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Trevella Park...

Last weekend we were fortunate to spend time in Cornwall once again.  This time on the North Shore, Crantock Beach, we headed to Trevella Park, bathed in July sunshine,.

This was my first time staying in a caravan park in Cornwall, I didn't really know what to expect.  Driving down the Hydrangea hedged lane we glimpsed beautiful landscaped gardens with caravans dotted through the fields.  The late evening sunshine glancing through the trees, at first sight it was beautiful.

A warm welcome, we were shown our caravan, in the meadow.  A small field at the side of the park, with about 8 caravans in total.  Peaceful. The caravan itself was simply decorated, with everything we could wish for.  A perfect base for our weekend.  

Over the weekend we had a Ranger guided tour of the park, showing us the wildlife in the hedgerows, and lakes.  The boys ran and played, catching butterflies and bugs in the huge nets.  We made full use of the outdoor pool, spending every morning before breakfast swimming and diving into the warm water.  And after the beach adventures, we played Crazy Golf until the sun had set.

Trevella Park is wonderfully situated, just 10 minutes by car to Newquay.  And a short 15 minute walk across fields to Crantock beach.  With weather like we have been having, you couldn't wish for more.

More to follow... the beach, Trerice and the Eden Project.

We stayed here courtesy of Trevella Park.

Spring finds...

I cannot wait for Spring!  I've had fresh flowers in the house weekly since mid January... needing their sunny colours to brighten a grey cold day.  Recently I've been looking at chalky pastel hues in home wares, minty greens, pops of pinks, sunny yellows, echoing the spring blooms and new leaves that I crave.  Remember my post of yesterday, that pink vase!

You might remember last year I took part in the Most Wanted Autumn Home Styling Challenge, when I found cosy home wares for under £80. You can see my Autumn ideas here.  Well, VoucherCodes have once again asked me to come up with ideas for updating your home for Spring.. 

What is more Spring like than pastel shades.  I've had my eye on that Moose Coat Hanger for a while.. it's pretty special!
I hope you like it!

1. Black Dot Tea Towel by Oelwein via Etsy, 2. Pink Eames Eiffel Chair via Ebay, 3. Aerial Pendent Lamp, Habitat, 4. Grey Apple Cushion by Studio Meeze via Etsy, 5. Moose on the Loose by All Lovely Stuff, 6. Abstract Art Circles 3 Print by Ammiki via Etsy, 7. Stripe Hamman Towel by Toast, 8. Circus Triangle Cushion by Butterscotch and Beestings vis Etsy, 9. Cloud Cutting Board by Snug.

How do you start your day?

Image via here
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  If this is the case, then why am I not thinking more on variety and flavours just as we would an evening meal?  I must admit I am stuck in a rut and opt for the same variety of Bran flakes with bananas, the boys usually have a selection of 'kids' style cereals and Dan has toast.  Dull isn't it?

So recently I've been thinking of better ways to enjoy my first meal of the day.  The people at Jordans Cereal kindly sent me some of their Super Berry Granola to try.  It is packed with crunchy pieces of oatmeal and delicious blackcurrants, blueberries, cranberries and crunchy almonds.  Over the past few days I've mixed it up a little having it some days with milk and other days with natural fat free yoghurt and banana chopped up.  I am converted!

Dan on the other hand is still enjoying his toast (that man loves marmalade!) but he is also taking to work an Absolute Nut breakfast bar.  A treat he says!  Poor love have I been neglecting him! 

My next project - is to get a juicer.  
What do you have for breakfast?  I need inspiration!

this is a sponsored post.

Hey diddle diddle..

Christmas and a trip to the theatre go hand in hand.  As a family we always try to go.  To me, it is an important part of the Christmas magic.  This and maybe a sprinkling of snow!

A few weeks ago, in the heady excitement in the run to Christmas, I took the boys to see a spellbinding performance of Hey Diddle Diddle at the Bristol Old Vic theatre.  Written for younger audiences aged 3-6 years, the show is performed by just three actors - each one playing an instrument, acting and singing to bring the story to life. Popular nursery rhymes blended seamlessly to bring together a quite enchanting tale.

