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Birthday wishes...

My Birthday Wishlist 2014

My Birthday Wishlist 2014 by lou-archell featuring collage picture frames

It's my birthday tomorrow! 
Much fun is planned... mainly spending time with my boys.  A few day trips, dinner out, gardens to visit, shopping at the Frome Independent on Sunday... this weekend, it's my choice (I love that!).

So, friends and family - a little late I know!  BUT please please let me get what I want (is that a Smiths song?) - all of the above please and thank you!

Have a lovely weekend all!

Super Six...

Yesterday, we spent most of the day in the woods.  Celebrating Rufus' 6th birthday, he and his friends, had the wildest of times. Charging around the woods. Dressed as Superheroes, building dens, and cooking marshmallows and fire apples on a huge roaring fire.

To us the woods are the most perfect place for our boys to have a party.  The freedom, the secretive play amongst the trees, the poking of the fire, the smell of woodsmoke and the fresh air.  The little downpours didn't matter one bit... we loved every moment. 

I think I said it last year, but I love Ru's friends they are really the loveliest, most fun kids. It was SO much fun.. I totally forgot to take a single photo of the birthday boy! 


So this was my birthday weekend.
Friday I celebrated with Dan, a trip to Bath, drinking the best coffee I have ever tasted. Followed by a slow and luxurious picnic in the most beautiful of spots.  More cafe visiting and finally a birthday tea with chocolate cake with the boys at my parents.  As the evening drew close, I donned my heels and vintage frock, tipsy on g&t's, I danced the night away with friends.  
The very next day was Carnival.  Hot and heady, we watched the parade, spellbound by the drumming and loud costumes.  The air full of Caribbean jerk spices and helium balloons.
The hottest weekend of the year deserved a trip to the beach.  Spontaneously we flew down the M5 to the South Devon coast.  Discovered Spider crabs, and a yearning to kayak.

The best kind of birthday.... full of friends, family and adventure.

Birthday wishes...

My Birthday Wishlist

Oh yes it's July!  Only 4 days until my birthday... a summer babe.  (although it does usually rain on my birthday).
Just in case you don't know what you can get me, I've made a little wish list.  There you go - easy. :)  (wishes really really hard!).

This year it isn't special in fact once you hit a certain age birthdays are a drag, oh yeah another year older!  But this Friday I am spending the day with Dan, the two of us are going to indulge in some good food and lots of together time.  In the evening drinks and fun with friends.  Oh and supper with cake with my gorgeous boys.  Birthdays are actually good fun.

In other news, it's the 1st July and my July Loves List is up and over on the right... go have a look around and find some lovely new things or stuff I am really into at the moment (Marcus M, swoon!). Can I add him to my wishlist? hmmmmm

1000 posts...

Can you believe it?  I surely can't.  This is my 1000th post on Littlegreenshed.  

Sharing hundreds of snapshots of my world, my boys growing, our family adventures, life at home.  Over the years, my style has developed and grown, into the blog you see now.  I have loved every second of it... and hope I can continue for next 1000 posts.... 

To celebrate I would love to do a series of giveaways.  And maybe a little look back through Littlegreenshed archives at some of my favourite posts.  I can remember Rufus' 5th birthday in woods like it was yesterday!  

Thank you, for reading and enriching my life with your support and comments.  You guys rock!

Big love!



My boy turned 7 today.
7 years of being a parent, a mama to this wonderful, thoughtful, kind and sensitive soul.
He asked for a climbing party with his bestest friends.
Undercover Rock is such a cool place to experience rock climbing, inside an old church spire.
The boys walked in with mouths agap.  Led Zeppelin was blaring and the place was buzzing with adrenalin, jam packed with people climbing the rafters.  After a de-briefing they were led through the building to the training walls where they were soon helping each other to climb up to the roof.
After an hour or so of climbing they sat and wolfed down a party tea - finished off with a Ninja cake (decorated by Nana - thanks Mum!).


Happiness is blowing out candles on your 5th birthday cake.

