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Wild kids...

Following on from my last post, about Charlie and his diagnosis. I was totally overwhelmed by your thoughtful comments.  Made me cry! Thank you!  Dyslexia does seem to be quite common, reading through your messages.  Dan and I found it so encouraging to hear that these children have gone on and achieved such great things.   Your support is much appreciated.  Thank you!

Camp Bestival - the 'must see' list by Charlie (7yrs)...

With under 10 sleeps to go til Camp Bestival, I'd love to share with you the acts and activities that Charlie is desperate to see and join in with.

Fans young and old can join in the drama and excitement as their roars of encouragement (and boos for the baddies of course) help thrust their favourite Knights to glory. Absorb the thrilling atmosphere of horses, heraldry, flags and fanfare as the chivalrous Knights perform breathtaking stunts featuring incredible equestrian expertise, nerve-shredding foot combat and skilful swordsmanship in their fearless jousting tournament.

Making a triumphant return to Camp Bestival is Ken Fox's Wall of Death. Loud, exciting and unbelievable; watch the Fox familly defy gravity, tearing up the wall on their roaring motorbikes. Ken is renowned as the world's leading Wall of Death rider and has been riding walls since he was 13 (don't get any ideas kids!). One not to miss.

The Freesports Park is back once again and will feature displays from some of the most radical riders around in the sports of Mountain Board Freestyle and Big Air, Mountain Bike Freestyle Jumping, Mountain Bike Trials, BMX, Inline, Skate and Parkour.

Prepare yourselves for the delightfully ghastly Horrible Histories, presenting the festival premiere of their new theatre show, Barmy Britain! Performed live on the Castle Stage at Camp Bestival, we can’t wait to be horrified by their disgusting revelations.  Have you ever wondered why the Romans never won MasterChef? What if a Viking moved in next door? Would you lose your heart or head to horrible Henry? Will Parliament escape gunpowder Guy? Enrol yourself at Georgian Crime School, dare to dance the Tyburn jig and find out what a baby farmer did!  Set in loathsome London, the BSC’s Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain follows their acclaimed productions of Terrible Tudors, Vile Victorians, Awful Egyptians and Ruthless Romans.

And of course, face painting, eating lots of crepes, dancing, and generally giggling all of the time!  Next up it's Rufus' picks.

Tickets for Camp Bestival are still available - you can buy them here.

For full details of the Camp Bestival line-up have a look here.


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Charlie: My boy you have grown! Now 7 years old, and learning the guitar.  I want to hold on to these years and not let them go.
Rufus: Any chance to make someone laugh he will be there. My funny face.

It feels like Charlie has grown overnight.  His young years are slipping from my fingers and I desperately want to cling hold to them.  But at the back of my mind there is a voice saying 'cut the apron strings a little mama, let him fly'.  But it is so hard.

This week Rufus told me he wanted to sit next to Amelie at school lunch time, 'But, she is NOT my girlfriend!'. (He has never mentioned her before, it's like he's just noticed this pretty little girl). 

Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.



My boy turned 7 today.
7 years of being a parent, a mama to this wonderful, thoughtful, kind and sensitive soul.
He asked for a climbing party with his bestest friends.
Undercover Rock is such a cool place to experience rock climbing, inside an old church spire.
The boys walked in with mouths agap.  Led Zeppelin was blaring and the place was buzzing with adrenalin, jam packed with people climbing the rafters.  After a de-briefing they were led through the building to the training walls where they were soon helping each other to climb up to the roof.
After an hour or so of climbing they sat and wolfed down a party tea - finished off with a Ninja cake (decorated by Nana - thanks Mum!).



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Charlie: Turned 7 today.  Loves Lego, life and learning.  My little big boy. Happy Birthday darling.
Rufus: Wrote a perfect sentence in school 'In the snow I will meke a snow lion' - and he did.  Sitting here so proud.

A whirlwind of a week, such contrast in these two images to last weeks, when it was full winter sunshine.  Since then we have had snow, and a 7th Birthday Party - Rock climbing.  Playing along with the 52 project.  


Year 2...

Oh where has the time gone? Year2?!!
Charlie you are such a handsome big boy.  I know you are going to do so well this year.  Last year of Infants.
I've had such big empty hole in my stomach all day. It was tough a drop off.  I felt choked.  I have missed him so much!
Gawd knows how I am going to cope next week when Rufus joins him!
Big mummy tears, I tell you!

we've found wally..

This week is International Book Week.
Charlie's school have had a series of events to mark this... bedtime stories last night and today the pupils have been asked to come in dressed as their favourite book character.
Can you guess what character Charlie is?
Where's Wally!
He looks great. Massive credit to the talented  Charley who made the hat, glasses and binoculars for her daughter Flora and who kindly lent them to Charlie ( a little confusing, yes 2 Charlies/ley's).
Thanks hun... he is over the moon, and looks fantastic!


The sun has appeared.
We were treated to the most spring like of Saturdays, and it was blissful.
Charlie and I headed up to the plot to drink in the sun, be deafened by bird song and dig in the soil to our hearts content.
My boy raked a small part of the plot to a fine tilth ready for sowing seeds.
He worked so hard enjoying the time just being there.
I gave that piece of earth to him.
His small part of the allotment (the area with the best of soil and the most sunshine).
He sat there contently planning in his wildlife finder folder.
Eating bread sticks in the sunshine.
On his list....  a watermelon tree, flowers for decoration and a chicken house.
Happy days.


Well Friday is here...
Half term is nearly over.
I feel pretty sad about that.
I love having the boys around.

