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Home inspiration - Rugs...

Image source - Pinterest
Call me bonkers, but when it get's to mid July, I start to think about how my home will feel in deep Winter.  Sheepskins, throws, thick curtains and rugs are on my mind.  Purely because it takes me ages to decide on what to buy and where to find them.  Especially if I am sourcing things that are hand made or vintage.

As I am getting older, I am looking to furnish my home with things that have soul.  A history behind them.  Yes it would be all too easy to step into a well know high street shop, grab a rug from the shelves and come home, but that instant fix is not what I am after.  I know I'll feel no connection with it, and probably get bored of it in a couple of years.

I am after the chase.  The hunt for just the right item.  Something that has been used and pre-loved. Something that has been made by hand by someone who has loved doing it.  Something to cherish for many years to come.

And so.... I am on the look out during the hottest July in years, for the perfect rug.  Persian, a kilim.  Something that will feel worn and warm under foot in deep January.

Wish me luck!

Home Inspiration - Ceramics (again)...

I love ceramics!  I think I must actually go and have some lessons, take a course in ceramics, because this love will not fade.  Whether I would be good at, is another matter, but I am sure whatever mis-shapen object emerges I shall love the process and love the wobbly mess forever more!

The above 3 images are what I am loving right now.  That platter with the bird is just awesome, the colour reminds me of Japanese shibori print, perhaps it is Japanese in origin.  I love it so.

The planter is perfect! My little Merlin the Pilea is now huge, and his/her babies are big too.  I must give them away to friends, otherwise I will become a crazy Pilea hoarder.  Wouldn't Merlin look so good in that planter!

And finally, this beautiful cat bowl by the uber talented Leah Goren.  Sadly sold, otherwise it would be mine.  Her shop has so many good things... I can't choose!

Do you love ceramics?  If not, what floats your boat, makes you giddy with delight?  Is it cushions, lighting?  What is your interiors fix?

All images via my ceramics board on pinterest.

Home inspiration...

All of the above images are via Design Sponge - Jessie Webster's home
Our home is in a state of flux.  We moved in here nearly 9 years ago, when I was quite heavily pregnant with Charlie.  Out first home, with a mortgage, and a list of renovation projects as long as both our arms.  But we were young(ish) and in love, with our new home and baby on the way - it was exciting.

9 years down the line, massive knock throughs, total kitchen re-builds and 2 children later, our home is at a point where Dan and I look around us and say - 'Yep, this is OK, BUT let's do it better'.... and so, the endless toil of re-decorating, sourcing new vintage furniture begins.

During the recent half-term, I managed to persuade Dan to take the trip to Baileys.  After harping on for years about how I wish our home would look, he finally agreed to a visit.  HA! my plan worked and now he has fallen in love with the paired back charms of Baileys Home and Garden.

Whilst there, we split up. Initially he took the boys round, leaving me time to browse in peace. Later meeting up, I went upstairs to the room settings with Charlie.  Reaching the far room, I stopped, sighed and said 'Now, I could live in this room'.  Charlie laughed, as Daddy had said the exact same thing.

And so, a new 'hobby' as taken over the two of us.  Carbooting and Auction room hunting.  On the look out for cheap and interesting items of furniture, lighting, kitchenalia and art work.  Heaven!

The top 3 images are from a house tour on Design Sponge, totally unrelated, but kind of the look(ish) I am going for at home.  For a better understanding of where my interiors obsession lies, have a look at my 'HOME' board on Pinterest.

Follow Lou Archell | littlegreenshed's board Home on Pinterest.

Home Inspiration - Botanical wallpapers...

image via Pinterest
Image via Flickr
Image via Pinterest
The trend for botanical everything has been around for a while now, and I still really love it, in particular wallpaper. I have seen stairways, cloakrooms, bedrooms and dining spaces all decorated with pages of botanical images or of birds, fish and even insects.

At the top of my stairs there is a small landing before you step up into the boys bedroom to the right and the main landing and other rooms to the left.  There is a narrow wall facing down the stairs, which I am thinking of wallpapering.

Initially I was going to use botanical flower images, pages from an old book I thrifted years ago. But as it's right outside the boys door, I realised that perhaps pictures of daisies and buttercups might not be their thing!

I spotted this image by the insanely talented Kirsten Rickertt - those ferns are amazing!  After a bit of research, I discovered it is wallpaper by Sanderson, Woodland Fern.  So... instead of paying that price for wallpaper, I thought - hey! why don't I use botanical fern images from a book?!  

So, if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed my 'playing' around with this idea. And from the comments from everyone it seems that you are compelling me to do it.... watch this space! Exciting.

