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Home Inspiration - a new sofa...

Image via Pinterest
I need a new sofa.  Mine is progressively becoming a dirty, saggy, messy heap in the corner of our lounge.  I have my eyes on a button back sofa, with beautiful lines, curves and legs.  This one, this one!  I want this one.  Just putting this out there.... a message to the universe. 

christmas decorations 2014

christmas decorations 2014

Gosh I've already started to think about Christmas in a big way. Planning the advent calendar, what to give as gifts, and of course (the best bit for me) how to decorate the home over the festive season.

Each year I allow myself to buy one new thing, something of an heirloom piece that I will never tire of and will be bought out each to add to our eclectic collection.

To my surprise I have fallen in love with so many decorations, especially the offerings from Anthropologie.  In particular that wall tapestry, perhaps a little out of my budget, but wow!!  Image in that on a moody dark wall, all sparkling like a snowy winters night.

I think probably I shall be buying the little snowy owl or that lion in his little jacket - so cute!

Tell me, do you buy new each year or do you add to your Christmas box like I do?

Details of all the items above:

Time to light up the dark with Cable & Cotton lights...

Dark, grey days need a little sparkle.  I love having a mix of lighting sources in the home. From floor lamps to candles, table lamps and of course fairy lights.

I adore my new set of Cable and Cotton lights... they are perfect.  Giving a warm happy glow to my living room corner - in fact it feels like I have the fire lit when they are on, such is the lovely light.

I chose the standard set called Glow.  A mix of neutral tones, grey, cream, taupe and white, that compliments the colour scheme in my lounge.  But there are many different colour-ways to choose from on their website.

At the moment, they are a jumble of glowing balls on the floor, lighting up a dark corner and my newly painted cabinet.  I may hang them up at some point, but I quite like them like this - informal and pretty.

*I was sent a set of cable and cotton lights to review. All views and opinions are my own - as always.  Thank you cable and cotton for such lovely lights. 

Seasonal Rituals - The fire...

Image via Pinterest
This weekend we lit our first fire of the season.  I love the ritual of making a fire, scrunching of the paper (or making twists), stacking the kindling on top in a tipi shape, then lighting the paper from below, watching the flame roar upwards.

We have a log burner in our lounge,  A little treat with some redundancy money I received from a job that I hated, many years ago. I love how our beautiful log burner brings us light and warmth in those dark days of Winter. The irony is not lost on me.

In half term, we shall take a trip to a local farm to stock up on bags of cut logs.  We've been going there for years.  The barn is something to be seen.  Oak framed and beautiful, stacked high to the rafters with beautifully seasoned fire wood.  Yes I am a wood geek!  I am obsessed with logs, fireplaces and the perfect fire.  Spending hours pinning such things on Pinterest.  

So, that is it. The fire is on now, until Spring.  We prefer to heat our home in this way, I always seem to get a cold when the central heating is turned on. Does anyone else?

So, do you have a log burner or an open fire?

More inspiration on fireplaces can be found over on my Pinterest board...

Styling the Seasons - October...

Following on from Septembers Styling the Season - here is my October submission.  

October to me is the month of extremes; on one part it’s harvest time and another part it is also a time of decay.  Cottage gardens and allotments are full of produce, chard, beetroot, the last of the tomatoes and of course squashes and pumpkins. The hedgerows are full of berries and nuts ready to be picked and stored or made into delicious warming tipples. 

The flip side to all this autumnal abundance is fall. The decay and slow die back of crops and leaves. The smell of damp woodland earth and mushrooms is in the air.  On our Autumn walks at the moment we are finding many, many stray feathers.  I have been told that birds moult at this time of year in preparation for migration; discarding old feathers and growing new plumage to help them fly off to warmer climes.
For my monthly column over on Seeds & Stitches blog - I show you how to make the feather mobile.  Hop over there to read more... Autumnal Feather Wall Hanging.
(joining in with Apartment Apothecary & LottsandLots) #stylingtheseasons.

