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polar bear love..

Have you been watching Frozen Planet on the BBC?
If not head over to Iplayer and watch it there... the photography is amazing.
At home we are loving the polar bears, (and the wolves, Bison and Reindeer) but me, it has to be the Polar Bears.
I've spotted a few Polar lovelies on Etsy...

Flying Polar Bear // Original Sketchbook illustration
Flying Polar Bear by Sandra Dieckmann

Fine Art Print 11x16 Polar Bear
Polar Bear by Alice Potter

Embroidery Hoop 'Bear Hug' Polar Bears in Snowflakes
Bear Hug by Kirsty Elson

This last one has been sold.
I've just bought it!
I couldn't resist it's christmasy charm.


In other news...
We have all been lurgied!
A cough and cold and all feeling quite awful.
Hope it will shift itself by tomorrow evening as we are all wanting to celebrate Bonfire Night.
Sparklers and Hot Dogs!
Have a great weekend.


WOW - gorgeous beautiful day today.
I am so happy it's Friday.  It's been one long half term.
I have enjoyed craft days with friends, making bats and Halloween masks.  Playing in the park and just hanging out with my sons.
But I am equally looking forward to the weekend... some time to be with Dan, he's been working so hard this week, it feels like we haven't really seen him.
Hopefully this sunshine will continue and we can have a much needed walk through the autumnal woods.
We will this weekend be carving our pumpkins.. I hope they are as cool as last years, all down to Dan's artistic handiwork.
So have a fun filled and happy weekend my lovelies... are you excited about Halloween on Monday... what are your plans and traditions?


Happy Friday everyone!
I dunno about you, but this weekend cannot come sooner.
I am exhausted from looking after my 2 boys this week.
It's not the fact they are ill, it's the fact that they are fighting, throwing trantrums, screaming and totally being complete and utter (insert a swear word here!).
I've just bought a bottle of expensive red wine from Sainsbury's and I cannot wait to drown myself in it when my little darlings are in bed! Expensive cos I bloody deserve it!
hmmmmmm roll on 7pm!
Hope you all have some really exciting weekend plans... my plan is to seriously get some me time (doubtful) and to chill out.
In the meantime, some gorgeous sunny yellow inspiration... ah yellow, makes it all seem so much better doesn't it?
Have a good one!


If all else fails - at least we have radishes!
These are the Radish Rainbow Mix, the first time I have grown them and they look soooo good!

What are you up to this weekend, something wild and wonderful I hope?!
We were going to Legoland, but that's been postponed til later in the year.  Something to do with Tesco sending the wrong tickets... anyway,
So it's allotment, swimming, picnics and new goldfish shopping for us instead.
Happy weekend my sweets.


Happy October!

Okay, the weather maybe glum and extremely wet, but I am not going to let it bring me down.

I love autumn!

I can't help it, it is my favourite season of the whole year.  I love crisp golden sunny days, with deep blue skies.  I love how the sunshine picks out the yellowing grass heads and the turning colours of the leaves.

Autumn is also a great time for storing, nesting and taking stock.

Dan always calls me a little squirrel.  I love nothing better than foraging for cob nuts, sloes, damson, and blackberries and turning them into bottled treasures.  I love having a larder full of goodness waiting for us discover again in depths of a cold grey January.

So this month I will be:
  • Making Blackberry Vodka
  • Gathering cob nuts
  • Picking and storing squashes, beetroot & carrots
  • Making Sloe Gin
  • Taking out blankets from summer storage, nesting our home
  • Knitting wrist warmers for the four of us
  • Sowing green manure at the plot
  • Eating lots of homemade soup
  • Having a halloween party
  • Visiting Westonbirt Arboretum to see the colour
  • Go mushroom hunting in the woods
So Happy October.... what are your plans this month?


Thrift Shop Finds

I am very lucky to work on a street in Bristol which has 5 charity shops on it.  During my lunch half hour I quickly scan the shops for interesting vintage bargains.  It is very much a hit an miss affair.

But recently I have found some lovely items to add to my kitchen. 

The lovely vintage plates I thought would make a great wall display, but we have been using them to eat our supper off, which I think is a much nicer way of using them.

I have always wanted one of these hen egg baskets.  I have found many brown ones and dark green, but thought these colours were too dark in my white kitchen.  Then luckily I spied this lovely little one!  Yay!  The boys love it and demand boiled eggs daily.

These vintage utensils remind me of my mum.  She used to have identical ones to these when I was a child.  They were part of a wedding present, but sadly due to wear and tear they broke and were thrown out.  My mum was amazed at the condition of these.

Lastly, this gorgeous vintage linen tablecloth with beautiful hand embroidered flowers.  I don't know if I will use this as a tablecloth or whether to cut it up and turn it into cushion covers.  I am sure I will find a use.  It is very gorgeous.

