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easter den building

Easter Day we spent with my family.
A delicious Sunday roast dinner, where we ate roasted spring lamb, followed by the richest darkest chocolate mousse.
Suitably stuffed, we all de-camped to the nearby bluebell wood, where we set to working off the calories by building our own bivouac.
There is already the most amazing tipi den, which the boys and every other child use as their own.  But this year we decided to make our very own.
Every member of my family was seen running through the woods, gathering large branches, calling to each other with owl hoots or cuckoo calls.
I think this new den will be added to over the years... to make a grander alternative to the original bluebell den!
Maybe we have just invented a new Easter Day family tradition.

priors wood

This afternoon we walked through carpets of bluebells.
I don't think I have seen such blue before.
The smell was incredible.
Priors Wood is a must for anyone living near Bristol. 
Thank you Cathy... for sharing this amazing place with us!
I have offically been bluebelled!

A week of cornish bliss

Padstow, Ice Cream & The Camel Trail
Hello!  It's been a while I know, I have had a funny old month.  Feeling unwell, having a birthday, the rain... not feeling up to blogging much.  Mojo most definitely missing.

What I needed was a holiday, so a holiday we had!

A week in a lovely cottage in St Merryn, just outside the gorgeous Padstow.  We have had a ball!  Found the most wonderful beach at Trevone, amazing rock pools, the clearest sea, clean sand, a hop from the carpark which had a fab cafe & shop!  Perfeck.

I love Padstow, I love the Padstow Cycle Hire, for their speed & quality of service.  We hired two bikes and a trailer for the boys and cycled the camel trail from Padstow to Wadebridge.  Now, I haven't really been on a bike since I was pregnant with Charlie, so 5 years!  And I found the whole ride absolutely exhilarating.  The  Camel Trail runs along the Camel river on an old disused railway line, it is car free and thankfully very flat!

Eden Project

We visited the Eden Project.  Charlie was so excited (this boy of mine is soooo ready to start school in September), he was running from activity to activity wanting to learn everything that was on offer!  It was exhausting!  For the school holidays, Eden had put on a Survival Summer Splash, which involved Den building, making runs with guttering and pumps to push water down a hill, fire lighting and survival.  I couldn't keep up!  Half way though den building number two, I made a quick exit and found a little corner for a much need coffee... watching Dan and his boys erect a tipi from large pieces of bamboo and an old parachute.. ah more cake!


We did wish to spend every day on the beach, but unfortunately on day one, Rufus' eardrums decided to burst and horrible thick goo pour from his lobes... yuck!  A quick visit to the docs and some yellow medicine he was on the mend.  So instead on sea and sand for a day, ear puss and sand I felt did not mix, we visited Lanhydrock 

Beautiful garden with stunningly blue hydrangeas.
 If you are ever in Cornwall, this is most definitely worth the visit.  Hydrangeas in white, blue, purple and pink, an amazing display of Astilbes and clipped yew trees.  A garden to get lost in and perfect to get married in... quite romantic and whimisical.

So we are now back, somewhat rested (although 6 hours to come home is no rest I can tell you!)... I am itching to get to the lottie and see how things are... tomorrow..

So hello, dear friends, I am back... x

Blue is definitely my colour!

Bank Holiday Monday.... always the same dilema, is gonna be rainy or dry?

We decided on Leigh woods this morning... always good rain or shine.  Rufus' new love is his bike.  He has just discovered how to ride it and has such a passion for it he would ride it all day long.

I knew the bluebells would be coming into flower round about now, so when we turned the corner into the drive... wow, a carpet of blue....

Blue bells under Coral Beech Trees

Not fully in flower yet, but still a sight to be seen.
I love the woods, it is a special place for us as a family... it always grounds us, brings us back to nature, 're-boots' our souls, puts life into perspective.

We were so excited to get out of the car, wellies on, on bikes and into the bluebells.  The boys were immediately in charge, choosing which mountain bike track to lead us down.  I love this, they take us to parts of the woods I have never been too, always an adventure.

Boys smelling Bluebells

Rufus 'mountain biking' through the woods

Leigh Woods has a real mix of trees, Oak, Yew, Holly, Sycamore but mainly Beech, which allows the bluebells to thrive beneath the new canopy of papery leaves.

Beech Leaves
The woods were so green and the bluebells so blue, it was dazzling yet almost blurring... quite hard to discribe.. my mind was being gently fuzzed with the beauty of it all.

Fuzzing green...
We all had a wonderful time, boys were ravenous when we arrived home for lunch...always a good sign!

We heart the woods!