Upcycling furniture with Farrow & Ball...

Two things that I love... 1. natural objects (nature in the home) & 2. Interiors.  And so when I get to play with these two things, my heart skips a beat.

A few weeks ago Farrow & Ball contacted me with a little project.  They challenged me to choose a paint colour (how could I choose?) and upcycle a piece of furniture with it.  The project: to upcycle the curios cabinet in the lounge.

The cabinet was bought last Spring from a local junk shop. I loved the mid-century shape, the glass doors and the fact it was a very slim unit, it could be placed quite happily anywhere in our home.  We chose it to display all of our nature 'treasures' that the boys and I seem to gather weekly.  You can see Charlie's prized sheeps skulls is on the top shelf!

I was never happy with the colour.  The brown just drained the room, and as the nights were becoming darker, the room seemed to drown in the brownness of it.  I couldn't wait to change it.

In the end I chose Farrow & Balls Stiff Key Eggshell Estate and their Dark Tones Undercoat.  Now I've painted many pieces of furniture before and have not used their own brand of undercoat.  Let me tell you, what a difference it made. Easy and stress free.

So one undercoat and two coats of Stiff Key later (using a foam roller for a smooth finish) here is the finished cabinet.....

I couldn't be happier with the results.  It lifts the room.  The navy blue colour really shows off our treasure really well. 

You will notice I've also had a little change around.  Moved the books into the cabinet and ditched the 3rd shelf.  The curios cabinet now has space to 'breathe'. I still need to remove the brackets at some point, but they aren't bothering me at the moment. On the shelves above I have placed some newly acquired 'vintage' finds, preferring the muted shades at the moment.

On the whole I am delighted with how the room now looks.  I'm just waiting on a new rug to tie it all together...

The other side of the room - well, there is a tired old sofa in need of a recover, but that's a whole other post!  One day...

Thank you Farrow & Ball for challenging me to upcycle with such lovely paint. For more inspiration on upcycling furniture please have a look at the Farrow & Ball inspiration page.

Home Inspiration - Sara Emslie's Home

As an owner of a small terraced Victorian home, I love to see how others deal with limited space.  Sara Emslie, author of Beautifully Small: Clever Ideas for Compact Spaces, by Rylands Peters & Small Books, knows a thing or two about tiny spaces.  Her own home is perfectly petite, yet oh so delicious!

Instantly I was drawn to the mantelpiece, yes we all know I love a beautifully dressed fireplace.  Look at that hand carved spoon!  Obsessed me? I think so! Perhaps Dan and I need to display our handmade beauties a little better.  

Sara uses her dining room as an extension of the kitchen, space being at a premium.  I love how utilitarian it looks yet homely.  Simple colour schemes, paired with pretty florals make the space welcoming and uncluttered.  

Upstairs Sara's bedroom is serene. White on white, with natural accents.  Clever large baskets under the bed hide a multitude of clutter and wooden shutters are a great way to shut out light with out the fussiness of curtains.

This house is my kind of place.  What do you think?

Photography by Rachel Whiting © Ryland Peters & Small

Farrow & Ball Wallpapers 2014...

I am recently becoming a wallpaper convert.  I've always thought of it as a bit naff and waaay to fussy for my liking. But, just lately I've had a hankering after the floral cabin of Elisabeth Dunkler, that woman is so cool.  I need some floral frill in my world (being in a house of trousers!).

The latest wallpaper offerings from Farrow & Ball are divine!  I adore the colours, the patterns aren't too fussy, I can still have my floral wallpaper fix without annoying the rest of my household.  And what do you think about the styling, isn't it just perfect?  

My favourite out of the collection has to be Shouchikubai - meaning apricot, bamboo and pine, all plants associated with celebration. It has a very Oriental feel, featuring flowers, bamboo and trees in distinctively Japanese hexagonal frames.  In fact all of the collection has a Japanese feel to it.

