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Bee Geo A3

Just popping in to show my new A3 print.
It's a bee (Dan thinks it looks like a wasp - But I was going for a bee as they are friendlier!)
This is part of my submission for the Insect and Bugs exhibition I was talking about back here.
It will be buzzing it's way into the shop today - if I can get my two boys to stop bickering for 5 minutes!
Back to school tomorrow and I can finally breathe out!

Also whilst I am here - just a quick quick heads up about posting for Christmas.
A3 prints going overseas can sometimes take up to 5 weeks posting - so if you are thinking of buying one for Christmas, you had better get buying to ensure it arrives in good time.
Only 7 weeks to go - eeek!


My neighbourhood here in Bristol was lucky enough to be awarded funding through the Mary Portas - Portas Pilots scheme.  It's basically funding to help develop shopping areas which have closed down due to the recession.  Help is given to shop owners to develop their business and bring a vibrant community back to run down areas.
Part of this funding is given way to the arts.  There is a theme 'insects', where local artists can show their work in local shops and business forming a trail for people to follow.
Here is my application.
What do you think?
Vintage images, re-worked using textures and brushes with digital geo shapes added.
I hope they get selected!
Shall I also put some in my shop?

EDIT - These prints are now available in my BigCartel shop