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The Good Life Experience Festival - ticket giveaway...

You know me. I like nothing more than being outdoors, cooking over an open fire, or being at a festival.  So you can imagine my joy when I discovered The Good Life Experience Festival.

Here is a little about it...

The Good Life will be a festival like no other. It is created by Cerys Matthews and Charlie and Caroline Gladstone who have put together a day of the very best Culture, Food and the Great Outdoors. This will be a voyage of fun and discovery for the whole family.
Watch Cerys perform...learn to throw an axe or fire an arrow…cook on a campfire with Tom Herbert of The Fabulous Baker Brothers…abseil…learn how to cook with Bill Granger…eat some spectacular British food…learn how to make sausages or skin a your new favourite beer…dance to Paprika….take time out with some yoga…learn bushcraft. This and loads more is The Good Life Experience. Welcome!

Set on the stunning Hawarden Estate, with a fantastic line up of music and culture (curated by Cerys Matthews), food, demo's and activities there is something for everyone.  More info please have a look at their website.
Dan and I are so completely over excited.  A festival that is completely designed for the both of us... our mate EJ Osborne (Hatchet + Bear) will be running a spoon carving workshop.  As will our #52loavesproject bread master Tom Herbert (Fabulous Baker Brothers).  It will be great to catch up with them and meet some new faces and learn some new skills too.
The Good Life Experience has kindly donated two adult tickets to the event to be given away to Littlegreenshed readers... YAY!  All you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter below... the giveaway will run for a week, with the winner to be announced next Tuesday 
And that's not all.  The Good Life Experience has also kindly offered Littlegreenshed followers a 15% discount on all tickets for this week too - using the code IMWITHTHEBAND.  You can buy your tickets here.

See you there!
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GIVEAWAY - Falcon Enamelware...

No expedition into the wilds is complete without a set of Falcon Enamelware.  Come to think of it no expedition into the wilds is complete without stopping for a brew or two.  To us it's the most important part of the adventure.  Finding the perfect spot to set up camp, light a fire / kelly kettle and make a cup of tea or coffee using the aeropress.  We always take our Falcon enamel mugs with us, and on longer camping trips our tea pot comes too.

Meet the Shop - Decorator's Notebook & Giveaway...

I am super delighted today to introduce one of my March sponsors - Decorators Notebook.  I caught up with Bethan recently to ask her a few questions about her lovely shop...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?
I’m Bethan John and I own the Decorator’s Notebook shop with my brother Joe John. We sell beautiful homewares with interesting origins, made by designers and craftspeople in Britain and overseas. You’ll find us online at

What is your inspiration behind opening the shop?
It all started about three years ago with the Decorator’s Notebook blog. I was working as an interiors journalist in London and wanted an online scrapbook where I could gather decorating ideas I might like to try one day.  This was before Pinterest launched so a blog seemed just the thing! Blogging was a hobby to start with, but gradually more people became interested in my style and opening a shop selling products with a similar aesthetic seemed a natural next step.

How would you describe the feel of your shop?
We love products that are made from natural materials using traditional methods, ranging from woven Welsh blankets to thrown terracotta tableware and hand-embroidered cushions. The collection is very tightly curated and intentionally quite small, so that it’s easy to find products that will look great together. I’d say the look is pared-back and rustic, with a simple beauty.

Tell us some of your favourite pieces /designers you stock
That’s too hard… I love everything for a different reason! I adore our kantha bedspreads for the inspiring story behind them, the double sided frames for the personalised memory collages you can make, the wildflower colours in our Burren cushion, the way the landscape hooks remind me of my favourite Lake District walk each time I hang up my coat.

What do you love most about what you do?
Imagining our pieces in their new homes, settling in with people who will enjoy and treasure them. Everything in the collection has been carefully chosen because it speaks to me, and it’s such a lovely feeling when someone buys from us and I know the designs call out to others in the same way too.

Please tell us about your current loves...

* Photography – One of the bonuses that’s come from opening the shop is that I’ve finally got to grips my DSLR camera. I was one of those people who was scared to switch off ‘auto’ but doing all our own product photography made me learn and now I love trying out new things.

* Illustration – Anything old and botanical. I collect the little Observer guides because I love their pages of line drawings.

* Graphic design – It’s more of a headache than a love, but we’re in the process of redesigning our blog so I’m making a big moodboard of layouts, fonts and styles.

