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Back to school with Clarks Shoes...

I dread this time of year.  The end of a beautiful summer, the end of the wildness and freedom. Back to school means so many things, the start of a new year, the boys back into a routine and for me a chance to work at home, in peace.  But before all of that, there is the mad dash to buy new school uniforms and new shoes.  Something I dread!

The boys returned to school last week still wearing their summer Birkenstocks (our school thankfully is not so strict on the what they were on their feet).  But they can't wear sandals forever! (I wish).  So this weekend I pre-booked on-line an in-store fitting appointment at Clarks.  Year on year I will always return to Clarks for their school shoes. I love that they are well made, great value and have cool styles that the boys love.

In store, the boys feet were measured using a new Ipad system.  It's rather clever.  The boys one by one stepped on the the board, typed in their age and sex and then the Ipad tmeasured their size and width quickly.  Such a great idea to involve the children in the process.

With plenty of styles to choose from, the boys fell in love with a pair of navy boots each.  Charlie chose a trainer style leather boot with coloured flash details down the side.  Rufus wanted the neon green laces as soon as he saw them.  I'm happy that they love their new shoes.  They also chose a pair of sports trainers too for PE lessons and their after school football club.  There is a great deal on at the moment too.  If you buy a pair of shoes you can get £5 off any pair of trainers. 

And so, off they went to school this morning, loving their new shoes, excited to show their friends.  I can breathe out, another job ticked off!

Clarks now offer great in-store fitting appointments with Clarks experts which you can book online at a time that suits you.

*We received vouchers c/o Clarks for this post. All words and opinions are my own.

Half term planning...

So Half Term is next week... we are really looking forward to it in this house.  Long slow days filled with eating pancakes, lego building, and adventuring.  And we need it too. Charlie is exhausted, he's limping towards Friday, each morning is becoming more of struggle to get up.  But he is being so good, hardly any moaning.  Rufus is off home again.  High temperature and achy limbs.  I am seriously fed up with viruses!

So... onto some serious Half Term planning.  I like to mix up the days, some with high adventure followed by a slow lego and pyjama day.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to doing:

  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Sunday 10th at the Mshed
  • Attend the Bristol Zoo Wildabout Forest School for a day fire buiding, and playing in the mud.
  • A romp in the woods at our local National Trust Tyntesfield
  • Visit the Theatre
  • A trip to the Cinema with friends to see Wreck it Ralph
  • Make a mountain of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday (12th)
  • Dig up the allotment and prepare for Spring (this will be me, the boys will just play probably!)
  • Craft on cold rainy days - using the wonderful on-line resource Mr Printables
I hope this will occupy them!  What are you planning this Half Term, please share your tips on entertaining your kids... we could all do with as many good ideas as we can!
I am of course hoping for mild and sunshine filled days, we could all do with some of those.

what do boys need?

If we are talking about mine..... they need to be allowed to run, jump, dig, climb, taste, smell and explore - daily... adventuring of the biggest kind.
This means once a day we need to take trip out of our city and into nature.  Luckily for us, where we live in Bristol, we can walk out of our home and within 15 minutes we are amongst the trees.
Having a bag full of snacks, water and great company always makes the day so much better.
Other than that... just add, blackberries, puddles, the perfect stick and stacks of imagination.
The grandest of adventure can be had by all.
And me? I get the happiest of boys.

all about the bikes

We have had the most sunny and bright weekend!
Today we headed back up to the allotment again.
The boys spent the time riding their new bikes up and down the track.
Gosh these boys LOVE their bikes.
What's not to like.
Bright red, mountain bikes, super zippy AND gears (as Charlie likes to tell everyone he meets!).
This is Rufus' first leap up to pedal bikes after riding a balance bike for the past 2 years.
A transition which had little wobbles - he is off and riding, if only he remembers to use the brakes a bit more!
Islabikes are so cool even Daddy likes to have a sneaky go!
Thanks Grampa!

monday morning blues...

Good morning all.
Have you had a good weekend?
I do hope so.
We have had a testing weekend to be honest.
The boys have the flu.
High temperatures, aches, coughs so hard they can't sleep.
Very grumpy, tetchy and hysterical at times!
Last night I slept on the floor patting Ru's back as he coughed most of the night.
I was worried he was going to choke.. he didn't obviously.
So... as the snow falls outside, we are all snuggled under a duvet watching children's television.
And here we will stay until it's bedtime again!

p.s. the picture had no relevance to the flu, I just thought it looked sunny and happy - and I love a lacy doily, me!
1. Calpol
2. Coffee (again)
3. Understanding boss!

boys bedrooms...

Source: via littlegreenshed - on Pinterest

Source: via littlegreenshed - on Pinterest

Source: via littlegreenshed - on Pinterest

Source: via littlegreenshed - on Pinterest

Hello how are you all this blue monday?
I hope you are all ignoring this dumb fact - I dunno why this day is the most depressing than any other!
Did you have a good weekend? I hope so.
This weekend I found a dried up banana skin hiding under Rufus' bed (ergh!), yes I know what does that say about my cleaning skills?!!  No comment.
But it made me look at the boys room with fresh eyes.
We only decorated it two years ago but my golly it has become tired.  The boys have rubbed their toys up the walls which have left coloured scratch marks. Plus their sticking up of pictures and pulling them down has left sticky marks.
I haven't told Dan yet, but a lick of paint could be in order!
I am loving trawling through Pinterest for inspiration.  My children's spaces board is here.
What do you think?  A climbing wall a bit much?

live n deadly...

