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half term..

This week it is half term.  I love hanging out with my boys.  Pyjama clad mornings, then scooting around our neighbourhood.  These holidays we are keeping the energy high but the cost low.  Trying to think of ways to keep them entertained without spending a small fortune.

We have been to the Central Library here in Bristol to see the Book Hive, take out reading books and DVD's to watch on rainy days.  The Book Hive is beautiful, almost Harry Potter like.  Celebrating the libararies 400th birthday, books open and close like butterfly wings at the slightest movement.  The sounds is soothing and breathtaking.

We have been on long scoots around our neighbourhood, finding different routes to places, spotting street art and wildlife along the way.

Yesterday we visited friends and ran around their stunning new home.  The boys ran and played wild games in the many rooms, whilst I chatted about paint colours, tiles and furniture - the best kind of conversation in my book!  

Later that day we visited Bristol Zoo with the boys cousins and Charlie took the death defying Zooropia challenge.  I don't think I breathed during the entire time he was up there.  Never again!

So... for the rest of our week are going on bike rides, walks in the woods, visiting National Trust properties.  Watching the Lego Movie, Guitar lessons, birthday parties and then preparing ourselves for the routine of back to school.

So how has Half Term been for you?

Image above was taken on my phone.

Bat Boy...

So it's Half Term.  
Days have become slow.  We like it like that.  Mornings are spent playing Lego, drawing, or dressing up.
I love the holidays. I love how happy my boys are.  They love spending time as they please.  Fixing themselves a drink, having an apple, designing a new space station out of Lego.  Becoming Bat Man.

Today we spent time with a good friend, Rufus' bestie, Jasper.  He is a boy much like my own, loving Lego and Superheroes (what boy doesn't).  The days when my children's laughter and squeals fill my ears are the best.  Good times.

Rufus has been dressed like this ALL day.  He scooted down our local high street in full Bat Man costume, oblivious to the smiles from passers by.  I love him for that.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays too.

In other news, I've discovered I have been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards.  Thank you, I am over the moon.  If you would like nominate me (blush) or any other blog you can vote over here.

Half term planning...

So Half Term is next week... we are really looking forward to it in this house.  Long slow days filled with eating pancakes, lego building, and adventuring.  And we need it too. Charlie is exhausted, he's limping towards Friday, each morning is becoming more of struggle to get up.  But he is being so good, hardly any moaning.  Rufus is off home again.  High temperature and achy limbs.  I am seriously fed up with viruses!

So... onto some serious Half Term planning.  I like to mix up the days, some with high adventure followed by a slow lego and pyjama day.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to doing:

  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Sunday 10th at the Mshed
  • Attend the Bristol Zoo Wildabout Forest School for a day fire buiding, and playing in the mud.
  • A romp in the woods at our local National Trust Tyntesfield
  • Visit the Theatre
  • A trip to the Cinema with friends to see Wreck it Ralph
  • Make a mountain of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday (12th)
  • Dig up the allotment and prepare for Spring (this will be me, the boys will just play probably!)
  • Craft on cold rainy days - using the wonderful on-line resource Mr Printables
I hope this will occupy them!  What are you planning this Half Term, please share your tips on entertaining your kids... we could all do with as many good ideas as we can!
I am of course hoping for mild and sunshine filled days, we could all do with some of those.


Well Friday is here...
Half term is nearly over.
I feel pretty sad about that.
I love having the boys around.

* We have been to the zoo.
* Rode bikes and scooters.
* Been swimming.
* Saw a play about dinosaurs at the Old Vic theatre.
* Saw the Wildlife Photographer of Year exhibition at the Bristol Museum.
* Played in the park with friends.
* And made a den.


Tomorrow is Charlie's birthday party (yes his birthday was nearly a month ago, but this is the only time I could get!) at the local gymnastic's centre.
8 friends all trampolining, bouncing and scoffing cake!
Great fun.
Wishing you a wonderfully bright weekend.