to get married in... quite romantic and whimisical.

So we are now back, somewhat rested (although 6 hours to come home is no rest I can tell you!)... I am itching to get to the lottie and see how things are... tomorrow..

So hello, dear friends, I am back... x