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Bedroom update - roof blinds....

Image via Pinterest
When Dan and I moved into the house we live in now, it was the first home we ever owned. A place to call our own (not going to mention the massive mortgage!).
It was a complete wreck, the previous owners loved purple, swirly carpet and artex ceilings - yep it was a 'changing rooms' disaster zone.
We slowly began to gut this little Victorian terrace, starting with the bathroom, lounge and bedroom.  Add the to chaos of building work, 5 weeks later I gave birth to Charlie.

Work stopped.

We lived in the badly decorated home, no carpets, a kitchen without a single drawer?!  But it was cool, we had our home and we had our baby.  Charlie grew and when he was 8 months we moved him into his newly decorated nursery in the box room.  Life started to get back to 'normal', renovations resumed, tackling the dining room and kitchen.

Within in months I was pregnant again with Rufus.  Our home improvements took a more urgent turn. Another child - oh my where is it going to sleep?  So we knocked through the kitchen/dining room and converted the loft.  

A 20 month old toddler, an 8 month pregnant mum and an exhausted Dad.


But, at the end of all this.  Dan and I have a lovely little home and two boys who now share our old bedroom at the front of the house and we have escaped to the loft.

But, this is not the end of the story... oh no.  We may have retreated to the loft, but this was far from gorgeous.  NO WAY!  More like a squat.  Until now.  

We have stripped the floors and painted them slate grey, painted the back wall in Navy and are slowly (I mean slowly) painting the trims and the rest of the room.

Now my thoughts are turning to the finishing touches one of which are the blinds for the roof windows.  I've been looking for inspiration on-line and come across  They have a wonderful selection of blackout blinds in amazing colours and designs.  I'm think grey ones, minimal and stylish.

I can't wait to show you the finished room... hopefully soon and this side of Christmas!  I just need to crack that whip and get my own bum moving!

clean bedroom...

I know I am supposed to be making a cake - slight procrastination going on here!
I've just cleaned my bedroom instead, and as it is normally a total mess I thought I would share it with you, whilst it's looking clean (for once!).
The hama heart was made for me by Charlie and hangs above where I sleep.
My current bedtime read is the brand new Bristol based magazine - Lionheart.
It is totally brilliant and I am very much in love with it.
You might recognise some 'famous' bloggers in there such as Hannah and Miss James.
Go get a copy!
The photographs on the wall are by myself and Cassia Beck - she does take some pretty images.
So there... my bedroom.
Best get on with icing a lego brick!