* Home/interiors I’m loving the trend for deep, moody paint colours at the moment. I’m working myself up to painting a whole room in Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey blue.

* Books – I’m a few pages away from finishing The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and I think it might just be the best book I’ve ever read. Coming from an English Lit graduate that’s praise indeed!

* Magazines – Kinfolk and Cereal for the photography.

* Shops – I’m beginning to discover lots of the wonderful places on my new West Country, many of them via Littlegreenshed.

* Drink - Always a gin and tonic with loads of fresh lime.

* Eat - At the moment our chickens are in overdrive, so I’m mainly eating eggs and looking for recipes that use as many as possible!

* Play - I recently started learning how to I recently started learning how to Lindy Hop! It’s great fun, good exercise and I love dressing up in ‘20s style.

Please describe your own interiors style at home
It’s very similar to Decorator’s Notebook – simple with lots of texture and natural materials. I love collecting things so you’ll always find little displays of bits I’ve found around the place… feathers, dried seedheads, pebbles with interesting shapes…

What do you think is going to be ‘hot’ for this year?
I think people are becoming more and more interested in the provenance of the things they have in their homes. What started in food – an appreciation of local, fairtrade, organic and handmade products – is spreading into design too. We all yearn for more of a connection to the things we surround ourselves with and a growing appreciation for simple objects made with love and care. Visitors to our shop and blog tell us they love our ‘Meet the Maker’ posts - they bring the stories behind the products to life and help people feel a more personal connection to the pieces they choose.

What is a typical working day for you?
I left London and moved back to Somerset – where Joe and I grew up – last summer when the plans for Decorator’s Notebook began to fall into place. I’m really loving working from home and being in the countryside… my commuting days are over! When I’m at home I can be found looking for new products, contacting makers and designers, blogging and on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. At lunchtime I usually take the dogs a walk in the woods behind the house – we have an English Pointer of our own and also socialise puppies for Hearing Dogs. All this punctuated with copious amounts of tea!

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
I really love my vintage kantha bedspread, which I rather naughtily kept from our first box from Basha. Basha is a social enterprise in Bangladesh that helps women escape sex trafficking and rebuild their lives by providing stable employment, counselling, education and healthcare. Each of the kanthas is hand-sewn by one women from start to finish and completed with a label embroidered with her name and a link to her personal story. Mine was made by Nargis from a beautiful old navy and coral sari - I think of her every time I touch it.

If you were stranded in the wilds what item would you want with you to survive?
I’ve often thought I was a cavewoman in a previous life, as I really love the thought of living out in the wilds! I think I’d make sure I had an Opinel pocket knife with me, for hunting and whittling and whatnot.

Where would you like to be in ten years?
I’d love to be doing what I do now, but bigger, better and with more confidence.

Thank you Bethan and Joe - such a great interview.  Decorators Notebook are kindly offering all Littlegreenshed readers 10% off everything in the shop.  Offer is valid until the end of April.  Using the code: LGS10. (please note shipping still applies).

That's not all!  Oh no!  Bethan and Joe are also offering one Littlegreenshed reader the chance to WIN £30 voucher to spend in the shop!  Oh my goodness, what to choose?  I don't know about you, but I need everything!

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter widget below.  Winner will be announced on Monday 7th April. Good luck!

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Please note that this giveaway is for UK entrants only.  The voucher can only be used in one transaction.  No cash or credit change will be given if the item bought is under £30.

Giveaway - Sticky9...

If you know, or follow me on IG, you will know how obsessed I am with Instagram.  It's quick and easy and super addictive too.  I love taking memory photos, and seeing my IG friends stream too throughout the day.

So when Sticky9 asked me to have a look at their products, I didn't hesitate.  A chance to turn my beloved IG photos into magnets and phone cases.

Meet the Maker - Paper & Clay...