So which is your favourite?  Do you love wallpaper?  Or is it too fussy?

All images via the Farrow & Ball website.

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Home Inspiration - The South African home of Miss Moss...

All images via Miss Moss
Diana's, (Miss Moss), Cape Town home is beautiful! Recently she gave a little home tour on her wonderful blog.  I am smitten with the herringbone floor, her shelf arrangements & the large colourful prints.

I particularly love that shelving unit with all the magazines piled up.  I have pile of mags that need a suitable home... this I must do.

Of course, what also makes this house a home are the plants in every room, the personal objects with history, and a sense of 'un-styled' comfort.

More images are over on Miss Moss - go check them out.

Styling the seasons - September...

A few months back Katy emailed me about her exciting new project she is launching with Charlotte of Lotts & Lots.  It's called Styling the Seasons, and as I have a huge love of all things natural and seasonal they thought I'd love to play too.  Well yes!  I would.

Starting with September, Katy & Charlotte have challenged us to reflect the change of seasons and in our own homes. We can choose any surface in our home (shelf, dining table, mantelpieces etc.) and style that surface to reflect the new month and what it means to us (relaxation, celebrations, family, nature). Then share our images by using the hashtag #StylingtheSeasons.

So of course, I chose my mantel and found & gathered items from nature.  To me September really straddles the seasons.  One foot still firmly planted in Summer while the other is just dipping it's toe into Autumn.  I have tried to reflect this by using a mix of items.  Dried flower heads from blooms now faded, shells from beach holidays, pressed flowers from June meadows.  Feathers and a fox skull from recent walks, and the orange berries to signify the change to Autumn.

Yes, September, you still feel like summer to me... with a hint of Autumn.

Why not join in with #stylingtheseasons, you can do so at any point during September.  I shall be back for October.

p.s. - I have been NOMINATED!  In the Amara Interior blog awards.  OMG!  Thank you.  Voting is now open, if you feel like voting for me, please hop over here.  Thank you xx

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 Amara Interior Blog Awards

Bedroom renovation...

Image via here
I think I've mentioned before that we moved into this house 8 years ago.  Decorated most of the rooms, but have neglected our own bedroom.  For years I have longed for a sanctuary, to relax in, away from the hubbub of family life.

Now that the bathroom is complete (I must show you the finished room soon), we can focus our DIY efforts finally on our bedroom. I cannot wait.

I want the bedroom to feel cosy, snug and a little rustic.  I've been thinking of a really dark wall where the bed lies.  Filling the bare wall above with perhaps a wall hanging like these.  Paired with pretty bed linen, cosy blankets, sheepskins and victorian furniture.

I will show you how I get on...

More inspiration can be found over on my bedroom pinterest board...

Home Inspiration - Bathrooms...

Image via here
My parents, last week, moved into an old Victorian town house. A house which needs gutting and restoring from the ground up.  Luckily, the previous owners had lived there since the 1950's, and instead of removing all the original features, they had just boarded them up and covered them over with layers of floral wallpaper.  Much to the joy of my mum, as she is now revealing beautiful Victorian fireplaces and original floor tiles.

One room that is stuck in the 1970's, is the bathroom.  Head to toe in avocado, swirly lino and floral wallpaper. Eyes hurt when entering the room.  My parents are after a sympathetic suite, which is in keeping with the Victorian style of the house.  Luckily a lick of Farrow & Ball paint, some cool taps such as these from My-Bathrooms UK, and some clever tongue & groove wall paneling will have the room looking perfect - much like the image above.

I am living out my interior stylist dreams, helping my parents to re-decorate their home.  Scouring on-line sites and pinning to their boards on pinterest.  I only wish the house was mine!

Home inspiration - Rugs...

Image source - Pinterest
Call me bonkers, but when it get's to mid July, I start to think about how my home will feel in deep Winter.  Sheepskins, throws, thick curtains and rugs are on my mind.  Purely because it takes me ages to decide on what to buy and where to find them.  Especially if I am sourcing things that are hand made or vintage.

