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A subtle whiff of orange....

There a satisfying whiff of Orange in my kitchen.  It must mean it is Marmalade season.

One of my most favourite things to do at this time of year is pot up glowing jars of thick golden orangey goodness and have it on hot buttered toast in the morning.  I use this recipe from the River Cottage Preserves book, my preserving bible... it's brilliant, so much so that my mum requested a copy for christmas.

The Seville Orange season is only for about a month mid Jan to mid Feb... so hurry and make some quick! 

Oooo I cannot wait for Breakfast tomorrow!

And yes, Rufus was wearing an appropriately coloured top for the occasion!


And the winner is..............

Drum roll please!........

Holding of breath......

Biting of nails......

Crossing of fingers.......

The winner is......


Well done Nina, I will be in contact shortly for your home address.

Thank you for everyone who took part in my 100th Post Giveaway and for taking my button and placing it on their blog.

I am just sorry I don't have millions of pots of Jam to give to everyone.

Also, Hello!! to all my new followers, thank you for stopping by and for all your lovely comments, they make my day!

I have been thinking of another little giveaway closer to Christmas as this has been such great fun.


4 days to go!

Yes, 4 days to go to Halloween, 4 days then we dress up, 4 days to carve the pumpkins and 4 days until our darling children have far too much sweet stuff, they run around like demented monsters until the sugar rush wears off!

Yes, are you ready?

We are kind of.

Pumpkins yes, carved no.

Costumes yes, same as last year!

Sugar rush - hell no, not ready!!!

Who cares about that, more importantly, there are 4 days to go until I reveal who has won my 100 posts giveaway competition.

Yes, there is still time to add your comment.  Come on!  You know my homemade Strawberry Jam is award winning!!  (brag, brag!). 
Won't it taste so good spread on your toast on a cold, icy morning in January?

Now your interested, right?


My 100th Birthday!

I can hardly believe it!   This is my 100th post.  100 entries of my ramblings, thoughts, makes, recipes, family life... it has gone past so quickly.

I started this blog back in March when we became proper allotmenteers, as I wanted to document everything we did in our lives with the lottie.  But to be honest I hardly blog about the allotment now.  Littlegreenshed has become a place where I come to record our family life, to meet like minded creative souls and to share.

Yes, to share.  I have shared my world with you as you wonderful people have shared it all with me.  I have 'met' some fantastically creative souls who inspire and encourage, whose daily blog reads fill me with such delight, awe and happiness.

Thank you! 

So to say thank you to you lovely people I am celebrating my 100th post with a little giveaway.

The prize?

A jar of my award winning Strawberry Jam, plus some other lovely little things which I will keep as a surprise to the winner.

All you need to do is leave me a lovely comment and grab yourself a button from over there at the top (I hope it works!). 
I will announce the winner on Sunday 31st October.

Good luck everyone!  Spread the love and share this yummy giveaway with your friends.


Hello everyone! It seems we are having problems with selecting the code using the mouse (I guessed it wouldn't go smoothly!).

Best way to do it is as Bristol Parenting Cafe suggests. Click on the code, hold down the shift key and then arrow down to select all the text. Then ctrl c to copy it to your html page on your blog.

I hope this works!


Best of Bedminster Show 2010

What an amazing weekend!  The sun shone so hard, I thought it was going to wear itself out!  The final golden rays of summer, slanting shadows and warm sunkissed skin.  Totally beautiful.

Last Saturday was the Best of Bedminster Show (BOB), our own take on a classic village fete.  We live in a very bustling suburb in Bristol (Bedminster), very firmly in the grow your own movement, and although we are in the City we have hearts in the country.

The Bedminster show is a wonderful community event bringing together local groups such as Sustainable Southville, Pace, Better By Bike, City Car Club, and other proactive groups such as the help the bees club.

Like all good shows, there was a chance to join in.  Several categories in which you could enter your best seasonal produce, scariest vegetable, best jam, best chutney, best cake etc.

In our household the Best Jam category was hotly contested.  I entered my classic Strawberry Jam  whilst Dan entered his 'Rootin Tootin' Rhubarb Jam (to which he was convinced he would win).  Hmmm, yeah right!

The Judges took their jobs of tasting very seriously.  The tent was sealed, no-one was allowed near.

At 2pm, hush descends the crowd, as Bob (the compere) steps up to announce the winners of the Jam Competition:

1st Prize:  Apple & Cranbery Jam
2nd Prize:   Blackberry Jelly
3rd Prize:  Me!

Here I am receiving my certificate... heheh so chuffed!
(Yes, Bob is a woman dressed as a man! - in a comedy way, not a wierd way!!!)

Some of the produce on display was dazzling!  Just look at this yummy cake, god it's making me hungry!

The seasonal produce displays were awesome!  The stuff at my allotment has either been munched by us or the rabbits!  Note to self: Save some for next years show!

The boys loved it, and just hang out with their friends from school.

Just a great day.  More sunshine, more cake and more days like this please!

Pots of loveliness

I just want to start with a thank you!  Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, it has really helped. 

Someone once said that being a Mum will get easier as the kids get older?? Really?  I think NOT! As they get older it just brings along new challenges and new worries as each landmark comes up. I used to cling hold of this these words of wisdom, but now I feel I just have to face the fact, being a mum isnt and never will be easy!

So, today, I have spent time, wandering cow patted fields, mooing at cows (actually bulls, was a little scared to be honest, but told Rufus it was a fat mummy cow coming towards us!), picked blackberries and just enjoyed the sunshine.

It feels now that days like these are becoming special, a gift almost.  Like the season is being taken away from us, soon to be replaced.

I didnt take my camera, sometimes its good to just be, rather than thats a great shot!  So sorry no pics of the poo or the bull!

But another Thank you instead.

I went to collect a lovely gift today at the post office.... such a great surprise when the boys opened it.

Not one but two pots of loveliness...

Earlier I posted about doing a Chutney swap with Charley over at Flora and Purl blog and today these gorgeous little jars were inside the box.  The large jar is Charley's own recipe for Tomato Chutney and the small, ever so cute, jar is Gooseberry Jam! 

So very excited!  Cannot wait to have these.  Love the fabric.  My boys loved the Pirate one, and claimed this jar as their own, saying Mummies have the love heart!

Thank you Charley!  Here's to future swaps of jars!