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I don't think there is any better environment to have a halloween party, listening the wilderness of the woods at night.  Running around with sparklers and glow sticks.  A haribo fueled evening.

Our Halloween began in the woods - a spooky party, with pumpkins, skeletons and a fire.
The boys ran wild, hooting with glee, howling at the moon.  Making dens amongst the trees.  Sausages and Marshmallows cooked on the fire.  I don't think there is any better environment to have a halloween party, listening the wilderness of the woods at night.  Running around with sparklers and glow sticks.  A haribo fueled evening.

Once home, a quick tour around the neighbourhood, door to door asking trick or treat.  It was manic, it seems everyone gets into it.  Hoards of children wandering the streets with their parents, all dressed up.  What a great place we live.

Nature in the Home - Autumn week 2

Happy Wednesday!

This week, we have decorated the mantel in spooky halloween goodness.  Half term crafting to the max.  The boys have made spiders using pipe cleaners, black modelling clay and googly eyes.  Whilst I have gathered interesting squashes and pumpkins, teamed with feathers, fir cones and dahlias for an autumnal / spooky display.

I love the result - a team effort!

Nature in the Home started last week with a bang!!  Thank you, thank you so much for all your blog posts, such beautiful finds and displays.  I loved them all!  In particular Bethan's autumn wreath was so breathtakingly beautiful and simple - I can't wait to make one myself.  A day of creativity next week, once the boys are back at school.  To potter, gather supplies and get my creative juices flowing.

If you have a little DIY you'd like to share on here, and be featured for next weeks link up please email me.

Also - I have set up a pin board for us all to join in with.  If you'd like to contribute to it, please leave me a comment below saying so and I can add you to the pinboard.  It is looking beautiful - such inspiration there.

So.... what have you discovered, made, loved this week...

Home inspiration... halloween

image via House that Lars Built
So, it's Half Term, the clocks have gone back - we have survived the worst storm in nearly 30 years - it must mean one thing - Halloween is on it's way.

The boys are super excited, they love Halloween. They change their minds hourly regarding their costume. I've finally made them decide on a bat and a highway man - eek, best get making!  Our front windows have been decorated with their illustrations of pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts and bats for the past week - yes we are reaching spooky fever pitch here.  

Once the rain stops today, we are off out to choose our pumpkins ready for carving.  I know the boys have set ideas on how they want their to look, scary being high on the list.  Personally I'd love to try to make some of theses faces above. So pretty!!

In fact - you may well be seeing a version of these on Wednesday for Nature in the Home... speaking of which I have set up a group pinboard which we can all contribute to.  If you'd like me to add you to the list, please leave me a comment.

So, have you decorated for Halloween?  Bats hanging from the ceiling?  Or is it just a bit naff?

bat boy and the dragon..

What a fantastic Halloween!
A great party where the food was all totally scary (monster fingers and mummie pizza's) and cool games of eat a hanging do'nut without using your hands.
Then trick or treating around the neighbourhood.
I don't think I have enjoyed halloween so much before.
The boys loved being with friends (as did I) and of course LOVED the free sweets!
Soo, how was halloween with you?

(p.s. please excuse the masking tape on the front door - Nope still not finished that bloomin door!)


Today we prepared for halloween.
Spooky pictures were drawn.
Bats flew into roost.
Pumpkins were carved.
Costumes and masks were made.
We also went to the LoveFood Festival and saw the most incredible carved pumpkins made by the sculptural team of Aardman animations. Totally cool.
I loved the zebra skin zebra crossing.
We are very excited about tomorrow... spookiness awaits!

halloween 2010..

Just a quick look at last years scary halloween costumes...  oooo I am totally frightened are you?
Today the boys have been making their own masks.
We will see how they turn out ready for Monday's trick or treat.


WOW - gorgeous beautiful day today.
I am so happy it's Friday.  It's been one long half term.
I have enjoyed craft days with friends, making bats and Halloween masks.  Playing in the park and just hanging out with my sons.
But I am equally looking forward to the weekend... some time to be with Dan, he's been working so hard this week, it feels like we haven't really seen him.
Hopefully this sunshine will continue and we can have a much needed walk through the autumnal woods.
We will this weekend be carving our pumpkins.. I hope they are as cool as last years, all down to Dan's artistic handiwork.
So have a fun filled and happy weekend my lovelies... are you excited about Halloween on Monday... what are your plans and traditions?

Halloween Preparation

This afternoon was a hive of activity in the Taylor household.  We were whipping up a spooky storm in the kitchen.

Pumpkins were carved, biscuits & muffins made and seeds were toasted.

Dan was chief carver of the pumpkins (a job he absolutely loves doing), and helped the boys create the most amazing scary lanterns.

These have to be the best he has done yet.

(Thanks to Uncle Jonathan for bringing over the most amazing pumpkin carving kit from Canada, on his recent visit, it really helped).

Charlie made some creepy looking Bat Biscuits.

I love this one!  Smiling faced bat.

The concentration and attention he gave them. He couldn't wait to taste them, secretly nibbling away when I wasn't looking.

I also used the pumpkin innards to make pumpkin & choc chip muffins using a pumpkin shaped silicon muffin tray from Sainsbury's. These didn't turn out too great, as they got a bit stuck inside their cases.  I don't think I buttered the cases enough.

I also had a go at making Spicy Pumpkin Seeds a recipe by Alys Fowler in her book the Edible Garden.

Basically, I rinsed the seeds of all the gloop, the spread them out on a baking tray.  Gave them a good drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled them with sea salt, chilli powder and cumin powder  Mixed them all up until they were really coated.  Then popped them in the oven for 15 mins til puffed up and toasted.

Totally yum!  I've had to put them away, as I couldn't stop stuffing my face.  These will perfect to nibble on Bonfire Night with a glass of real ale.

Hope you are ready for tomorrow's shenanigans.


4 days to go!

Yes, 4 days to go to Halloween, 4 days then we dress up, 4 days to carve the pumpkins and 4 days until our darling children have far too much sweet stuff, they run around like demented monsters until the sugar rush wears off!

Yes, are you ready?

We are kind of.

Pumpkins yes, carved no.

Costumes yes, same as last year!

Sugar rush - hell no, not ready!!!

Who cares about that, more importantly, there are 4 days to go until I reveal who has won my 100 posts giveaway competition.

Yes, there is still time to add your comment.  Come on!  You know my homemade Strawberry Jam is award winning!!  (brag, brag!). 
Won't it taste so good spread on your toast on a cold, icy morning in January?

Now your interested, right?