There is no stopping my love of ceramics.  Hand thrown mugs, glazed in earthy hues, paint splattered, wabi sabi in form.  Daily I pin beautiful items to my Home board, wishing my kitchen shelves contained them.  Wanting to drink my morning coffee from such beauties.  Recently I discovered the work of Brit McDaniel.  Her hand thrown Copenhagen mug had me swooning.  The line of the handle so perfectly unique, I want one!  I had to find out more, I hope you enjoy a little interview she has given us...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do? 
My name is Brit McDaniel, and I am a ceramic artist living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. I started my company, Paper & Clay, a little over a year ago, and in August of 2013 I was able to transition to full-time work with my little business. My focus is bringing a modern aesthetic to the tradition of handmade functional wares. All of my work is handmade from start to finish, by me and only me. I really enjoy the process-- starting with a lump of clay, and ending with something useful and pretty. I believe that form and function are natural bedfellows, and keep this in mind with my work. My pieces are made to be used, and to hopefully be a happy little part of your everyday experience. 

Apart from your work what else do you like doing? 
I LOVE baking. Pie, oh how I love to make a beautiful pie. And eating what I bake. Which reminds me, I also love (Bikram) yoga, but need to find more time for my practice. My jeans (and my brain) would thank me. I think many makers share this sentiment, but honestly I just love making things. Pottery, food, photographs, notes, sketches, a mess, anything. I always need to be creating something. I also really love to travel. New places and experiences are so inspirational because they give the viewer a fresh perspective.  I want to always be looking at my work differently, making improvements, and most importantly, growing. 

What is your favourite item in your shop and why? 
Oh, it’s so hard to choose a favorite. I like each of my designs for different reasons. My mugs are a labor of love. They are so involved, and perhaps because I spend so much time with each one, I fall in love a little bit with each of them. I like noticing their little distinctions, subtle differences in shape and size. But mostly I love them mugs because they are incredibly functional. They are durable and comfortable to hold. The matte glaze is smooth to the touch, and the lines are clean and simple. The old advice is, “write what you know”. I think “write what you’d want to read” is the better advice, and this translates perfectly to my work. I make the pieces that I want to have and use in my own home. 

Where does your inspiration come from? 
From so many different and unexpected places. From classic design, from beautiful photographs, from landscapes, from a place of necessity. I’m inspired by Danish design, and by many classics of the Mid-Century era. My wonderful partner, Barry, has an incredible eye for design, and has turned me on to many of my favorites (Eva Zeisel, to name just one). There’s also a secondary kind of inspiration, one that speaks to the business side of my work, and that comes from watching other people succeed on nothing more than talent and very hard work. For me, that’s the ultimate realization of happiness. Building something from nothing, and to make that something into the means by which you build your life and provide for yourself-- that is a beautiful thing. 

Describe your studio/workspace? 
It’s very small! My studio is a very dusty and sometimes very messy space, with the most amazing natural light. There are shelves everywhere which house my work in it’s various stages of completion. It’s always warm, and there is always music playing in the background. I almost always have a cup of coffee or tea by my side. 

What is a typical work day for you? 
My studio days always start with coffee at home. I  answer emails, check on new orders, and take care of other business tasks. My studio is pretty close to home, about a two mile drive. I always start with checking on work from the day before. Making sure things are drying properly, trimming and attaching handles to coffee mugs and rotating dry work into the kiln, to make room on the shelves for new pieces. I try to spend about 9 hours at the studio. I break it up into 4 hours of work, an hour for lunch and errands, and 4 more hours of work. Somedays, if I’m just not feeling it, I’ll work a few hours on other projects like cleaning and organizing my space. Other days, and especially if I’m approaching a deadline, my studio work can stretch into 12 hours or more. This can be exhausting at times, but deep down I really love pushing myself to work harder. Often it’s during these extra long days that I find ways to work better and smarter. 

Please tell us about your current loves... 
I’m totally captivated by the beautiful photo books available through Artifact Uprising. Their templates sync with your Instagram library, and you can create the most wonderful soft paper photo albums of your own images. I always love having physical prints of my images, and this is the perfect way to keep them organized. Check out their site here.
I follow and admire so many artists, photographers, designers etc., and I’m always exploring new eye candy.  Right now I am loving the work of Jared Small, a local painter here in Memphis. He paints these stunningly perfect portraits of mundane old houses from our very imperfect city. He captures their eeriness and their decay so beautifully. He is entirely self-taught, and an incredibly kind person. You can see more of his work here.
We love love love making handcrafted cocktails at home. We are big fans of Gin and Whiskey, and love experimenting with different recipes and new ingredients. One of our favorite finds is a small batch tonic called Jack Rudy. It is THE BEST. Seriously. More on JR here 
I am a lover of music of all kinds. From Joni Mitchell to Bon Iver to Maclemore. I can’t get enough. Lately though, I’ve been soaking up music with an American Bluegrass influence. I love Gillian Welch and  First Aid Kit, both of which are played in my studio daily. 