Yesterday we were one of the lucky few who were picked to go to CBBC's Live n Deadly Roadshow!
For those of you who don't know of the Deadly 60 craze..... Steve Backshall (the presenter) travels the world searching for the most deadliest of animals.  These can be birds of prey, snakes, insects, spiders or mammals.
Once he's found them, shown how deadly they are he puts them on the deadly list.
This show appeals to both Charlie & Rufus in different ways.  Rufus love to watch anything to do with animals, it's his passion.  Another Attenborough maybe?
Where as Charlie he loves it because it shows you really deadly dangerous animals.  Like the King Cobra who can kill 500 people in just 1 gram of venom..... coool as he would say.

So.... today we went along to the Live 'n' Deadly roadshow to meet their hero Steve Backshall and to see deadly animals up close.
My lovely friend Charley came along too with her daughter Flora who is also a huge fan.
The rain held off, thankfully.
We were booked in for 11.30 show... and it didn't disappoint.
Steve showed us Harris Hawks, Eagle Owls, Snapping Turtles, a massive Centepede and a Reticulated Python.
The looks on the children's faces when the python came out... such squeals of delight.
A great DEADLY day out!

summer holidays...

Today is the first day of the summer holidays.
I was woken with this Bison (Bisy) shoved up my nose, not the best way to wake up!
The boys are still in their PJ's, they have played lego, made a den and animals (I keep finding Jim the Lion all over the place).
What will happen next?
Other news...I have some lovely new cards just printed.  When I get a chance these will be in the shop...
Have a lovely day... we've a party to attend in a minute if I can wrestle the PJ's off them!

playing in the grass

At the allotment this afternoon I took a break from weeding and sowing to lie in the long grass on the neighbouring plot.
The boys were busy collecting grass seed in a pot and looking for bugs.
I allowed myself to day dream for a short while.
Before planting the gem squashes and weeding the onions.

rest in peace Mars

image source here

I have some sad news.
Yesterday morning I came downstairs and into the lounge to pull back the curtains.
There was a funny smell - a little fishy.
I went to the tank to give them a some flakes when I nearly stepped on Mars!
Yes, Mars somehow in the night had managed to jump out of the bowl and was lying there dead on the floor.  Stiff as a bored.  Bare feet next to dead fish!
I was overcome with squeemishness (word?) and called for Dan to help - he and the boys were still in bed.
Mars was stiff dead, no way was I going to touch him!
So after calling up to Dan several times, they all came thundering down the stairs.
Charlie was so upset.  Huge tears falling down his cheeks.
Why? Why did he jump out?  He kept saying.
Luckily Postman Pat was on the TV so this soon distracted him.
Charlie then piped up 'When is show and tell, cos I want to take his bones in to show everyone!'
Right so over that then!
Dan put Mars in the bin (er buried and gone to heaven).
We now have a son who doesn't want a stupid goldfish but a puppy now instead.
Thanks for that Mars!

easter bake

Today the boys made Easter biscuits to give out tomorrow.
More icing was sucked than applied to the biscuits.
I think I might stick to the chocolate!!

gardening in pyjamas

Today we spent at home.
Sowing seeds of squashes, pumpkins, courgettes and cucumbers.
The boys decided to go on and water the garden - which is all in pots as our small yard is concrete.  I try to bring some green in by growing ferns, trees, roses, tomatoes and strawberries all in pots and troughs.
Thank goodness we have an allotment!
Charlie enjoyed spraying the plants with the broken hose... Rufus obviously didn't enjoy it as much as his brother!! 
They both enjoyed having a pyjama day though.... bliss.

Introducing.... Lemon & Mars

Yes, we have goldfish!

At the weekend the boys chose their new pets at our local garden/pet centre. 

Charlie chose a large silver & orange fish with floaty fins and tail and named his Mars after the red planet.

Rufus chose a tiny yellow plain looking fish - kinda like a lemon segment and there and then decided in the shop to call it Lemon.

So... Lemon & Mars it is.

It still makes me giggle thinking that a slice of lemon is sometimes served with fish, a fact that Ru didn't know when naming the fish.. hehehehe!

The best bit..... how the boys shout POOH! when they feed the fish their ponking fish flakes.


p.s. Yes I have placed bits of sea glass and old pottery from the lottie in the bottom... to pretty it up, mad I know.

sneaky second breakfast

Sunbathing, pyjama wearing, sneaking a second breakfast - my little monkeys.

They'd already had a bowl of porridge & jam for breakfast!

I thought it had gone quiet.

I came across this scene, two small bowls of Shreadies, two teaspoons, two camping cups of milk, using an upturned Ikea toy storage box for a table... a feast was laid, in the sundrenched corner of the family room.

Brothers loving their morning.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend....