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Disco Fever

This evening was Charlie's first school disco.

Excitement had been building to fever pitch (disco fever pitch!) over the past week.

All Charlie knew about a disco was, that you danced around a glittering ball... hmm has my mum been showing him episodes of Strictly?

We both didn't know what to expect, and was totally blown away with the dancing, the noise and partiness of it all.

Most of the children danced and did routine's (following the DJ's lead) to YMCA, Superman etc.  Some children just ran around and waved their glo sticks in each others faces.

Charlie found the whole experience baffling, he could not get his head round the idea of dancing for an hour to music he didn't like!

Yup, I think we've all been there!

He just wanted to hang out with his friends, who also seemed a bit perplexed by the whole 'disco' thing.

I found it sweet.  Small children so full of excitement, boogieing away without a care in the world.  The girls at the front doing routines and the boys running around at the back, being cool.

Charlie just wanted to dance with Lucy.

And play with his glo stick.

In the end he asked to go home, he'd had enough of all that disco dancing... but he did get to do his Elvis impression with his teacher Miss Patel before he left.

What a great first experience to the world of disco!