I also love this little tutorial on the Free People blog - on how to make your own botanical paper.

Home Inspiration...

Image via Saarmanche
As I get older, the simpler I like my life.  My wardrobe is pared back to breton, and navy, jeans and sandals. I love to garden, wander the woods and beaches looking for natures treasure.  And my home is now starting to reflect this.

Gone are the bright colours that once were (although my front door is still painted bright yellow, time for a change soon).  Instead I am loving muted shades, natural wood, greys, white, blues.  A neutral backdrop to allow the beauty of objects shine.

I love this image above.  It's by Saar Manche a mother, illustrator and blogger from The Netherlands.  I've been following her gorgeous Instagram feed for a while now and saw this image above and swooned.

That light!  OMG that light!  The old mirror, the simple floral arrangement, the fireplace and the small art work - had me in love at first sight.  

Here is the other view....

Oh to sit there looking up the garden in that sunlight.... heaven!

the next big thing...

Image via Leila Jefferys
What!  Yep, I predict that parrots are the next big thing.  Well for me it is.  Ha ha.

I love this image.  I want it on the wall at the top of our stairs.  I love the pop of pink, his expression - everything!

image via Poppytalk
I saw Mr Parrots friend in this image above and loved how the pink shone out in the neutral space and with the vase of flowers in front gives it a rather tropical feel.  There are lots more images of parrots over on Leila Jefferys gallery - Rufus is rather in love with this one (but as a pet, not as a print). hmm I'll stick to photographs I think!

There is a huge trend for animal portraits at the moment.  Jo has a bison over her bed, it looks so good. As does this lion for a kids bedroom.

Both are by photographer Sharon Montrose and can be found in her shop The Animal Print Shop. All the animals which Sharon shoots have been raised and rescued by loving and experienced animal keepers.  Sharon photographs them where they live and are photo shopped onto the backdrop.  Through the series of photographs she helps support organisations devoted to animal rescue and nurturing wildlife.

Last night the boys and I spent hours choosing the perfect animal print for the home. We still keep going back to this cutie.

What would you choose?  Are animal portraits your thing?

Home inspiration - bedroom...

Image via Pennyweight
I love everything about this image.  That light, the bedside table, the tit cushion!  Yes most of all that cushion.  My bedroom needs to look this... one day.  Any idea where I can get that cushion?

Check out Pennyweight blog - her home is beautiful.  Also her tumblr account is swoon worthy!

a colour filled weekend...

Image via the Socialite family
This morning I spent 2 hours in the company of an inspiring and colourful lady.  Talking about life, happiness and plants.  Her home a riot of colour and eclecticism.  Beauty found in other peoples cast offs, and displays of family treasures made this home so unique, happy and so so cool.

Upon leaving, I felt like I'd had a few hours in colour therapy.  And woah did I need it.  I've never been colour shy, but over the past year I feel I've neglected my love of yellow, magenta and blue.  A few years ago I painted my front door yellow, and yet I had forgotten how good it makes me feel.

So today, I've made myself promise to seek out colour, bring more into the house, and rejoice in the goodness that it brings.  The ability to lift ones mood.

I think the house above is where I should start. A mix of great furniture and colour that is not too over whelming.  I love the tonal blues, the shaggy rugs, the cane mirrors, the use of particle boarding.  Yep, this one will do me, for now!

So, are you monochrome, muted or a high colour junkie?  What's your home like?

Anne Millet's blog can be found here

Home Inspiration - Fireplace

Image from here via Toast
This image was from Toast's Christmas brochure last year.  I love this image so much.  I can smell those beeswax candles burning and feel the warmth of the fire, as I cosy up on a big sofa surrounded by comfy cushions, soft sheepskins and warm blankets.

Yes - Winter time heaven.

But in reality, my home isn't a rustic farmhouse cottage, it's a Victorian Terraced home in Bristol.  I do have a log burner though.  I was made redundant a few years ago, and with the redundancy package I splurged and had a burner installed.  Best decision I ever made.

In the evenings I sit on the rug in front of the slate hearth and set to lighting the fire.  I love the whole process (I get annoyed when Dan does it, it's my job!).  I love the gathering of wood for the store.  Visiting the farm get our Winter haul. Stacking the wood.

I love the sound of the fire, the crackle, the roaring woosh! as the paper flares up.  The smell and the warmth.  It makes Winter bearable.  Makes our lounge alive with light, and sound.  It is perfect.

