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Dreaming of a summer filled with camping under the stars..

I cannot wait for summer camping with friends.
Balmy days spent dreaming of cool ices, playing rounders, swimming in the river, sipping sundowners, the smell of woodsmoke as you cook your evening meal.  The laughter and shouts of happy children as they play in the nearby woods.  Mugs of cocoa and toasted marshmallows.  Star gazing and breathing lung fulls of fresh air.
I love it so very much.
In my mind the sun is always smiling, just a gentle breeze too cool ones skin, and most definitely no rain.
I've been pinning my camp heaven.
Do you do that?  Pin an ideal world?

Where do you go camping?  Do they allow a fire? (tell me of your secret camping spot, I promise I won't tell!).

camping in the wye valley...

This last weekend of summer we camped in the Wye Valley with lovely friends.
We all were supposed to be at a music festival this weekend, but the festival was cancelled due to lack of sponsorship.... money basically.
So we all took to the welsh hills for some camping fun.
We ate an amazing fire cooked stew.
Toasted marshmallows.
Hunted for 2nd hand books in Hay on Wye.
Ducked in and out of the rain showers.
Played in the river catching fish.
Laughed, drank and relaxed.
Good times... feel very tired now.

sunshine & thunder..

This weekend we camped with friends in near by Bradford on Avon.
A small site surrounded by farm land, sheep and dry stone walls.
Saturday was glorious, sunshine by the bucket load.  We relaxed, ate a feast of salads and BBQ'd meat.
The children ran wild, formed friendships... felt out of friendships, played star wars and rolled around in tents.
In the evening the heavens opened.
It felt like a tropical monsoon... the rain was deafening on the tents.
Woke to a soggy tent...and a soggy mood (well me, bloomin rain!).
Went for a walk to find the most abundant (wild) Cherry Plum  tree I have ever seen.  I could have filled the bowl 20 times over. 
Might have to go back!
After lunch we wandered down the River Avon in the rain, marvelling at the narrow boats and watching locks fill and empty with water.


It rained most of the night.
Woke to a soggy tent.
Ducked in and out of the thunder storms all day.  One minute the brightest sun, the next leaden skies and cracking of clouds. 
Went foraging in the sunshine, found a Cherry Plum tree, laden with fruits.
Gathered as many as I could carry.
More jam to be made.




Camping trip with friends.
The camping bunting showed up again.... It will follow us around the country!
I wonder if the this fresh air will blow away the wood smoke smell from it's last camping trip?
I loved the clouds on Saturday, promising the monsoon on Sunday.




We are back.
Back from a perfectly lovely weekend.
Friday we spent the day at the Royal Bath & West Show with the boys Grandparents.
Playing on the fun fair.  Riding on mini steam trains.  Watching the animals.  Daredevil motorcyclists. Visting the floral pavillion.  Picnicing on strawberries and mini pork pies.
Friday evening we drove down south further to rural Devon to meet up with friends for a weekend of chilled camping.
Sunshine. Barbeques. Fires. Star gazing. Raft making. Dam building in the stream. Walking through flower filled country lanes. Cuddling dogs and tickling children. Sharing. Laughing and relaxing.
The weather was warm, the nights were dark, the location green and the company relaxed & happy.
Good times.