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House love...

I love this home!
A plant in every room.  The great detail in the styling.The mix of contemporary and vintage art work, collected flea market finds sit very well next to modern large pieces of furniture.  The gentle muted colour pallet of white and wood.  It is oh so delicious... I'd move in now!

This is the home of Travis and Maike McNeill.  Set in the beautiful Cape Town in my old neighbourhood of Observatory.  Perhaps I've walked past this place without realising it. (I lived and worked in Cape Town for 8 months many many moons ago - fun times).

For more images and interview please hop over to Design Sponge.

In other news... my May Loves list is up... go take a look.  And I've got a few posts to write up on our past few weekend adventures, but I just haven't found the time.... I blame the sunshine! :)  I will get on with these soon.

Have a lovely week.

House Love...

Oh my gosh!
I think I might have gushed about Aurelie Lecuyer's home and her blog Le Dans La here before!  I am sure I have.  It has to be my ALL time favourite blog and home ever!  I just love it.
Over on her blog she gives us tiny glimpses of her home, little snapshots of beautiful styling and French home life.  So when I found this interview and house tour over on The Socialite Family I nearly flipped out.
LOVE it.
The muted colour palette.  Touches of painted furniture.  Bleached wood.  House plants.  Black painted walls.  Cane furniture. 
It is truly beautiful.
It is how I would like to live (hint Dan).
More images over on The Socialite Family - enjoy!

House Love...


I am in love with this place.
The space.
The large windows.
The connection of the garden to the inside.
Those Cacti.
The Bertoia chairs.
The studio space.
It is just beautiful.  This Buenos Aires home belongs to graphic designer Mercedes Hernaez and has been designed by her architect husband Alejandro Sticotti.  Mercedes describes her home as a 'garden with a roof' and I can see why.

For more images and the interview please visit FreudevonFreuden.

All images from here

House Love...

Images via Ikea Family Live
Have you seen Jane Fosters home on Ikea Family Live?
Over the years of following her blog, I have seen little sneaks of her house.  Bright white with her trademark pops of red.  Lots of mid-century ceramics and delicious fabrics.
It is rather beautiful, bright and oh so happy.
More of Jane's home over on the Ikea Family Live website.
Along with a little cushion DIY clip too - thanks Jane!

House Love...

House Love - Celine Saby, Paris
House Love - Celine Saby, Paris
House Love - Celine Saby, Paris
House Love - Celine Saby, Paris
All images are via Freunde von Freunden
It's half term here at the moment, and whilst the boys are busy upstairs playing with their marble run, I am stealing a little solitude.  I am sat at my dining table with a cup of green tea, with the smell of Hyacinths filling the room, it won't last long!
Spring is almost here, or is that wishful thinking?  A few miles North of Bristol there is snow.  Friends in Gloucestershire have woken to deep drifts, I bet the kids are happy! As much as I love playing in the snow I am longing for warmer weather now.
I came across these images on the blog Freunde von Freunden a few weeks ago and thought I'd leave them until I really needed some sun. And today is that day.
Celine Saby's light filled Paris apartment is unique and beautiful. I wish it was me sitting there in that window flicking through a magazine.  And that green wall!  Amazing colour isn't it?
Keep warm dear friends.  

Kitchen shelves...

Hello dear friends!
Brrr it's a cold wet day here... wind and rain are hammering against my window.  I am not looking forward to picking the boys up from school in a moment.  Not fun.
This weekend Dan and I re-tiled our kitchen.  We had white metro tiles there already from when we renovated it 5 years ago.  But stupidly we used a white grout and over time it had become stained and grimy.   So on Sunday, whilst my parents had the boys, we added 3 more rows of metro tiles, took out the old grout and re-grouted using a charcoal colour.  It looks lovely!  I promise to show you a picture once we've finished it.
My mind has now wandered on to shelves.  We did have shelves originally there, but now we've tiled higher, the brackets and shelves are too high for me to reach - yes I am vertically challenged!
I love the shelves in these two images.  Just simple lengths of plain wood.  Dan has an idea of using some thick ply wood and making an L shape, a back on the wall and a shelf.  I think it might look great.
What do you think?
More images of kitchen inspiration over here.

House love...


