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A few weeks ago we spent a glorious weekend on the Helford River.  Crabbing mainly.  Drinking local beer and soaking up the Autumn sun.

We stayed at a beautiful barn in Constantine, just a stones throw away from the Helford.  Parking in Helford Passage we spent a leisurely lunchtime at the Ferry Boat Inn.  Platefuls of local mussels all washed down with local Tribute beer.  It was delicious and pretty perfect as the pubs terrace is right on the beach.  The boys dug in the sand and looked for hermit crabs in the rock pools.

The following day we took the ferry to the other side of the river to Helford itself.  Landing at the jetty to another gorgeous pub (are you seeing a theme there?) the Shipwright Arms.  Again gorgeous view, food and more crabbing was involved.  Charlie caught a personal best of 16 crabs!

The Helford and the Lizard Peninsular has many gorgeous places such as these.  By staying in the area and really exploring it makes a wonderful holiday.

Before leaving on Sunday we made a fleeting visit to Kynance Cove, even in the blustery Autumn weather it is still beautiful.  Every time I leave that place, I leave my heart on that beach.  We shall return.

For more information on stunning cottages and barns please have a look at Forever Cornwall - stuff of British holiday dreams!

An Skiber, a Cornish weekend...

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Last weekend we slipped away after school and headed southwards once more to the Cornish coast.  Our home for the weekend was this beautiful little barn 'An Skiber'.

As a family we were looking for a place to relax, recharge and feel surrounded by the countryside, to shake the big city off of our shoulders.  An Skiber, was a perfect spot for just that.  Set in stunning extensive gardens, the boys were able to run freely, finding hiding spots amongst the large Gunnera's and plopping stones in the stream.  Dan and I spent a quiet moment drinking our morning coffee on one of the many hidden terraces (there are 5 to choose from), each secluded, hidden away from the world with just the sound of wind in the trees.

Inside the Barn, each room has been decorated to the highest standard. The kitchen is awesome, a real foodies delight. A huge fridge, every gadget you can think of, coffee making machine, and of course the AGA.  

We spent our days, playing in the garden, visiting the nearby Helford River, Kynance Cove and the surrounding area of the Lizard.  An Skiber is the perfect spot for exploring this wonderful part of Cornwall.

I love the Lizard Peninsular it's rich countryside, wild beaches and great pubs and cafes, makes it the perfect place to escape for a week or two.

For more information on An Skiber please have a look at their website.

We were kindly gifted our weekend in An Skiber, thank you!

Trevella Park...

Last weekend we were fortunate to spend time in Cornwall once again.  This time on the North Shore, Crantock Beach, we headed to Trevella Park, bathed in July sunshine,.

This was my first time staying in a caravan park in Cornwall, I didn't really know what to expect.  Driving down the Hydrangea hedged lane we glimpsed beautiful landscaped gardens with caravans dotted through the fields.  The late evening sunshine glancing through the trees, at first sight it was beautiful.

A warm welcome, we were shown our caravan, in the meadow.  A small field at the side of the park, with about 8 caravans in total.  Peaceful. The caravan itself was simply decorated, with everything we could wish for.  A perfect base for our weekend.  

Over the weekend we had a Ranger guided tour of the park, showing us the wildlife in the hedgerows, and lakes.  The boys ran and played, catching butterflies and bugs in the huge nets.  We made full use of the outdoor pool, spending every morning before breakfast swimming and diving into the warm water.  And after the beach adventures, we played Crazy Golf until the sun had set.

Trevella Park is wonderfully situated, just 10 minutes by car to Newquay.  And a short 15 minute walk across fields to Crantock beach.  With weather like we have been having, you couldn't wish for more.

More to follow... the beach, Trerice and the Eden Project.

We stayed here courtesy of Trevella Park.

The Potager...

I had heard good things about the Falmouth Pop Up before we had left for Cornwall.  Locally sourced food, cooked by the wonderful Annie who used to co-run the Runcible Spoon here in Bristol.  In just a short time the Falmouth Pop Up has developed a large cult following, serving delicious food in unusual locations.  Recently Annie has converted her garage into an intimate dining room, serving breakfasts and suppers.

Annie has also recently taken over the running of the cafe at The Potager (whilst the owners are having time with their new born).  We stumbled into the cafe during a rain storm and were instantly made to feel at home.  Annie made us hot buttered toast with Apricot Jam and cups of tea while we talked about the Potager and the pop up.   Her love of food is immediately apparent as is her love of sharing it with people. 

The Potager is like a Cornish version of Petersham Nurseries.  A series of large open greenhouses with different plants from across the globe.  In one glasshouse we discovered a Ping Pong table with a box of bats and balls beside it and a comfy sofa's to view the game.  Large Cacti and Agaves jostled with wood carved sculptures.  It had a real sense of fun yet a calm place to curl up and read a book.

Outside walking through the gardens I discovered further places to play, A swing waiting to be sat on, hammocks for the ultimate lazy afternoon, a Badminton net on the lawn ready for a game. On into the vegetable garden and orchard beyond with free range hens scratching the grass, it made me want to go home and grow my own.  The Potager is a place to come for great food, to relax and play in a beautiful location.  And if you fancy, take a wander around the artists studio spaces which are there too.  It is definitely my kind of place.

For more information on Annie's pop up supper clubs please visit her facebook page. If you are in the Lizard area of Cornwall, do take some time away from the Beaches and visit the Potager too, it is a real gem.


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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens...

Just half an hour drive south from the Barn, on the outskirts of Penzance lies the most beautiful Tremenheere Sculpture Garden.   We discovered a leaflet in the barn's 'what to do in the area' file, not realising at the time what a gem this place is.  Leaving the children with my parents, Dan and I set off on a daytime date.

The garden is set on a hillside overlooking St Michaels Mount.  From the Cafe terrace we ate delicious home made soup and cakes gazing at the shimmering sea below.  The Cafe was such a find.  Eames Eiffel chairs, striped floors, pops of pink and green.  A really welcoming sight for travel weary eyes.  With food to match it's stylish interior I found it hard to leave and walk up the hill to the garden behind.

The path led us through thick woodland, with a most tropical feel.  Bluebells carpeted the floor but above our heads towered large tree ferns, sort of anglo/australian woodland.  The babbling brook and the rustle of leaves, we knew we were discovering something quite special.  As we headed to the top of the hill, the wooded canopy gave way to spiky Agaves and grasses, and the occasional Sculpture. The views from the top stretched out to St Michaels Mount and beyond.

Dan and I feel nourished by the good food, and gorgeous gardens and returned to the family feeling refreshed and happy from our date.

For more information on Tremenheere Sculpture Garden please visit their website.


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Kynance Cove...

You might remember last year when I said we had found our beach.  Well I am going to say it again.  We have found our beach!  

Kynance Cove is stuff of childhood dreams.  Rocky, wild and raw.  The trek down from the beach gives glimpse of the clear turquoise seas crashing below.  Scrambling over rocks at low tide, to finally land on white sands and soaring cliffs covered in barnacles.

At very low tide the sea allows you to skip round to the other bays, search for buried treasure in the caves.  We all became giddy in the delight of placing the first footstep on washed new sand.  Jumping in and out of waves, rushing to crash us against the jagged rocks.

Kynance Cove will always be in my heart.. the pina colada smell of the bright yellow gorse, the colour of the ocean. I love that word


lilac sea thrift billowing in the breeze. Sea gulls calling.  The smell of salt still lingers with me...


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