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Introducing.... Lemon & Mars

Yes, we have goldfish!

At the weekend the boys chose their new pets at our local garden/pet centre. 

Charlie chose a large silver & orange fish with floaty fins and tail and named his Mars after the red planet.

Rufus chose a tiny yellow plain looking fish - kinda like a lemon segment and there and then decided in the shop to call it Lemon.

So... Lemon & Mars it is.

It still makes me giggle thinking that a slice of lemon is sometimes served with fish, a fact that Ru didn't know when naming the fish.. hehehehe!

The best bit..... how the boys shout POOH! when they feed the fish their ponking fish flakes.


p.s. Yes I have placed bits of sea glass and old pottery from the lottie in the bottom... to pretty it up, mad I know.