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Christmas crafting with a poorly boy...

Day two of Elving for Christmas.
I had one extra helper today.  Charlie was off school (again) with stomach cramps.  There is a nasty bug about causing sickness.... luckily none of that here (yet), just a painful belly.
So we snuggled up in front of the fire, watched the Polar Express and made glittery trees to hang up later.

If you are a tea lover (and to be honest who isn't right?) head over here and getting entering the giveaway.

1st day...time to start Elving

Okay it's the 1st of December!
Only 24 more sleeps til Father Christmas comes down the chimney (Yes I am a believer!).
I haven't felt much like making anything for Christmas before now, but last night I made a start.
I baked the Christmas Cake - yay!  Smells wonderful.
I've been looking on Pinterest for some Christmas inspiration for decorating the home this year.. wow there are some amazing crafty makes out there.
Here are just a few on my board - go take a peek!
I have a few ideas up my sleeve, I've just bought some coloured card and may make some colourful garlands with Rufus this afternoon.
One thing is for sure, it's going to be merry and BRIGHT!

More christmas inspiration over here.

Also some exciting news about a GIVEAWAY later..... watch this space!

autumn leaves...

Rufus stayed home from pre-school again today.
What we thought was just a sore throat has turned out to be hand, foot and mouth virus.
Blisters inside his mouth and on his hands... poor little man.
As it was such a sunny autumn day, we made tissue paper (stained glass) leaves to catch the sunlight.
Inspiration from Flora and her beautiful leaves.
It all got a bit silly and messy... but good to see him a little happier.
I think these will stay up until Christmas when they will be replaced by snowflakes.


I have finally finished making 8 dinosaur/dragon/crocodile tails for tomorrows party.
Using this amazingly easy pattern.
Although I don't hope for snow like in the image below...
I cannot wait to see all of Rufus' friends running around in them.
Let the rumpus start!

mollie makes

image via pip from here
The lovely & talented Pip over at Meet me at Mikes posted earlier today about this brand new and exciting magazine which is just launching here in the UK.
I just had to share.
Just one look at this amazingly colourful front page had me hooked.
I flicked through the online preview here and was sold.
And if your order it now you can get 3 issues for only £5!
Yes, you heard right, £5 for 3 months of inspiring creative people, how to's, house tours and creative spaces.
{ooo I sound like someone off the shopping channel, sorry!}
Go, go, grab a copy!


It is so dark and grey today. It seems to have rained for days {nothing like the rain in other countries, which my thoughts are with constantly}.

This afternoon, Rufus and I made tissue paper kites in an attempt to bring cheer and sunshine on a dull day.

Although happily, the sun made an appearance just as I took these photos.. oh no, it's gone again.  Rain for school pick up no doubt!

I just need to take off the snowflakes on the other door and make more kites.

Kite inspiration from bristolparentingcafe blog, thank you!  It has brightened up our day.


Hama love

Yes, I know these have been around for some time.  But, in our house we have just discovered the joys of pegging and ironing these little gems.  Although I seem to be doing all the work at the moment - art therapy for the January blues.

Charlie didn't go to school yesterday as he was feeling over emotional and tired from a night of coughing, he woke up wanting to make Hama beads after seeing an advert on the TV.  (bloomin TV!).

So, yesterday afternoon, we must have driven around Bristol for 2 hours and in and out of at least 5 craft shops til I bit the bullet and conceeded to going to Ikea... I cannot believe that hardly anywhere sold them and if they did it was £8 for a tiny amount!

Ikea - cheap & cheerful.

I must admit I am now addicted.. can't wait til the boys are in bed to make some more creations... wish it was Christmas still...I could have done the tree!

Have a great weekend!

Blue sky dreaming

So the start of normality has begun. 

Today, Dan & I returned to work and Charlie to school.  It's okay... I thought I would feel terrible about it - the hardest bit was getting up this morning, gosh it was so dark!  Must be something to do with the partial solar eclipse this morning.

To get through today I have been keeping my head buzzing high on sunshine and blue skies.  This blog is helping.  Looking back at last summer and dreaming of the summer ahead - Spring even.

It may be the very start of the new year, but to me it feels almost spring like, ooops I said it! I hope this comment won't turn round and bite me on the bum!


I am buzzing with ideas of things I would like to do.  Firstly, I would like to tackle a few DIY jobs at home and once these are under my belt, maybe, just maybe start some kind of screenprinting project... 


All a little too exciting... watch this space!

Can you see what it is yet?

One of Charlie's Christmas gifts was this brilliant book. Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals.  I am so excited!

It shows a step by step way of drawing animals using simple shapes, triangles, squares etc. With amazing results. This morning both boys made this wonderful animal collage.

I have been told that primary school boys tend to lag behind girls at this age when it comes to drawing and craft.  Hopefully, this will engage Charlie in drawing and give him more confidence.

(I've just noticed that this book has been really reduced on Amazon, a total bargain!).


Gosh it is freeeeezing!

There is no way we are venturing out today.  I know I will slip over as soon as I walk outside.

A little stir crazy, Rufus especially.

Trying to keep tempers at a low and find interesting things to occupy small wild boys.

We have drawn some Christmas cards & pictures...

The card above is by Rufus, a stag & the Christmas tree.

And this is by Charlie.

An Elf with a couple of Christmas trees.

This craft activity has lasted a whole 10 minutes!


Lego... bring out the Lego!!


Stars, Glitter & Dens

Yes, today we have been Elving (apparently it is such a word - meaning to make things for Christmas).

Boys have also made a pile of toys in their bedroom.

Wee'd on a mattress.

