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Sunday {in pictures}

Top photo cracks me up!  My lovely friend Ant and her cutie daughter came for lunch.. and a bit of a dress up!

Camera still works {phew!}

Thank you for all your lovely comments of late... I am trying to reply to you all.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend... here's to a great week!


Mini me's.....

The boys have discovered they have dressing up clothes to match their new toys!  Hours of endless Toystory role play.

I have noticed the most wonderful thing... my two sons becoming best friends.  This holiday has been magical for them... I don't want it to end.


The Tiger who came to Tea

He ate all the sandwiches on the plate

He ate all the buns and all the biscuits and the cake

He drank all the milk in the milk jug and all the tea in the teapot

Then he made his own supper!!!

Well in our house anyway!

Rufus loves being a tiger.

If you don't know this book, see the story below.

I love the illustrations!



Long time no write

Hello! Sorry it's been so long since my last allotment instalment. Phew what a busy few weeks. We have had Easter, bitterly cold and not the Easter we were all so looking forward to. But the boys had great fun munching their way through masses of chocolate and having nearly a week of both parents around.

The last week before Easter holidays, the school had a blown Easter egg competition. So Charlie (with a tiny help from me...) made this wonderful 'EGGOSAURUS'!!!! He was so proud taking it into to school to show his friends. Little did he realise that his mummy and daddy had spent the evening before struggling to blow the contents of hens eggs out for him to decorate... not an easy task I can tell you. Whilst having egg yolk splashing me in the eye, I thought 'how many other parents are doing this right now'?

Charlie's social scene has hit a new level. I think there has been a 4th birthday party nearly every week for the past month. In most cases it has been fancy dress, Charlie is either Pirate or Superhero. I think we are in need of some fancy dress inspiration!! His favourite is most definitely 'SUPERCHARLIE'.

Charlie using his x-ray vision.
Well Spring finally showed is sunny face didn't it? And what an absolutely glorious few weeks we have had. Every chance we have had we have spent it at our plot, and she is looking marvellous if I do say so myself.

The little row of saladini that I sowed a few weeks ago has popped up and is looking perky in the April sun. The rabbit nibbled purple sprouting is fighting back, thanks to the great efforts of my lovely other half, the rabbits seem to be kept at bay. The broad beans, mangetout, garlic and onions are coming along great's all doing alright. (Now I think I am going to regret these words as they come spilling out! - did someone mention Frost?)

We have spent many lazy hours picnicing with friends and watching the world go by whilst our children make mud chocolate cakes or play with their diggers. Rufus has been introduced to the world of potties and has had the joy of running around the plot in his pants and wellies. I have loved watching his chubby little legs run around the place.

Yes it has been a great few weeks, and here's to more sunshine, picnics and eating the fruits of our labour.

Oh and I promise I will post more often....