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Sale! On all blog design packages..

Hi there!
Hope you are all having a fine Christmas break.
We are off for a walk in a minute - to blow away some cobwebs and give the Lego building a break (Dan and I are Lego'd out!).

Just popping in to say there is 20% off ALL blog design packages at the moment - from now until the 6th January.  Please have a look at my Blog Design Page for details on what I can offer.

So, if you are looking for a brand new look, a little change for the New Year, then I can help.  Please email me on Loulittlegreenshed (at) and we can talk through what you'd like.

Speak soon!

Beci Orpin

Beci Orpin from Timothy Hillier on Vimeo.

This is a woman who I would love to meet.
Her style, designs and love of colour are incredible.
Beci - you rock!
Read her blog here.

in love...

I love Grand Designs.
I have watched Kevin McCloud visit wrecks of barns, cottages and new builds for many years.
There are possibly only 2 properties that stand out amongst the bulk standard builds.
The cruck house in the woods - oh stuff of self sufficiency dreams!
And then there is this house - above!
My mid century style dreams.
Kathryn Tyler is an interior designer with such great taste and style, from her collection of cathrineholm and kaj frank to her mid century furniture and gorgeous art work and cushions.
The house it self is incredible, the most beautiful new build that looks like it could have been built in the 1930, 1960's or present day.
If you have some time.. go watch these episodes.