So next Monday lunchtime, you know where I will be!


Feel Good Friday

I cannot begin to write this post... words seemed to have failed me.

Coincidence?  Fate?  I dunno really.

Let me start from the beginning.  My lovely friend & colleague Jess is leaving work today to start Maternity leave (her first child).  I will dearly miss her, but she is so ready to leave and start her journey into motherhood.

I have sorted out all of my cloth nappies and other baby items, Muslin's, change bag, towels etc, and have washed them to give to her.

So here it is... This will be the final time I wash these nappies, the final time I see them blowing in the gentle breeze.  They are off to a friend who is starting her new life with her new baby... just as my baby is starting school.

Weird isn't it?  The very same day she starts maternity leave, my Charlie starts school.

And so life continues...

Have a great weekend ... we are off to the Kite Festival tomorrow.


Vintage Wallpaper

A few months ago my mother in law gave me a book of wallpaper samples which she has kept (she is a brilliant thrifter) since the 70s.  She doesn't know where the book of samples came from and she thinks there were old when she acquired them.

So I happily took them off her hands, knowing I would find a great project for them.

So last night I set to making some paper bunting, using my pinking shears and some green wool (would have preferred string, but didn't have any).

I cut off the corners of the samples, making cute little triangles and using Pritstick (not the best glue in the world), I turned over the top of the triangle and glued the wool into the crease. Then cut of the corners where they stuck out.

Cut and glue, cut and glue, voila!  A cute little vintage paper bunting.

Wee watering cans

The past visits to the lottie have been pretty much water, weed, water, weed.  And to be honest not much fun for the boys.  After all, I just can't let them weed as, after experience, they just randomly pull anything out of the ground.... ooo there goes the spinach and the radish into the compost trug!

So, my grand plan has been to set them up watering the potatoes, whilst I can busy myself with weeding or sowing of seeds.

Well, so much for plans..

With a big man sized watering can and a tiny orange sand pit watering can between them, the task of watering the potatoes has been a squealing and arguing chore!  Headache not only to myself but I am sure the rest of the allotmenteers at our site!

So today, Grandpa gave the boys £2 each pocket money, and to a 2 and 4 year old this a fortune!  Neither of them mentioned what to spend it on, it was just suggested they should put it in their money boxes for later.

On the way back from grandparents, I stopped off at the garden centre to get some tomato feed, artichoke plugs & some bedding plants for hanging baskets at home, when the boys spied these cute little watering cans.

Small enough for them to carry, but importantly large enough for them to do a decent amount of watering without getting too bored!

I was proud and delighted that they asked if they could spend their £2 pocket money on a watering can, so they can help out at the allotment!

So of course, we are now proud owners of these cans, and the boys put them to good use as soon as we got home, and watered the back garden's concrete floor!.... hmmm gonna have to work on this a bit more..

Hope your friday is a good one... enjoy your weekend x

Horray it's Friday!!!

Country Living Magazine - Edible Flowers

Okay it's been a tough week, and I am really exhausted... dunno what's the problem, whether it is the cold weather, feeling like summer is over again for another year (please no!!!)

or it could be the election, the uncertainty of it all, and watching the news every night isnt good for me, to dwell on the worlds problems keeps me awake.

So all in all, i've been feeling a bit blue, mojo missing, and incredibly grumpy.

Until this little beauty arrived on my monthly subscription to Country Living Magazine!

Yes I know I live in the city, but my heart is truely in the country.  I love Bristol and all it's greeness and forward thinking people, great shops, galleries and masses of great things to do.  But I am still the county girl at heart.

So when my mag arrived I made myself a special cup of Green Tea in a pot and sat down for a little me time... luckily eldest son was at pre-school and my youngest was playing diggers... phew!

Flicking through the articles on 'bringing back afternoon tea' (great cake recipes), wonderful gardens, gorgeous houses, when I spied an article on recipes using edible flowers.  Ahh so they've been watching Alys too!

Recipe for Blossom Vinegar

Such great recipes and beautiful photography, I will have to give them a try.  I really like the recipe for Marigold, Parmesan & Courgette Risotto, which uses the Marigold petals as an alternative to saffron as it leaches its golden colour into the dish and also giving the dish a midly spicy note too... yum.

Another recipe was to make a Blossom Vinegar to be used in a dressing for salads.  The flowers that Elisabeth Luard recommended to use in the vinegar were roses, violets, thyme, rosemary, marigold and oregano.  It looks so beautiful in the jar.

So after 15 minutes or so with a good cuppa and my magazine I feel slightly revived and ready for a better weekend...

Have a great weekend, make sure you give yourselves a little 'me' time, and if you can have a look at this mag... made me feel better anyway!