What do you love most about what you do? 
I love making something that didn’t previously exist.  I’m get to be the mother of all these little designs making their way into people’s lives across the world. There’s something really powerful about that. 

What handmade possession do you most cherish? 
Probably a my lovely handmade Walnut Rolling Pin from Board and Bread. It is so perfectly made, and combines my love of making, baking, and of the person who gave it to me. 

If you were stranded in the wilds what item would you want with you to survive? 
A furry companion of some sort. And pie. 

Where would you like to be in ten years? 
I would love to be doing exactly what I’m doing now, only better. I have a happy little home with a witty and wonderful writer, a sweet little dog, and the only cat I’ve ever loved. If I can continue my life with those three, and keep making my living as a maker, I’ll be one happy little lady. 

Where can we buy your work?
My Etsy store: Paper & Clay Studio

What a beautiful interview from an amazing talent.  You love her work right?  Brit has kindly offered an amazing giveaway to one lucky Littlegreenshed reader.

A $30 gift voucher to be used in her store.  The voucher doesn't include postage unfortunately.  Please enter the rafflecopter widget below.  Giveaway ends Midnight Saturday 1st February.  Giveaway is open to worldwide entrants.  Good luck!

GIVEAWAY! - Thorntons Christmas Hamper...

Image via here
I love chocolate! Who doesn't?  I was recently sent by Thorntons a hamper of chocolate for the boys.  It was their Snowman hamper, like the film.  The boys love that film, they watched it every year with their Grandma when they were very small.  So choosing this hamper I thought would bring back lots of lovely memories.

In it I received 2 large Snowmen, 2 Snow dogs, 2 selection boxes, 2 small snow men and 2 packs of milk chocolate shapes.  All beautifully packaged in a large lidded box (which I shall use for Christmas Decoration storage after Christmas).

Dan helped himself to a small snow dog, he said the white chocolate was creamy and delicious.  Ahem!  I did say it was for the boys!!!  I am going to keep the rest for stocking fillers and to give to the boys Cousins as extras with their presents.

Thorntons have a large range of Christmas chocolate hampers available for delivery this Christmas here.

The lovely people of Thorntons are giving away to one Littlegreenshed reader a Christmas Hamper of their choice!

Yep!  You too can devour deliciousness this Christmas.  Christmas and Chocolate are meant to be!

All you need to do is complete the following form...

Good luck.  Giveaway ends on Tuesday 17th December (so you can receive it in time for Christmas).

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Written in association with Thorntons Chocolate. We were kindly gifted a hamper for Christmas.

Makers Profile & giveaway - Eloise Renouf

I am super excited to bring you my next Makers Profile interview.  The uber talented and super whizz that is Eloise Renouf.  Designer of mid-century inspired prints, fabrics and accessories.  Her work is so inspiring.  I caught up with her recently to ask her a few questions...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?
I'm Eloise Renouf. I'm a freelance designer and illustrator. I work on commission projects, and also sell my own range of prints and fabric accessories online. I teach part-time at Nottingham Trent University, and am a Mum to three little boys. 

Apart from your work what else do you like doing?
I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors - the opposite of what most of my work life entails. I like country walks, browsing car boot sales and flea markets, nosing around old book shops, visiting art galleries, reading (when I get the chance) and dinner with friends.

What is your favourite item in your shop and why? 
At the moment it is my new cushion - probably the grey or mustard colour way. I'm pleased with the design and the fabric quality, and it represents the direction in which I'd like to move my business forward. 

Where does your inspiration come from?
From textures and patterns I see around me, vintage books, paintings, mid century interiors, architecture, ceramics. I like the idea of taking inspiration from a three-dimensional object, and re-interpreting it in two-dimensional form.

Describe your studio/workspace?
Unsatisfactory! I work from home due to my family situation and divide my work space between the office, where I have my Mac, and the dining room table! It's far from ideal in terms of space, and being able to leave work out. But I enjoy being at home to be around the boys, and I can multi-task with some of the household chores! We're moving soon, so I 'm hoping that a large designated room will be the new reality.