I thought Charlie would be a little too old for this style of performance, but he soon became swept along with the magic of each story, singing loudly to The Grand Old Duke of York and snarling to show his wolf like teeth!

Rufus' only words throughout was 'that's really cool' when the youngest child/actor climbed up into the fabric and hung from the ceiling as a spider.

As I no longer have toddlers, we don't seem to sing nursery rhymes much. I love to recall them and remember singing Twinkle Twinkle to my boys.  My favourite part of the play was the Owl and the Pussycat - I must get myself a fur coat!

Hey Diddle Diddle is on at the Bristol Old Vic until Jan 5th.
Do go along it is pure magic.

this is a gifted post.

Roll up roll up, prepare to be amazed...

Yesterday in glorious August weather we drove northwards to Gloucestershire... searching for a big top.
We were in for an exciting time, we had tickets for Giffords Circus.

I have known of Giffords for many years but up until now have never been.  I had always thought the boys just weren't old enough to fully be wowed with it.  Yesterday was the time.

Driving through Minchinmapton with its butter coloured cottages festooned with bunting we knew we were stumbling upon something altogether magical. Rounding the corner onto the common we were greeted by the sight of burgundy coloured vans and trailers of the circus and pure white big top.  Organ music was playing and air of anticipation was around.  It was was such a perfect summers evening on Minchinhampton Common. The sunlight casting long shadows, the bell ringing from the church nearby.

We treated ourselves to a Winstonsices ice cream each and entered the tent.  Once inside we took our seats around a small saw dust covered ring. During the 2 hour performance we clapped, cheered, laughed, gasped, booed, ooo'd and aaah'd - we were treated to juggling, acrobatics, tight rope walking, horses, geese, birds, clever dogs, tap dancing and the funniest clowns.

I won't go into much detail of the individual acts as it will spoilt it for you when you go!  And you really MUST go! Giffords Circus is a national treasure, something you have to experience in your lifetime and is most definitely part of an English Summer.

What I will say is our favourites as a family... Rufus - Goose, Charlie - Tweedy, Dan - Juggling, Me - Bird Lady.

Giffords Circus runs until September 16th at locations throughout Gloucestershire. For more information please check out their website or call the box office on 0845 4597469.


Cornish holiday part 5 ... National Trust Glendurgan




Our final visit to a National Trust garden during our holiday was to Glendurgan gardens.  I think personally we saved the best til last.

Glendurgan House is set high up on a hill with its garden set into a deep valley. Winding leafy pathways snake down to a small hamlet and stony beach to the Helford River.

At each of the National Trust properties we have been to, there has been a well thought out children's trail  for the boys to complete. A little leaflet and pencil was handed to them at the reception. It sparked an instant interest and were eager to look for clue's along the way.  Ticking off when they saw a prickly plant or counting how many palm trees lined a certain walk.

With this trail in mind, my two happily bound on through gardens searching for the next item to tick off, leaving Dan and I to wander and enjoy the tranquillity.

At Glendurgan, halfway down the valley there is a quite fabulous maze. Twisty, organic in shape, with a palm fringed hut in the centre that made me think of South East Asia.  Charlie and Rufus ran happily through the maze and reached the centre with a cheer.

Down through the garden we came across the small stony beach and the estuary of the Helford River. The water was glassy and flat, quite unlike the wildness of the Atlantic Ocean at Sennen Cove. Dan taught the boys to skim stones, but apparently chucking massive ones in with a loud splash is far more fun!

Cornwall part 1 - National Trust, Trengwainton

This holiday we made full use of our National Trust pass.
When the heat of the sun became too much for the beach, most days we headed to the cooling canopies of a National Trust garden.
Trengwainton was the first on our list.
With it's promise of a walled kitchen garden and large exotic woodlands... it didn't disappoint.
It is beautiful.
Large tree ferns mixed with banana plants and hydrangeas in the colours of many a blue rinse.  Gave inspiration to imaginative games of dinosaurs, crashing through the dense vegetation.
Pooh sticks were launched off the little bridges and raced after down the streams.
The kitchen garden was where my heart was led... rows of neatly planted vegetables with companion plants of nigella and nasturtiums.
Pom pom headed dahlias and wildflowers a plenty.
Good for the soul.