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Beloved Homes

Last week, during my usual rummaging through charity shops during my lunch break, I spied this luscious book.

Found in my favourite Oxfam bookshop this book called Beloved Homes must have been waiting for me!

Are you ready for some gorgeous Scandinavian homes?


Okay here goes...

Look at the trays! 

Love this blue shade and the orange throws.

Green walls and this sideboard seem all a bit too familiar to me!  I think they been to my home.

Check out the Dala horse collection - now I am really jealous!

Noooo I am even more jealous at this vintage wallpaper and collection of stunning ceramics - aghhh I have turned green.

This book was made by Ikea to showcase how their products work in everyday stylish Swedish homes... all so different.

We are heading off for a snow adventure later, hope you are all enjoying your saturday.