Sometimes you can stumble across a blog and you know instantly that you love it and will ALWAYS follow it... well for me, Sandra Juto's blog is one of those blogs.  I first came across it two years ago.
Sandra lives in Berlin and loves to document her day through images of cups of coffee, food she eats and her busy life in this stunning city.
Her photography is mind blowingly awesome.  She is also a talented illustrator and is a whizz with a crochet hook too - her wrist worms are a must in the cold winters we are having.
Anyway.. earlier this week I was wandering through the interviews on another favourite of mine Freunde von Freunden when I discovered Sandra's own interview and house tour.
Lovely isn't it?
That bare plaster wall is rather brave, but really works with their artwork and collections.  It's certainly a beautiful and unique apartment.  It just goes to show, that you don't have to have a sparkling newly decorated home, it's how you display your beloved things and how you live there makes the space.
Please read Sandra's interview over here.

House love...


How are you doing?
No snow here in Bristol yet... I know a lot of people around the country have had some. The boys and I would LOVE a little to make a snowman in.  Come on January do your stuff!  Saying that the weather is very cold (possibly a bit too cold to snow!).

Today I helped with Rufus' class on their school trip to @Bristol - it was both immense fun and at the same time exhausting!  I was in charge of six 4/5 year olds... as they explored the science centre.  Talk about herding cats!

So I am home, cosied up now, ready for bed.  But first I wanted to show you this cosy, colourful home.
I LOVE that blue on the panelling on the walls - such a fresh, spring like colour.  Sometimes just a change of colour in the home brings in new energy to the space.
Lovely isn't it?

More images of this home can be found over here.

House Love...

This home is lovely!
The art work alone is just incredible, the floor!  (will I ever tire of my love for herringbone parquet?  I think not).
Pops of colour in a white home... just dreamy to me.
Do you like it?
More of this home and others over here.

house love...

Look at this home, black and white is uber cool at the moment, isn't it?  Like this babes home.. super stylish.
This home Swedish home above is light, bright, clean and tidy.  Everything has room to breathe.  I am loving the copper lamp and the apple and pear print.  I LOVE copper at the moment.  I keep going back to that lamp in Habitat - I have no idea where it will go in the house, but I love it.


My friend Lottie has started a series of posts on her blog called 'Project Simplify'  - her and her hubby are BRAVE.  Clearing their entire home from top to bottom.  Lottie has inspired me to do something the same.

During the Christmas break, you know those 3 days between the festive fun, when you've eaten and drank too much and really need a project - then Dan and I are planning to sort out the home.

I am really starting to look at all corners of my space, trying to simplifying and use everything I own.
No longer hoard stuff just because it's there.  To love everything, and for everything to have a purpose be it useful or beautiful or sentimental (i.e kids drawings and certificates).

In my home storage is both the problem and the cure. There are many piles of boxes under the stairs or in my studio, without a proper place for it to go.  My plan is to go through the lot, systematically (like Lottie) and then provide storage (probably Ikea) to hide it all away!

Cannot wait.

Oh and a little heads up... there is 15% off this weekend in my ETSY shop - using the code CYBER15.  Offer ends Monday night!

More images of this home here.

House love...

Happy Monday everyone!
You know me... I love a Swedish home with pops of bright yellow!
Those chairs just sing in that space, don't they?
And I'll take the ceramics collection and the toadstool lamp and the string shelves...
Oh and pink geraniums on the windowsill - pretty!
More images of this home over here.

p.s. Have a look over on the right column, my November love list is up.

p.p.s there is still time to enter my Cable and Cotton giveaway

Autumn finds...

Hello all!
I was recently asked to take part, with other bloggers, in the Most Wanted Autumn Home Styling Challenge.  I had to find beautiful items to cosy  up the home for Autumn, without the need for redecorating.  Each must be around £80. Who am I to turn down a chance to window shop!?  So here are my finds... cosy eh?

1. Fur Neil Print from The Pippa and Ike Show. 2. Fox Cushion from Donna Wilson. 3. My Teapot from Howkapow. 4. Washi Tray from Mrs Eliot Books. 5. Industry pendant from Habitat  6. Home is whereever I'm with you Print by TuesdayMourning  7. Ludde Sheepskin Rug from Ikea  8. Wool blanket from Marmarco (I would have the grey one!).