* We have been to the zoo.
* Rode bikes and scooters.
* Been swimming.
* Saw a play about dinosaurs at the Old Vic theatre.
* Saw the Wildlife Photographer of Year exhibition at the Bristol Museum.
* Played in the park with friends.
* And made a den.


Tomorrow is Charlie's birthday party (yes his birthday was nearly a month ago, but this is the only time I could get!) at the local gymnastic's centre.
8 friends all trampolining, bouncing and scoffing cake!
Great fun.
Wishing you a wonderfully bright weekend.


Last Tuesday, Charlie was invested into his local Beaver Colony.
He is now a squirrel.
And proud he is too in his uniform.
He will hopefully learn lots of interesting new skills.
I will be sewing on lots of badges to his sweatshirt from now on!
He loves going to Beavers, hanging out with boys from other school's and most are older than him too.
Their favourite thing to do is run around the room really fast and skid on their knees.
Boys eh?!
1. Great local theatre's
2. Cool city to live in
3. ice pops in the freezer

baby shower

A glorious day here in Bristol, this Saturday.
We had huge plans to go to the Mshed to see in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, then onto our friends Baby Shower.
But no.
Charlie developed the Flu over night.
Poor little man has been up since 5am (as have Dan and I).  He has achy bones, high temp and a hacking cough.
Dan and Rufus have taken this lovely Jane Foster cat  as our gift for the yet to be born baby... I am sure he/she will love to chew it's ears.
(I secretly wish it was staying here with me!).
Charlie and I are snuggled on the sofa, with the log burner blazing, watching Horrible Histories and eating crisps.
Hope we have a more productive day tomorrow.
1. warm fire
2. Cool local shops
3. Loving parents

a stroll upon the windy prom..

Last Sunday we met up with family for the second part of Charlie's birthday.
The boys scooted along the seafront at Weston-super-Mare... enjoying hanging out with their older cousins.
The wind was so strong, I could hear the howl in my ears for a long time after.
Look at these dudes... I can remember feeling that camaraderie with my cousins at this age.

1. thick cosy duvet
2. calpol - after Rufus waking with a cold last night
3. strong coffee

Charlie Bean is 6...

A busy afternoon preparing for the party - luckily I had superman to help with the blowing up of balloons!
Ok, please don't laugh at the cake!
My icing went slightly lumpy.  Butter was too hard.
But it tasted oh so delicious which is the main thing.
Charlie loved the lego theme, which was great considering he had mainly lego for his birthday!
Last night after school we had a quiet family party with cousins.
We feasted on homemade pizza, played with lego, laughed at the daftness of young boys and recalled memories of birth (well mum and I did, she was there when Charlie was born).
As dusk fell the sky turned golden and we all stood outside to marvel at the most spectacular sunset.
As the sky grew darker we lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to our boy as he blew out his number 6.


Look at this little man!
I get all emotional when I do.
Charlie was 2 years old here... he is soo cute. (slightly biased, of course!)
We were at the Greenman Festival and he has just been stung by a wasp on the cheek.
Stressful times... but look, he is still smiling - bless him.
And look how blonde he is!
Charlie will be 6 tomorrow.
Those years have flown by.
Charlie you are still a gorgeous boy, bright and confident.

This past year you...

* taught yourself to ride a pedal bike
* became school council for your class
* made new friends
* lost two front teeth
* and grew 4 more (including 2 back molars!)
* started going to Beavers
* can ride like the wind on a scooter
* learnt to read on your own
* have become a great illustrator
* was a greedy crocodile in the school play
* can make the best lego models
* have grown about a foot!
* surprise me beyond belief at your knowledge on the universe, lego and Brunel!
* still give the best cuddles
* make your mummy & daddy so very very proud!

We love you little man!

p.s. I am attempting to make this cake today... wish me luck!

6yr old goes a buggin

My boy is growing up!
Today we bought him a big boys scooter (JD Bug) for his 6th birthday next week.
His peers all scoot to school and to Beavers, so he was desperate to join in and NOT on his brothers micro scooter (too baby apparently).
This afternoon we went for a scoot along the docks in the sunshine.
One very happy nearly 6 year old indeed.
All ready he's trying to do stunts!

Mr Pernickety...

Today at school, Charlie's class were asked to go dressed as their favourite Mr Man.
Charlie decided to go as Mr Pernickety (or Mr Fussy is you are remembering the original Mr Men).
He looks rather dapper don't you think!
Here is a clip....

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Charlie's friend is feeling very poorly.
So Charlie decided to make him a get well card.
After watching Deadly Art he drew this amazing tiger.
I love it's face!  Very fierce.
Get well soon Spike!


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Pirate Dens and beady monsters...

Charlie stayed home again today.
Rest and home play is what he is need of.
We made some curious beasties out of hama beads.
And the most amazing pirate den was constructed in their bedroom.
All the toys, dressing up clothes and bed covers are now strewn all over the floor.
Ah well, at least he is feeling a little better.
School tomorrow.. I need to have a rest!

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Today Charlie came home from school early, complaining of a stomach ache.
I bought some old school plasticine to keep him and Ru occupied for 5 minutes.
It has a different texture than playdoh and they enjoyed moulding it into shapes of food.
Soon Charlie had made a plate of broccoli, pizza, baked beans and spaghetti bolognaise!
I think Charlie is just extremely tired and day of doing 'nothing' but craft and lego will do him some good.


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The bedroom HAS to be seen!


Charlie has been doing some lovely pictures these holidays.
I just love these smiling faced people...