As I am getting older, I am looking to furnish my home with things that have soul.  A history behind them.  Yes it would be all too easy to step into a well know high street shop, grab a rug from the shelves and come home, but that instant fix is not what I am after.  I know I'll feel no connection with it, and probably get bored of it in a couple of years.

I am after the chase.  The hunt for just the right item.  Something that has been used and pre-loved. Something that has been made by hand by someone who has loved doing it.  Something to cherish for many years to come.

And so.... I am on the look out during the hottest July in years, for the perfect rug.  Persian, a kilim.  Something that will feel worn and warm under foot in deep January.

Wish me luck!

Home Inspiration - Ceramics (again)...

I love ceramics!  I think I must actually go and have some lessons, take a course in ceramics, because this love will not fade.  Whether I would be good at, is another matter, but I am sure whatever mis-shapen object emerges I shall love the process and love the wobbly mess forever more!

The above 3 images are what I am loving right now.  That platter with the bird is just awesome, the colour reminds me of Japanese shibori print, perhaps it is Japanese in origin.  I love it so.

The planter is perfect! My little Merlin the Pilea is now huge, and his/her babies are big too.  I must give them away to friends, otherwise I will become a crazy Pilea hoarder.  Wouldn't Merlin look so good in that planter!

And finally, this beautiful cat bowl by the uber talented Leah Goren.  Sadly sold, otherwise it would be mine.  Her shop has so many good things... I can't choose!

Do you love ceramics?  If not, what floats your boat, makes you giddy with delight?  Is it cushions, lighting?  What is your interiors fix?

All images via my ceramics board on pinterest.

Home inspiration...

All of the above images are via Design Sponge - Jessie Webster's home
Our home is in a state of flux.  We moved in here nearly 9 years ago, when I was quite heavily pregnant with Charlie.  Out first home, with a mortgage, and a list of renovation projects as long as both our arms.  But we were young(ish) and in love, with our new home and baby on the way - it was exciting.

9 years down the line, massive knock throughs, total kitchen re-builds and 2 children later, our home is at a point where Dan and I look around us and say - 'Yep, this is OK, BUT let's do it better'.... and so, the endless toil of re-decorating, sourcing new vintage furniture begins.

During the recent half-term, I managed to persuade Dan to take the trip to Baileys.  After harping on for years about how I wish our home would look, he finally agreed to a visit.  HA! my plan worked and now he has fallen in love with the paired back charms of Baileys Home and Garden.

Whilst there, we split up. Initially he took the boys round, leaving me time to browse in peace. Later meeting up, I went upstairs to the room settings with Charlie.  Reaching the far room, I stopped, sighed and said 'Now, I could live in this room'.  Charlie laughed, as Daddy had said the exact same thing.

And so, a new 'hobby' as taken over the two of us.  Carbooting and Auction room hunting.  On the look out for cheap and interesting items of furniture, lighting, kitchenalia and art work.  Heaven!

The top 3 images are from a house tour on Design Sponge, totally unrelated, but kind of the look(ish) I am going for at home.  For a better understanding of where my interiors obsession lies, have a look at my 'HOME' board on Pinterest.

Follow Lou Archell | littlegreenshed's board Home on Pinterest.

Home Inspiration - Botanical wallpapers...

image via Pinterest
Image via Flickr
Image via Pinterest
The trend for botanical everything has been around for a while now, and I still really love it, in particular wallpaper. I have seen stairways, cloakrooms, bedrooms and dining spaces all decorated with pages of botanical images or of birds, fish and even insects.

At the top of my stairs there is a small landing before you step up into the boys bedroom to the right and the main landing and other rooms to the left.  There is a narrow wall facing down the stairs, which I am thinking of wallpapering.

Initially I was going to use botanical flower images, pages from an old book I thrifted years ago. But as it's right outside the boys door, I realised that perhaps pictures of daisies and buttercups might not be their thing!

