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den building week

Apparently half term week is Den Building week according to these lovely ladies and cool mama's! (Emma & Cathy).
Of course we had to join in.
It's Thursday, the sun has gone in this afternoon and their is a nip in the air.
After being to the park with friends this morning and had a huge run around in the sunshine...we headed home to some lego building in the den.
I used our small 1950's formica kitchen table.
A hippy throw I bought whilst travelling in Thailand.
A crochet blanket that Grandma made for Charlie as a baby.
The Ikea Cot duvet from Charlie's cot as a baby - which Rufus now has on his bed as an extra blanket.
A couple of big floor cushions.
A broom handle.
And of course fairy lights.
Let the swallows and amazons adventure begin.
If you want join in ...pop on over to either Cathy's or Emma's blog for the lowdown.