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String Art Trellis...

images via Design Sponge
My sweet peas are currently trying to scramble up ugly bamboo canes. I hate them,  they are horrible to look at. I had every intention to get a couple of willow obelisks, but have you seen the price?  And where would I store them over winter (a big problem in a tiny courtyard, is lack of storage).

You know me, I need clever, cool and pretty in my life.  I spotted this cool DIY over on Design Sponge. How clever!  And so so pretty. (see it fits the brief!)
I think this is going to be my project for the weekend.  I'll have to ask Dan to help with the wood, but dying string and buying plants, is so my thing! :)

What do you think?  What do you use for your climbers?

Full DIY tutorial can be found over here.


Image by Kevin Russ from his Society 6 shop
It's JUNE!
Oh blissful summer you have finally arrived.... (sincere apologies to my southern hemisphere friends, but finally it is our turn to have some warmth).
We have returned home from 2 weeks of holidays... in two different regions of the UK.  Feeling fresh and energised.  I actually have a bit of a tan, I know in the UK!!
Spending these past weeks outside, in glorious nature, wild beaches, buttercup covered meadows, under canopies of leafy woodlands, walking through carpets of wild flowers it has been a pleasure to holiday in the UK in May.  But coming back to our home in the city our urban courtyard looked shabby, dull and devoid of plants.  Gasp!
Yes... me, plant lover, I need plants!!
So, this weekend Dan and I have painted, planted and skipped the rubbish from our garden.  It is looking a whole lot better, but to be honest it isn't that great.

I have a whole list of things...
* flooring - paving, cobbled or decked.  Anything to cover the concrete.  Or do I paint it?
* new parasol
* plants - most of our plants died this winter in the snow
* outdoor lighting

Help!  Suggestions please.

In other news, my JUNE LOVE LIST is up over there on the right, go see and enjoy!

Oh and this print above is by the stunningly talented Kevin Russ.  He spent a year living in his car, driving around the USA taking images of nature all on his Iphone.  I discovered him on instagram about a year ago, and have loved every image he has taken.  He has blown me away.  Some of his images are available to buy on Society 6.  I love this one above, and need it for my bedroom.  And I want to get the Buffalo for the boys room.

gardening in pyjamas

Today we spent at home.
Sowing seeds of squashes, pumpkins, courgettes and cucumbers.
The boys decided to go on and water the garden - which is all in pots as our small yard is concrete.  I try to bring some green in by growing ferns, trees, roses, tomatoes and strawberries all in pots and troughs.
Thank goodness we have an allotment!
Charlie enjoyed spraying the plants with the broken hose... Rufus obviously didn't enjoy it as much as his brother!! 
They both enjoyed having a pyjama day though.... bliss.

picnic at tyntesfield

We took a trip out of Bristol to Tytesfield Estate
A picnic on the main lawn and a walk/bike ride around the estate.
I love the walled kitchen garden, so inspiring.  They have already giant leeks and the broad bean plants are already knee high!
The eyelets in the wall always amaze me.   And the fanned fruit trees, are so ancient their trunks at the base are at least a foot wide.
We took advantage of free entry for this weekend, so did everyone else!
Shame it was a cloudy day today.
Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier.... off to the lottie for sowing, me thinks.  I feel inspired!


Despite Ru feeling unwell today... the sun shone it's hardest through the window.  Inticing me to step out into the garden for a few minutes (during Ru playing with the cooking set - hot chocolate and fried egg sandwiches were on the menu I think), and I made this.

I feel I achieved something today.  A small step towards bigger gardening projects I think!