I spotted this image by the insanely talented Kirsten Rickertt - those ferns are amazing!  After a bit of research, I discovered it is wallpaper by Sanderson, Woodland Fern.  So... instead of paying that price for wallpaper, I thought - hey! why don't I use botanical fern images from a book?!  

So, if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed my 'playing' around with this idea. And from the comments from everyone it seems that you are compelling me to do it.... watch this space! Exciting.

I also love this little tutorial on the Free People blog - on how to make your own botanical paper.

Home Inspiration...

Image via Saarmanche
As I get older, the simpler I like my life.  My wardrobe is pared back to breton, and navy, jeans and sandals. I love to garden, wander the woods and beaches looking for natures treasure.  And my home is now starting to reflect this.

Gone are the bright colours that once were (although my front door is still painted bright yellow, time for a change soon).  Instead I am loving muted shades, natural wood, greys, white, blues.  A neutral backdrop to allow the beauty of objects shine.

I love this image above.  It's by Saar Manche a mother, illustrator and blogger from The Netherlands.  I've been following her gorgeous Instagram feed for a while now and saw this image above and swooned.

That light!  OMG that light!  The old mirror, the simple floral arrangement, the fireplace and the small art work - had me in love at first sight.  

Here is the other view....

Oh to sit there looking up the garden in that sunlight.... heaven!

the next big thing...

Image via Leila Jefferys
What!  Yep, I predict that parrots are the next big thing.  Well for me it is.  Ha ha.

I love this image.  I want it on the wall at the top of our stairs.  I love the pop of pink, his expression - everything!

image via Poppytalk
I saw Mr Parrots friend in this image above and loved how the pink shone out in the neutral space and with the vase of flowers in front gives it a rather tropical feel.  There are lots more images of parrots over on Leila Jefferys gallery - Rufus is rather in love with this one (but as a pet, not as a print). hmm I'll stick to photographs I think!

There is a huge trend for animal portraits at the moment.  Jo has a bison over her bed, it looks so good. As does this lion for a kids bedroom.

Both are by photographer Sharon Montrose and can be found in her shop The Animal Print Shop. All the animals which Sharon shoots have been raised and rescued by loving and experienced animal keepers.  Sharon photographs them where they live and are photo shopped onto the backdrop.  Through the series of photographs she helps support organisations devoted to animal rescue and nurturing wildlife.

Last night the boys and I spent hours choosing the perfect animal print for the home. We still keep going back to this cutie.

What would you choose?  Are animal portraits your thing?

Home inspiration - bedroom...

Image via Pennyweight
I love everything about this image.  That light, the bedside table, the tit cushion!  Yes most of all that cushion.  My bedroom needs to look this... one day.  Any idea where I can get that cushion?

Check out Pennyweight blog - her home is beautiful.  Also her tumblr account is swoon worthy!

a colour filled weekend...

Image via the Socialite family
This morning I spent 2 hours in the company of an inspiring and colourful lady.  Talking about life, happiness and plants.  Her home a riot of colour and eclecticism.  Beauty found in other peoples cast offs, and displays of family treasures made this home so unique, happy and so so cool.

Upon leaving, I felt like I'd had a few hours in colour therapy.  And woah did I need it.  I've never been colour shy, but over the past year I feel I've neglected my love of yellow, magenta and blue.  A few years ago I painted my front door yellow, and yet I had forgotten how good it makes me feel.

So today, I've made myself promise to seek out colour, bring more into the house, and rejoice in the goodness that it brings.  The ability to lift ones mood.

I think the house above is where I should start. A mix of great furniture and colour that is not too over whelming.  I love the tonal blues, the shaggy rugs, the cane mirrors, the use of particle boarding.  Yep, this one will do me, for now!

So, are you monochrome, muted or a high colour junkie?  What's your home like?

Anne Millet's blog can be found here