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This afternoon it really felt like spring here in Bristol, so after Rufus' swimming we took at trip up to the allotment to plant the garlic.
We rubbed the papery cases of the bulbs revealing plump pink and white garlic cloves.
Rufus helped me to dig the trenches then plant the cloves pointy end up.
We had the whole site to ourselves only the sound of the birds and the distant hum of traffic.
At this time of year the sun barely comes over the hill so our plot is always in shadow. But by high summer these little cloves would have swollen and divided in large bulbs ready for harvest. I cannot wait!
I love it there.
p.s. Em, I did it! Well I said I was gonna do it and I have (the relief !), I feel so much better.

Bonjour Garlic!

This weekend saw us dig up our Garlic, a little later than planned, but we wanted to wait for a warm, dry day!

Wow, such plump, hard bulbs, that looked nothing on the surface, but once lifted they are quite large!  Very very excited about this and how they have turned out as this is my first time growing garlic.

You may remember that Garlic was one of the first things we planted at the allotment, when we took it over last winter.  We planted Garlic Solent Wight (softneck variety) and Garlic Sultop (hardneck variety).

The softneck is to use now, and has a more delicate sweeter flavour, but unfortunately it doesn't store that well.  The hardneck Sultop, with its robust stem and tough skin will keep throughout winter if kept in a cool dark environment - like the cupboard under my stairs (which I wish was a downstairs loo - but hey not the right post for my home moans).

So these beauties need to dry and then I shall plait them and wear them around my neck like a french garlic seller... now where is my beret and my Parisienne tee?

Err, maybe not!