What is a typical work day for you?
My work days vary widely depending on what is on the agenda. Quite often I'm juggling work with caring for our youngest son who is just fifteen months. On those days I snatch time when he has a nap, or take him with me to shop for art or sewing supplies. And I then work for several hours in the evening. On other days my Partner has our little one, and I can knuckle down for a whole day. Those days are a mix of packing and shipping orders, designing, researching, painting, emailing and sorting! I usually break around the time my big boys are back from school, and then start again after their bed time. I've become quite a night owl.

Please tell us about your current loves... 
* Photography - Instagram. It's quite addictive. It's a nice little break from work, and I like the feeling of contact with the outside world, even if you don't leave the house. There's also such a diverse range of images at your fingertips - much to delight and inspire.
* Illustration/Graphic Design - Book illustration, poster art and printmaking from the Fifties and Sixties. Robert Tavener is a current favourite.
* Home/interiors - I love browsing all the images of mid-century houses on Pinterest, and dreaming of owning one one day. Friends of ours have recently bought a fabulous example, and it's a joy to spend time there. They own and run a business selling 20th Century furniture, so the decor is perfect too.
* Blogs - I find it hard to find the time to follow blogs on a regular basis, so only occasionally dip in and out of them. I've had some lovely mentions on blogs recently and greatly appreciate these - Lisa Congdon wrote a wonderful piece about my new book "Twenty Ways To Draw A Tree" on her blog, as did Bowie of Print and Pattern. It's lovely to be here too!
Books - I find myself looking at picture books a lot of the time, but have been enjoying the new book about The Edinburgh Weavers by Lesley Jackson. For reading pleasure, David Lodge makes me laugh out loud with his witty observations and brilliant delivery.
Magazines - Elle Decoration, Frankie and Uppercase top my list.
Eats - I'm mostly vegetarian, but do eat fish. At this time of year I get excited about making homemade soups - Butternut Squash Bisque was our latest triumph. I'm also always looking for new pasta recipes that are quick and easy and suit the whole family.
* Drinks - I'm a "builder's tea" drinker during the day, and a white wine drinker in the evening . . . though with the nights drawing in it will veer towards red.
Music - My musical tastes are pretty eclectic and depend on my mood, but my favourite album at the moment is Ray Lamontagne's "God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise". Melodic, soulful, intelligent, and the guy has a voice to die for (in my opinion!).

What do you love most about what you do?
I love being creative, and getting paid to do what I love! I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss. I love the fact that I can do the school run and spend time with my boys because I work from home. I love the variety - each day is different.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
It has to be the little models made by my boys that come home from school - I have two little hedgehogs made from clay with sticks for spines that sit on a shelf in our lounge. They make me smile every time I look at them.

If you were stranded in the wilds what item would you want with you to survive?
A warm blanket. I hate feeling cold!

Where would you like to be in ten years? 
In a similar situation to now - healthy and happy with all my family around me; but perhaps with a little more space, more opportunities to travel, and a business that has grown enough to fund it!

Where can we buy your work?
You can buy my wares from my Etsy shop, I'll also be making appearances at Christmas Craft Fairs in and around Nottingham in November and December. Come and say hello if you can!

Just look at all that scrummy fabric!  I am thinking of buying some and making some cushions for my sofa.  The problem is what too choose!  Argh... dilemma indeed, such beauties.

Eloise has kindly donated one Littlegreenshed reader a chance to win any A4 print and pouch from Eloise's Etsy shop - you choose!  (you might have a real problem there, because I certainly can't choose!).

Winner will be announced on Wednesday 16th October - good luck!

If you would like to be featured on Makers Profile, 
please drop me an email and I can send my media pack.

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Artist Profile & Giveaway - Carly Dodsley...

Look at this plate, it is soooo gorgeous isn't it?  It is by the talented ceramic artist Carly Dodsley. I first discovered her incredible work via her Facebook Page and immediately fell in love.  I caught up with Carly recently for a chat about her and her work:

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do? 
I’m Senior Designer at Royal Stafford, which is situated in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, right at the heart of The Potteries. Alongside this position, I also design my own ceramics range, which was launched in 2012 and is manufactured by Royal Stafford as part of the English Eccentrix collective. My creamware collection comprises of plates, canisters, mugs and jugs. 

