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A colourful world...

Paris based origami street artist, Mademoiselle Maurice creates beautiful rainbow coloured artwork around the world.

Such a simple technique of paper folding and sticking to create unique, creative, abstract art which is only there for a day or so, before Mademoiselle takes them back down and returns the area back to is original use.

I love them!

Such happiness and colour.

Here is a little film about her - in French, but you can see how she works...

Just beautiful!

a colour filled weekend...

Image via the Socialite family
This morning I spent 2 hours in the company of an inspiring and colourful lady.  Talking about life, happiness and plants.  Her home a riot of colour and eclecticism.  Beauty found in other peoples cast offs, and displays of family treasures made this home so unique, happy and so so cool.

Upon leaving, I felt like I'd had a few hours in colour therapy.  And woah did I need it.  I've never been colour shy, but over the past year I feel I've neglected my love of yellow, magenta and blue.  A few years ago I painted my front door yellow, and yet I had forgotten how good it makes me feel.

So today, I've made myself promise to seek out colour, bring more into the house, and rejoice in the goodness that it brings.  The ability to lift ones mood.

I think the house above is where I should start. A mix of great furniture and colour that is not too over whelming.  I love the tonal blues, the shaggy rugs, the cane mirrors, the use of particle boarding.  Yep, this one will do me, for now!

So, are you monochrome, muted or a high colour junkie?  What's your home like?

Anne Millet's blog can be found here


The colour of our front door.
One coat is on, but at present rain has stopped play.
Fingers crossed for drier weather this afternoon, to finish it!

Happy colour!

napperonize project [1]

How beautiful is this?!  Such a gorgeous thing to have, brighten up any dull, grey day.  Looks like a fairytale journey to grandma's house.  Made by loja de estar, hop over and have a look at the other beautiful things.  I think I would have this on a wall or on top of the sideboard .... stunning.

Carnival - 10 x 10 print

I am also really liking this print by charmaineoliver over on Etsy.  It has an ethereal feel about it.  Almost like the Carnival has closed and the wildlife are allowed to play.

Kaleidoscope felt collage Necklace

And I would just love this necklace, isn't it cute?  Made by homako over on Etsy.  Yes Please!!

So, Happy Monday... hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready for a good week.  Let's ignore the weather and think happy colourful thoughts!


All Colours In

I had such a great surprise yesterday! 

I have been following this lovely blog by Emma Lamb for nearly a year now.   Each Monday Emma does a post called 'Colour your Monday Happy, in which she will have a colour theme and showcases lovely photographs which people have uploaded onto her flickr pool all colours in.

Yesterday Emma posted her colour theme as warming autumnal yellows and oranges....

And to my surprise I saw this:

How amazing!

I took this photograph in the Temperate Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall whilst we were on holiday earlier this year.  Such a long time ago!
Thank you Emma for choosing my photo!
For more of my Flickr have a look here.

Blue is definitely my colour!

Bank Holiday Monday.... always the same dilema, is gonna be rainy or dry?

We decided on Leigh woods this morning... always good rain or shine.  Rufus' new love is his bike.  He has just discovered how to ride it and has such a passion for it he would ride it all day long.

I knew the bluebells would be coming into flower round about now, so when we turned the corner into the drive... wow, a carpet of blue....

Blue bells under Coral Beech Trees

Not fully in flower yet, but still a sight to be seen.
I love the woods, it is a special place for us as a family... it always grounds us, brings us back to nature, 're-boots' our souls, puts life into perspective.

We were so excited to get out of the car, wellies on, on bikes and into the bluebells.  The boys were immediately in charge, choosing which mountain bike track to lead us down.  I love this, they take us to parts of the woods I have never been too, always an adventure.

Boys smelling Bluebells

Rufus 'mountain biking' through the woods

Leigh Woods has a real mix of trees, Oak, Yew, Holly, Sycamore but mainly Beech, which allows the bluebells to thrive beneath the new canopy of papery leaves.

Beech Leaves
The woods were so green and the bluebells so blue, it was dazzling yet almost blurring... quite hard to discribe.. my mind was being gently fuzzed with the beauty of it all.

Fuzzing green...
We all had a wonderful time, boys were ravenous when we arrived home for lunch...always a good sign!

We heart the woods!