I am on the hunt for a simple log basket.  At the moment the logs are just in a pile on the hearth, just a bit messy for my liking.  Here a few I quite like...

log baskets

log baskets by lou-archell 

1. Africa Basket via pinterest
2. Wire basket from Ferm Living
3. Zinc basket from pinterest
4. Wire basket from Garden Trading Co
5. Wire basket from Decorators Notebook

Do you have a fire?  What do you use for your wood?

Note to self... get some beeswax candles!

Home Inspiration - graphic ceramics...

Graphic Ceramics - Littlegreenshed Lifestyle Blog
Image via Helen Levi Ceramics
Do ceramics get you over excited and just a bit swoony?  They do me.  Earthenware, graphic mugs, bowls and pots are really doing it for me at the moment.  I love all.  Crudely glazed with a slip, shaped by hand.  

I really wish I knew how to create such pieces.  A couple of years ago I tried my hand at throwing a pot, I loved every second of it, apart from the results.  Heavy, crude and awful! (I've hidden the evidence!)

These graphic lined utensil pots are by ceramic artist Helen Levi.   She has some really lovely items on her site, the Artist Mugs are gorgeous.

Hint, hint - I'd love these in my kitchen!


Home Inspiration - A Paumes life...

Paumes life - home inspiration.

My morning coffee today was accompanied by a good read. Paris Family Style - by Paumes.  I say read, I can't actually 'read' Japanese but the images are delicious!

A few years ago I was all over Scandinavian interiors, I still am a little.  The bright white light, the simplicity.  But, more recently I am loving the eclecticism of French styled homes.  A little bit of everything thrown into the mix.

Vintage ceramics, paintings and furniture, mixed with pastel colour schemes, French greys and oozing with style.  As you would expect to find in a Parisienne home.  In this book above, Paris Family Style, each home shows how to blend family life and a beautiful home.  Which is how it should be.  Each room feels loved and lived in by all members of the family.

I also treated myself to 'Les jolis rangements d'une Parisienne' by Isabelle Boinot (also by Paumes).  This book shows how French illustrator Isabelle achieves her home, with step by step guides to decoration (again I can't understand the text, but I get the idea).

I'd better get back to my book and coffee, today you will find me mostly wearing red lipstick, listening to Edith Piaf as I pretend I live in Paris.  Croissant anyone?

You can find more of the Paumes range of interior books in the most beautiful shop - Sisters Guild.  (as well of lots of inspiration for Christmas too!).

Home inspiration... Painted landing floor

grey painted floor -
Image via Heart Home Magazine
So last night, in a fit of 'AGGGGHHHHH I can't stand the mess of the landing anymore' - Dan has agreed to get on with painting the wooden floor.  (I will help, honest!).

So this morning it is all I can think about. (of course).  At the moment we have white walls and scuffed, dirty white boards.  So, I am thinking we repaint the white walls (we have not much natural light up there, so it can be gloomy) and paint the floor in a grey.  Much like the image above.  But with slightly darker floors.  Possibly using Moles Breath, Down pipe or Plummet (Farrow & Ball).  We have a tall linen cupboard in one corner which is painted in Pavilion Gray  - so it should work well.

What do you think?  Have you painted floors?  Tell me, what colour did you use and brand of paint?
I need to act fast, before he changes his mind!

Home inspiration...

Image via  Finelittleday
Gosh I love this wallpaper.  A hint of the tropics, of the 80's, a bit trailer park / motel and a lot of leafy green. It's Elisabeth Dunklers bedroom.  The wallpaper, mixed with the geometric bedding and cushion, plus the mid century bedside table and light fitting.  It all works so well.  Heaven!

After some internet sleuthing I've discovered it is Cole and Son's Palm wallpaper - I think I need to cover my bedroom wall with the same.  I don't have a single wall wallpapered, but I feel this is a good place to start. It's delicious no?

Are you a wall paper fan?  

Home inspiration...

As soon as I saw this image I needed to know more about this house.  Featured recently on Fine Little Day, Elisabeth Dunkler did a series of house tour posts on her neighbour and friend Annacate.  It's a stunning home, quirky, full of the colour green (my favourite colour) and really rather beautiful.

I love this image above.  At first look, I though it was the bathroom.  The vintage Art Deco mirror above a sink, but it's the kitchen. It's really unusual, but it really works.  Especially with those milky jade coloured tiles. 

Would you have it in your kitchen?
p.s.  Thank you for all lovely warm comments and purchases of my latest print.  I've added Dashing Fox to the shop too... I hope you like him.  Greetings Cards are being printed at the moment and shall be available next week.  

p.p.s  I have space next week for Blog Designing - a cancellation.  If you need a bloggy jzuz... then email me.

Home Inspiration - Fiddle Fig Leaf...

image via pinterest
It is no secret that I adore house plants, all plants come to think of it.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you will remember my Nature in the Home series, I am missing it!  Not long to wait, it shall return in September, fresh and new for the autumn season.