Watched the Christmas Octonauts episode (must have been the 8th time this week of watching it!)

Made Lego quad bikes.

And played Dens.


Bring on wine o'clock!

Day one of the holidays!


A dusting of Icing Sugar

Yesterday after school, we made snowflakes, hearts and stars.

Using greaseproof paper & card (as the hole punches wouldn't work on the greaseproof paper), we stuck our winter display to the french doors.

This morning we woke to this....

A light dusting of icing sugar.  It looks so pretty!
Rufus is convinced the snowflakes we made had somehow performed magic and made the real snow arrive!
Today is Charlie's last day of term, I didn't send him as they were only watching DVD's.
I would rather do some more craft with him and maybe play in the snow.
Whilst writing this, the snow is really falling outside...
Hope you are all cosy & warm, have a wonderful weekend.

1st Sunday of Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.

We aren't a particularly religious family, but since having my children I found a new interest in sharing customs, beliefs and rituals with them.

I think it is important for the boys to know why we celebrate certain things, Christmas, Easter, Solstice, May Day etc.

I know that School will teach them many of these things, but by bringing it in to the home, I believe re-enforces the true spirit of Christmas and that it isn't all about the man in red and presents.

The word advent. to me, conjures up images of the Blue Peter Advent Crown.

John Noak's wrapping 4 wire coat hangers with tinsel and attaching candles at the ends.

Each week I would look forward to the Blue Peter team lighting a further candle, bringing Christmas closer week by week.

I haven't been that inventive with my advent candles, but I hope by lighting a candle tonight and explaining what it means, I've done my little bit.

Charlie was quite ill last night.  Full on throwing up on the bathroom floor!  Delightful.  Completely missed the loo (on two occasions!).  Thanks to Dr Daddy, he was alright.

So today, we have been at home all day.  In fact Charlie hasn't stepped out of his PJ's.. he loved the thought of being able to just go back to bed.

I pootled on with making some items for Christmas.

I threaded dried Rosehips (left over from making the Syrup) onto green garden wire and shaped them into hearts.  God only knows why I didn't do this when they were fresh, as some of the hips had dried as hard as nails, and other just smashed to bits as I pushed the wire through.  Leaving the itchy insides all over my fingers... yes very itchy!

I also carried on making some more star garlands, alternating sizes of stars.  Looks quite effective.

I also made my first Christmas gift.

This pencil roll.

I am totally happy with the result!  There is enough for 12 pencils or felt pens and I've added a little pocket to the side for ruler, stickers, pencil sharpener etc.

I know a certain little girl who will love this come Christmas, now I just need to make one for her sister.

Dan was also Mr Busy today. Last year he made wooden reindeer's for our parents as part of their Christmas makes hamper. We give a large basket of homemade goodies, such as Jams, Sloe Gin, Knitted Hotwater Bottle covers etc.

Last year I really wished he had made me one.  So today he made a whole herd!

It was great seeing him getting stuck into making with wood.  Sawdust all over the kitchen floor, the boys squirrelling around making shapes in it and building with the offcuts.

Not the best photo, sorry!

He still needs to sand & paint them, so when they are finished I will show you!

So that was Sunday... happy start of Advent.

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

Have a great week.


School Christmas Craft Fair 2010

This week Charlie's school held it's annual fundraising Christmas Craft fair.

I volunteered to help.

So this morning I helped Children make:

Pipe cleaner Candy Canes
Doily Snowflakes
Christmas Cards
Reindeer Wooden Spoons

Children paid £2 each to spend time in the craft room, get gluey, covered in glitter and generally have a ball making christmasy things.

We must have made a mint! The amount of children in the classroom all working away.  I suppose they are used to coming into school and making things.

Charlie & Rufus had a go at the Reindeers and cards.

I love the expressions on the spoons faces... look like they had too much sherry!  They did have red pompom noses, but we were having trouble sticking them to the spoon.

The rest of the craft fair involved stall holders selling all kinds of things from cakes to toys, jewellery to hand made wooden utensils.

Father Christmas came for a visit too.

I hope we raised lots money for the school.

Seeing Stars

Gosh!  What a rainy grey day!

Rufus and I have just cuddled down, made a nest and started to make some Christmas decorations.

Last week I ordered many red coloured wallpaper samples from Wallpapersdirect with an idea to make some star & heart shaped christmas garlands.

Today we started...

Whilst watching Octonauts (love this show!), we hole punched tiny hearts and stars out of the wallpaper.  My favourite was the paisley design above as it made interesting coloured stars.

Then I sewed them together on my sewing machine, using a simple running stitch.  Stopping to add each star point first as it fed through easier that way.

Such a happy and colourful task.  Little confetti on my table.

Then using stickydots (like bluetac but clear) I stuck the garlands to my mantlepiece.

I love the result.  Such a quick and easy way to add Christmas to my home.

Don't panic, I haven't decorated for Christmas yet, just for the purposes of the photo!


Bird Cafe

This morning the boys made a Bird Cafe, from The Little Experience Company.

Last Christmas, Charlie was given this a present, but I kept it back until now as I thought he wasn't quite old enough to make it.

Rufus glued the holes.

Charlie built it.

They both painted it.

After a little artistic flourishes from Mum & Dad, the Bird Cafe turned out like this:

On one side it says 'NO CATS' and on the other it says 'Robins, Owls & Blue Tits'.

We were going to hang it up at the allotment, but I think it's too cute, so we are having it in our back garden to look at everyday.

I would recommend this to anyone for Christmas presents.  We have in the past made the pirate ship, and have bought the daisy chain set for friends.