Apart from your work what else do you like doing? 
My work is one of my greatest passions; I spend a lot of time designing, and discovering more about work I admire. When I’m not doing this, I drag my long-suffering husband around endless charity shops and antique centers in search of goodies to add to our horde. My quest for bargains has recently extended to metal-detecting, but that’s another story…. 

What is your favourite item currently on sale, and why? 
This is like being asked to pick a favourite child! Of course, I love all of my designs, each of which is special in its own way. (Although I’m rather fond of my new peacock plate, which features motifs from earlier work, along with my first attempt at white-line drawing on a block colour background.) 

Where does your inspiration come from? 
Great British designers of the mid-twentieth century are a constant source of inspiration for my work; I’m particularly drawn to the work of Jessie Tate, Lucienne Day and Kathie Winkle, as well as Midwinter homeware and early pieces by Terence Conran. Among modern designers, I’m very fond of the beautiful patterns created by Eloise Renouf, as well as the design ethos of Ercol furniture. Living with items by all these designers, as well as collecting and reading about their work, motivates me to produce pieces that are both visually arresting and designed for daily use. 

Describe your studio/workspace? 
My main studio is located directly above the factory floor at the Royal Overhouse Manufactory in Burslem, which is one of the last surviving Victorian potteries still in operation. The studio is filled to the rafters with ceramic samples – none of which I can stand to throw away - and there are also numerous pieces of paper pinned to the walls displaying various ideas and reminders. The workspace can feel chaotic at times, but its location in the factory means I am able to see my designs progress from the drawing board, through the printing, glazing and firing processes, to the finished article sitting in the showroom next door. It is a privilege to work in such a traditional environment, as I’ve had the good fortune to meet those who work on the factory floor and learn more about the great skill and care with which they produce my work. 

What is a typical work day for you? 
From Monday to Friday my working day starts at 8.30am, which is when I begin work on site at the factory. My primary activity for the day will be creating designs to meet any number of briefs. The company produces little work under its own Royal Stafford brand, and so much of this work is produced for well-known High Street companies, under their own labels. As a result, I also spend time each day liaising with companies, and attend weekly meetings to present work directly to clients. My own Carly Dodsley Ceramics are designed out of office hours and at weekends. I try to set aside one day at the weekend where I do not work, although this rarely happens! 

What do you love most about what you do? 
I love the idea that I’m creating something that can be both decorative and functional; something that might become part of someone else’s day-to-day living; something that helps to make a home. 

What handmade possession do you most cherish? 
A ceramic bowl I received as a wedding gift from my husband’s uncle, Dan Wright; he’s an extremely talented studio ceramicist based in St David’s. The bowl is decorated with hand-drawn designs depicting places and objects associated with my marriage. It’s beautifully crafted and very dear to me. 

If you were stranded in the wilds what item would you want with you to survive? 
Picking up on my earlier confession, I would probably want my cherished metal-detector by my side. In my experience, I tend to discover knives, forks and nails during my excursions; while these are disappointing finds most of the time, I imagine they would come in very handy in the wilds! 

Where would you like to be in ten years? 
Ceramics will always be my first love but I would like to branch out into textiles and wallpaper design. That’s the fall-back option if I fail to discover the next Staffordshire Hoard…. 

Where can we buy your work? 
My new ceramic ranges will be on sale from October at the Southbank Centre’s design store on Festival Terrace. My work can also be purchased online through the English Eccentrix website:  I have also recently designed a range of greetings cards for the Illustrated Paper Company,

In love right?  Carly's designs, to me, are so reminiscent of 50's Mid Century ceramic wear - and I personally want ALL in my kitchen.  Especially the Peacock plate above.

Carly is kindly offering one Littlegreenshed reader a chance to win the Peacock plate above - (please can I keep it!  It is so so gorgeous.)  To enter fill in the forms below, for a chance to win.  Giveaway end on Friday 20th September, good luck!

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One Thousand Post Celebration - The Ethicurean Cookbook Giveaway...

Hope you had a wonderfully delicious weekend?  
Speaking of delicious, I am absolutely delighted to have a copy of the brand new Ethicurean Cookbook to giveaway as part of my 1000 posts celebration.  Let me tell you a little about them.  