I have noticed over the years that plants come in and out of fashion, much like soft furnishings, paint colour, and furniture.

Succulents are everywhere, and rightly so, as are Mother in Law's Tongues.  But the star of the moment has to be the Fiddle Fig Leaf.  Almost a tree in size in comparison to it's companions.  I love how it brings of outdoors in and gives the room a rather large shot of green.

This one above is particularly beautiful, in it's woven basket pot and the tribal rug just setting it off perfectly.  I am looking around my small terrace and wondering if I have room for such a glorious monster.

For more images of Fiddle Leaf Figs please have a look over here.


p.s. I'd like to thank all of you who offered me support and advice on my post yesterday.  I am feeling heaps better.  Nothing like spending the entire day with a warm, and inspiring woman, and her 3 gorgeous boys.  This morning, again I am working from home, but I have sent Rufus off to play with his friend Flo and Charlie has his friend over - it is so quiet!  I believe this could be the way forward - separate play dates!

Home Inspiration...

Image by Wood Wool & Stool
I adore rattan.  I think it's the 80's teenager in me. I had a rattan mirror shaped like an apple (which I wish I still owned) and a rattan chair, very similar to this (which I still have) - my bedroom as a 13 year old was a homage to rattan and Laura Ashley - pale yellow floral wallpaper and curtains.

Rattan is making a big come back at the moment - I believe it's the French who have favoured it - blogs like Le Dans La and A Home Paper .  Ingrid of Wood Wool Stool has just found this one in a local vintage store.  It is awesome, especially with her cushion.

I am seriously on the hunt for one of these.... 

Tell me, do you like rattan?  Would you have it in your home?

Home Inspiration...

Image via AtelierStellaLondon
I love these little pots.  I've wanted one for ages.  Thinking it will look great with a cactus or succulent on my sideboard.  The colours and style will fit in well with my other mid-century ceramics.

They are made by the talented Stella Baggott who own's AtelierStellaLondon - Stella hand builds each ceramic vase & pot, gives them a characterful face and fires them in earthy toned glazes.  Each, a one of a kind piece.

What makes these unique, is that Stella only sells them once a month in a small batch.  This months sale was yesterday.  Selling out in minutes flat.  I clicked on a small white pot with feet, only to try to pay and someone had beaten me to it!  *SOB*.

But thankfully I did managed to bag this lovely one instead....

He's rather dashing!

I can't wait for the next sale in September to add to my collection.  For more information please sign up to Stella's newsletter.

Home Inspiration...

Vase by Karin Hagen
Following on from last weeks Home Inspiration.  I have fallen for this little vase / plant pot.  I love the 80's  inspired graphic design and the choice of glazes. It looks great with this simple spiky cactus in it.

I've emailed Karin to see if it is for sale (fingers crossed) - it will look perfect on my dining table.  Have a look at her work tumblr page for more of these beauties.

What do you think?  Your cup of tea?

Home Inspiration...

Image via Desire to Inspire, Originally by Carl Dahlstedt
I am forever wishing to change my home, much to Dan's constant dismay.  It's not that I don't LOVE my home, it is the creative in me.  Seeing rooms as a canvas, creating little vignettes, moving furniture around, coveting a lampshade or a cushion.  Dreaming up ways to organise, re-organise, trying to make sense of our ever growing pile of paperwork and forms that arrive home from school, kids clubs and work.

So, I thought I might start a little series called Home Inspiration... similar to house love, but on a smaller scale.  A short post about something that has caught my eye, and I've thought 'Hey I love that' or 'How cool!'.

Here is the first installment.

This red chair, the green of the beautiful painting, against the almost neon pink of the roses. Colour always inspires me.  These colours in particular just sing.  (notice the pile of paperwork on the kitchen counter, I am not alone!).

House love...

I love this home!
A plant in every room.  The great detail in the styling.The mix of contemporary and vintage art work, collected flea market finds sit very well next to modern large pieces of furniture.  The gentle muted colour pallet of white and wood.  It is oh so delicious... I'd move in now!

This is the home of Travis and Maike McNeill.  Set in the beautiful Cape Town in my old neighbourhood of Observatory.  Perhaps I've walked past this place without realising it. (I lived and worked in Cape Town for 8 months many many moons ago - fun times).

For more images and interview please hop over to Design Sponge.

In other news... my May Loves list is up... go take a look.  And I've got a few posts to write up on our past few weekend adventures, but I just haven't found the time.... I blame the sunshine! :)  I will get on with these soon.

Have a lovely week.