Giveaway! Littlegreenshed is 2....

That's right!
Littlegreenshed is 2 years old this week.
Wow! how time has flown.
A little blog which started as record of my allotment has turned into a daily write about my life, loves and dreams.
Thank you all for following me on this blogging journey, and all your support and lovely comments. It really does make me a very happy Lou indeed!
Before this turns into an Oscar's acceptance speech I am going to do a little giveaway as a thank you.

To win an A4 print of ANY illustrated design (this includes the postcards) - All you need to do is:

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Open to all - worldwide.


So there you go... 4 chances of winning yourself a new piece of loveliness for your wall. Make sure you comment 4 times (one for each thing you have done).
Good luck!
Thanks lovely people.

a stroll upon the windy prom..

Last Sunday we met up with family for the second part of Charlie's birthday.
The boys scooted along the seafront at Weston-super-Mare... enjoying hanging out with their older cousins.
The wind was so strong, I could hear the howl in my ears for a long time after.
Look at these dudes... I can remember feeling that camaraderie with my cousins at this age.

1. thick cosy duvet
2. calpol - after Rufus waking with a cold last night
3. strong coffee

Charlie Bean is 6...

A busy afternoon preparing for the party - luckily I had superman to help with the blowing up of balloons!
Ok, please don't laugh at the cake!
My icing went slightly lumpy.  Butter was too hard.
But it tasted oh so delicious which is the main thing.
Charlie loved the lego theme, which was great considering he had mainly lego for his birthday!
Last night after school we had a quiet family party with cousins.
We feasted on homemade pizza, played with lego, laughed at the daftness of young boys and recalled memories of birth (well mum and I did, she was there when Charlie was born).
As dusk fell the sky turned golden and we all stood outside to marvel at the most spectacular sunset.
As the sky grew darker we lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to our boy as he blew out his number 6.


Look at this little man!
I get all emotional when I do.
Charlie was 2 years old here... he is soo cute. (slightly biased, of course!)
We were at the Greenman Festival and he has just been stung by a wasp on the cheek.
Stressful times... but look, he is still smiling - bless him.
And look how blonde he is!
Charlie will be 6 tomorrow.
Those years have flown by.
Charlie you are still a gorgeous boy, bright and confident.

This past year you...

* taught yourself to ride a pedal bike
* became school council for your class
* made new friends
* lost two front teeth
* and grew 4 more (including 2 back molars!)
* started going to Beavers
* can ride like the wind on a scooter
* learnt to read on your own
* have become a great illustrator
* was a greedy crocodile in the school play
* can make the best lego models
* have grown about a foot!
* surprise me beyond belief at your knowledge on the universe, lego and Brunel!
* still give the best cuddles
* make your mummy & daddy so very very proud!

We love you little man!

p.s. I am attempting to make this cake today... wish me luck!

6yr old goes a buggin

My boy is growing up!
Today we bought him a big boys scooter (JD Bug) for his 6th birthday next week.
His peers all scoot to school and to Beavers, so he was desperate to join in and NOT on his brothers micro scooter (too baby apparently).
This afternoon we went for a scoot along the docks in the sunshine.
One very happy nearly 6 year old indeed.
All ready he's trying to do stunts!

the dragon/dino/crocodille party...

Well we did it.
We held a dragon/dino/crocodille party for our now 4 year old Rufus.
It was actually quite okay... 8 boys 3,4 & 5 in ages.. dressed up.
We did dinosaur decorating.  The house is still covered in green glitter.
Pin the tail on the dragon.
Musical statues and musical bumps.
Pass the parcel and generally running around being quite scary.
The boys loved the tails and having their faces painted.
My two looked incredibly scary with their faces painted.
The cake if you can't tell is supposed to be a crocodile...ahem!
One of the boys said it looked like it was covered in slime... yeah....just it eat it!
So that was that.... 4th parties are now over in this house... next one will be a 6th... maybe I'll do that outside somewhere!