Just a few miles from Bristol set amongst rolling fields with views of the Mendips lies The Ethicurean. Part of an old overgrown Georgian estate, built in 1901, the restaurant and kitchen have been lovingly restored in two of the original glasshouses within Barley Wood Walled Garden.  Nearby the old mansion house crumbles with it's labyrinth of gardens, roses, pergolas and statues.  Red bricked paths frame a patchwork of vegetable and flower beds, whilst fruit bushes are fanned out against the high perimeter wall.  Surrounding the garden are the orchards where the source of The Ethicureans apple juice is home grown.

The team behind The Ethicurean believe that eating seasonally fresh local produce is the key to great tasting food.  And it seems they are doing something right, it is no surprise that The Ethicurean is winning awards, the Best Ethical Restaurant at the Observer Food Monthly Awards.

Dan and I love it there.  It has a special place for us as either side of this hill we lived as children.  Dan in Congresbury and I in Backwell... local just 2 miles either way with the Ethicurean forming a mid point.  This book tells a story of a year living in Somerset, the frost in the valley, the drifting fog, The Wassail, the touch of Spring, drifts of Bluebells in the woodlands and on through the seasons.

Sumptuous recipes, that make your tummy rumble upon reading.  Beetroot, Apple & Cobnut Crumble with Roasted White Chocolate Spoon - oh my!  In the back there is a section on useful recipes, a little 'how to' guide in making stocks to pickling beetroot.

All beautifully written and photographed, this cookbook is simply gorgeous.  If you are in the area, The Ethicurean are having a Mid Summer Solstice feast on the 21st June.  I hope to be there.  For more information please visit their webpage.

If you would like a copy of The Ethicurean Cookbook, I have one copy to giveaway to a Littlegreenshed follower.  Offer is open to UK entrants only - due to heaviness of the book.  Please leave a comment with your contact details so I can let you know when you have won.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway >

Don't forget there is still time to enter the Butterscotch & Beestings Giveaway, a chance to win a Circus Triangle Cushion.

One Thousand Celebration - Butterscotch & Beestings Giveaway...

To kick off my thousandth post celebrations, I am delighted to have Camilla's work for my first giveaway!  Yes, my good friend Camilla Westergaard is the talented designer behind the amazing Butterscotch & Beesting.

Here is a little about the magical world of Butterscotch & Beesting:

Butterscotch + Beesting is a product of imagination. It’s the story of the most magnificent, most magical circus ever imagined, as told through prints, pattern and illustrations.
The person telling the tale is Camilla (that’s me!). Since I was a very small girl, I’ve been utterly in love with drawing, colour, patterns and most of all, storytelling. One day I whisked these together and . . . ta da! . . . the circus of Miss Betty Butterscotch and Mr Bumblewick Beesting appeared (as if by magic).
The adventures of the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus and those who perform under its triangular tents are told across a series of homewares, including cushions, lampshades, ceramics and a little bit of stationery too.
Each product comes with its own mini-story so you can disappear into the mysterious world of Mr Beesting (circus ringmaster and conjurer of worldwide renown), join the delightful Miss Butterscotch (a trapeze artist turned confectioner upon acquiring a quite unexpected fear of heights) as she gazes longingly into the heights of the big top, or marvel at the curious creatures created following encounters with a wand-wielding monkey.

How marvellous?!
Who wants to run away with the circus?  ME!

I am in LOVE with every item in Camilla's shop.  I also love that each product range has not only a title but a little story behind it too.

My favourite is the new 'Enter the Magician' range (the lampshade above)... here is it's story:

The big top is dark, the audience is seated, boys and girls hold tight to candyfloss sticks and fly-high balloons. All of a sudden, a cloud appears, its bright strobes reaching the very edges of the tent to reveal a top-hatted magician standing by the ring. Enter Mr Bumblewick Beesting, the most magical conjurer who ever lived (and rather dashing he is too).

Are you in love yet?

Camilla has kindly donated one of her hugely popular Coral Triangle Circus Cushion & pad to Littlegreenshed readers.  I know!

To enter please just follow the prompts below, good luck!

EDIT- winner is Lynn D
Lynn please can you email me your address please!

weekend & winner...

Image via here
How are you all doing?  Did you have a wonderful weekend?
Advent has started... and my boys have enjoyed opening the first 2 little packages on their calendar.  Although Rufus was a little miffed that the first one was a reading book and not chocolate!  But he soon got over it.

This weekend I took part in Magpies and I market in the Spiegel tent here in Bristol.  Wow, it was enormous fun.  Selling all my goodies to happy Christmasy people.  Great food, mulled cider and music.  We (Melanie and I) are back there again next Saturday, we cannot wait!  I will show you photos tomorrow.

