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Autumn Forage

Yesterday saw the most glorious of autumnal days.  Bluest skies streaked with amazing clouds (I must find out what this type of cloud is).

We decided to go foraging, hedgerow style, around the fields of my childhood.

I grew up here, well from the age of 10 upwards.  So know these fields pretty well.  Certain foot paths and lanes will take you to places where we used to make dens, tell stories, have a naughty puff on a forbidden ciggie (ahem no! not me, I just watched).

So when it comes to autumn and picking and bottling, I know exactly where to go for good harvesting.

Through the train tunnel, using the bridalway.

We found some amazing haws, blackberries, rosehips, sloes and wild damsons.

I couldn't stop picking... only to find out we had run out of tupperware to carry it home in.

It was glorious, the sun gently warming our backs as we picked.  The only noise disruption was the train going past.  Charlie taking a photo of the train.

The slow walk home, bags laden with berries, hearts full - stomachs very empty, lunchtime.

I will be turning our hedgerow bounty this evening into Rosehip Syrup, Sloe Gin and Hedgerow Jelly.


Horray it's Friday!!!

Country Living Magazine - Edible Flowers

Okay it's been a tough week, and I am really exhausted... dunno what's the problem, whether it is the cold weather, feeling like summer is over again for another year (please no!!!)

or it could be the election, the uncertainty of it all, and watching the news every night isnt good for me, to dwell on the worlds problems keeps me awake.

So all in all, i've been feeling a bit blue, mojo missing, and incredibly grumpy.

Until this little beauty arrived on my monthly subscription to Country Living Magazine!

Yes I know I live in the city, but my heart is truely in the country.  I love Bristol and all it's greeness and forward thinking people, great shops, galleries and masses of great things to do.  But I am still the county girl at heart.

So when my mag arrived I made myself a special cup of Green Tea in a pot and sat down for a little me time... luckily eldest son was at pre-school and my youngest was playing diggers... phew!

Flicking through the articles on 'bringing back afternoon tea' (great cake recipes), wonderful gardens, gorgeous houses, when I spied an article on recipes using edible flowers.  Ahh so they've been watching Alys too!

Recipe for Blossom Vinegar

Such great recipes and beautiful photography, I will have to give them a try.  I really like the recipe for Marigold, Parmesan & Courgette Risotto, which uses the Marigold petals as an alternative to saffron as it leaches its golden colour into the dish and also giving the dish a midly spicy note too... yum.

Another recipe was to make a Blossom Vinegar to be used in a dressing for salads.  The flowers that Elisabeth Luard recommended to use in the vinegar were roses, violets, thyme, rosemary, marigold and oregano.  It looks so beautiful in the jar.

So after 15 minutes or so with a good cuppa and my magazine I feel slightly revived and ready for a better weekend...

Have a great weekend, make sure you give yourselves a little 'me' time, and if you can have a look at this mag... made me feel better anyway!