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all about the bikes

We have had the most sunny and bright weekend!
Today we headed back up to the allotment again.
The boys spent the time riding their new bikes up and down the track.
Gosh these boys LOVE their bikes.
What's not to like.
Bright red, mountain bikes, super zippy AND gears (as Charlie likes to tell everyone he meets!).
This is Rufus' first leap up to pedal bikes after riding a balance bike for the past 2 years.
A transition which had little wobbles - he is off and riding, if only he remembers to use the brakes a bit more!
Islabikes are so cool even Daddy likes to have a sneaky go!
Thanks Grampa!

this weekend...

was filled to the brim.
Mooched around the Lovely Fair, which was held down the road from us.
Ate pain au chocolat and drank coffee outside the deli whilst playing our counting game.
(counting game = pick a subject to spot.  I.e... dogs or bikes or something random like roller skates!, and you count what you see).  Dan chose roller skates, thinking he wouldn't see one.  Half an hour later in a shop, a little girl skated through to much giggling and hi fiving on our part!
Weeded and weeded and dug and sunbathed at the allotment. Oh and harvested many squashes.
Climbed trees.
Chatted and giggled with allotment friends.
Had Grandparents over for supper.
Painted the front door several coats of Yellow paint. (still not finished!)
Made some of these amazing autumn creations (Thanks Cathy for your constant inspiration!)
Went on bike rides.
Picked sloes from hedgerows. Made Sloe Vodka.
Charlie lost his second tooth... the tooth fairy is winging her way here this evening!
Roamed around in the mid October sun.
Happy days.

Frome Cobble Wobble (warning bike geek photos)

Last Sunday we headed over to Frome in Somerset to watch the Cobble Wobble.
It's a bike race that takes place up a cobble steep hill in the middle of a country town.
The Cobble Wobble is bonkers.  Bike enthusiasts from all over the country come to compete to win one of the coveted Charge bikes ... Gold, Silver and Bronze in colour.
Kids as young as 7 up to guys in their 80's try the hill race.  Many in crazy outfits.
The group shot is actually a stag do who took part.
Of course there are some serious riders there.  All names and faces from the world of singlespeed, mountain biking and BMX battle to be the first to the top.
The winner this year did it in 22 seconds!  22 seconds - bonkers!
The atmosphere was chilled, Frome totally rocks as a town. AMAZING shops up that street.
I can feel a move coming on.
A great day out.

sunny family picnic

Well hello sunshine!
About time eh?
We have been waiting for a couple of weeks now to have a family picnic to celebrate my birthday... how long ago was it?  Weeks.
Today we did.
Back to my favourite sunny Bristol hang out - Ashton Court (yes I know we were there last week, but its soo gorgeous).
We ate loads, played French cricket, rode bikes, chased bubbles, laughed and ate cake.
A marvellous time too.
Oh and Rufus learnt to do stunts on his bike.
Hope you are all having equally awesome weekends.

Yes, really, his first pedal ride!


Okay, I am going on about how brill Charlie was on his first ride of his pedal bike.  But, see for yourself!  I can't stop grinning.


By request

I have had a request, by my eldest {5 year old} son, to show his new bike.  In particular, show it has his name on the side.

So here you go.  Charlie's Bike... a lovely grey & purple Islabike.

He is very,very proud of his new bike, as you can imagine.


His first ride

Hello!  How is your weekend going?  Good I hope.

After yesterdays high jinx, we have taken it slow today.  Took Charlie to Ashton Court estate for his first ride on a pedal bike.  And just look at him go!  Straight on the bike and off he went, no wobbles, no running behind holding the saddle... just off and pedalling.  So the balance bikes do work then!

I am so proud, spent the whole time walking around taking photo's of him with grin like a cheshire cat.

To celebrate, pizza and chocolate icecream, followed by a trip to Bristol Museum for dressing up as pilots and astronauts, before heading home for a marathon of lego making.

A good Sunday.


Lions, Roses & Sunshine

Another sun drenched Sunday!  How lucky are we?

Don't want to jinx the weather oh no!  Please not cold, not yet  This autumn is far too beautiful to give up just yet!

A morning was spent at Ashton Court Estate.

Yes, a lion came along for a ride...

The rose garden was still in full bloom, even though we had our first frost last night.

I think this has to be my favourite rose in the whole garden.  It smells wonderful too.

I have, for the past 5 years, been wanting to paint the front of our house.  At the moment it is ugly brown pebble dash, with green peeling paint on the windows (sounds divine, doesn't it?!) 

Every time I come into the Rose Garden at Ashton Court Estate, I start to dream about painting the front white and have pale blue/grey windows and front door.  Then I will grow a pink rose like this up the front.  If only I knew it's name!

Yes I have a thing for yellow!

I hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend.

Here's to another sunny week (please).