But the main reason I am here is to announce the winner of my bumper Christmas Giveaway. Gosh such a popular giveaway - 1924 entries!  Can you believe it?!  But the prize is such goodun no wonder there was so many of you who wanted it!

So.... who won?

Well done Lisa!

Thank you to everyone who has entered and THANK YOU to my friends for donating their lovely work to make this giveaway such a fantastic one!

To mark the end of the giveaway I would love to offer everyone who entered 20% off in my shop!  With the code BUMPER20 ;)

I am thinking of doing a seasonal giveaway every couple of months.  Look out for the next bumper giveaway marking Spring!  If you would like to donate something - please contact me!


Christmas Giveaway...

Hi there!  Yes lovely people, it is almost that time... Christmas is nearly upon us.
Another year is nearly over too.. and what a year it has been.
Littlegreenshed has grown so much and I am hugely grateful to the love and support that this wonderful world of blogging has given me... thank you, you are most loved!
During these past few years I have 'met' so many inspiring and creative people.  These wonderful people have supported and encouraged me during my first tentative footsteps in launching my shop.  They know who they are!

So... as a thanks to you and them, I am so happy to bring you this little festive giveaway.
I have asked some of my incredibly creative friends to contribute - and what a giveaway it has become!  I am soooo excited!

One winner will win the following:

1. Flora of Through the Round Window has generously donated the following:  The Angel stained glass decoration.  Flora is also throwing in a Chevron Leaf tote, a Chevron Leaf mug and a few of her cards too.

2.  Amy of Robin and Mould has kindly donated one of her Fox Cushions.

3.  Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books has offered the winner a choice of any of her A4 or A3 prints from her shop.

4.  Cable and Cotton are kindly giving away a set of their Glow lights - perfect for the Christmas season.

5  Laetitia of Mamzelle Titoo has donated a Lord Cloud & Lady Sweet plate.

6.  Me!  I would like to give away the winner any A4 or A3 print of their choice, from my shop.

7.  Charmaine of Little Nest Box has kindly donated a Happy Day Garland - happiness in every flag!

8. Nell of On the First Day of Marriage is generously giving the winner a Pink Hair Bow from her shop Happy Circus.

9. Kerry of The SeventyTree is also kindly giving the winner a choice of A4 or A3 print from her shop.

10.  Melanie of Melanie Wickham Lino Prints is kindly donating a Tea Towel of your choice from her shop.

Soo ALL of these wonderful gorgeous items are for ONE winner.  Yep of YOU could win the whole lot.  

To enter please fill in the following form... giveaway ends on Saturday 1st December at 8.00am GMT.  Offer is open to Worldwide!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to my lovely friends for kindly donating these items, I am muchly grateful!  You all rock! xxx

Good Luck guys!

cable and cotton giveaway winner...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
I am just popping in to announce the winner of the Cable and Cotton giveaway.

The Winner is Carolyn Carter!

Well done Carolyn!

Cable and Cotton are kindly offering all Littlegreenshed readers free Postage and Packaging by using the following code at the checkout:


So... what are you waiting for?  Go get some pretty lights for Christmas!

I have another giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks time... it is going to knock your socks off!  Think, all your Christmas' coming at once!


Shimmering season & a giveaway...

As we creep closer to the mid winter solstice - days are getting shorter and darker.
At this time of year I like to fill my home with candles and have fairy lights on to brighten every room.  To bring some shimmer in the gloom.

Recently, I was kindly sent a set of Cable and Cotton lights.  If you haven't heard of them - you should go and look at their site.
Beautiful strings of cotton balls which attach to white lights - when lit they give off a happy warm glow.
For me, the fun part is choosing which colour ball to have.
Gosh that was such a hard decision, I can tell you.  Backwards and forwards - pink or not pink!
I am so pleased with the finished look... they really brighten up my shelves in the lounge.  I just need to attach some little cup hooks to the under side of the shelves to hang them properly, as it looks a little cluttered up there.

Thank you Cable and Cotton - I absolutely LOVE my new lights!

Cable and Cotton have kindly given a me a set to giveaway to a lucky Littlegreenshed reader!
Perfect for the up coming season!
There many ways to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway ends Sunday 11th November!
Good luck!