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Knit one, snow one

What a day!

This morning I decided not to send Charlie to school as he was exhausted.  He has been waking most nights with a whoopy cough and on top of this, this morning he woke with 'dead' arms.

He is so tired, he must have slept so heavily that the blood had drained from his limbs in a funny position.  He was very upset about it.

So this morning I looked out at the hard frost on the ground and thought no, not school today.

We cuddled on the sofa, and watched the film, 'How to tame a Dragon', which Charlie thought was amazing!

Whilst watching Vikings tame fire breathing dragons I started knitting Rufus a scarf.

I am using Sidar chunky wool with large needles (something I haven't used before).  Wow, so pleased with the results, it's hour later scarf nearly done!

What was the weather like with you today?

Here in the West Country it was a day of two halfs.

This morning the sky was brilliantly blue with glorious sunshine, as you can see from this photo.

This afternoon, the weather closed in and it started to snow!  We are sooooo excited!

Yesterday I bought a lovely blue plastic sledge, I hope we will get a chance to use it this weekend.

In the meantime, I was so pleased to be back home from my parents. We arrived there after lunch in sunshine and green fields.  Left in a blizzard and a blanket of white.

Home, warm & cosy.


Hope you all are tucked up warm tonight.

Have a great weekend.


Welcome to the world

Yesterday morning my lovely friend Jess, gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Ella Rose Tondowski-Bruce

Born at 3.55am, 7lb 2oz.

Jess and I used to work together, and for the past 6 months at work we have talked nothing but babies, babies names, buggies, birthing techniques, bunting, nurseries, the whole baby shabang. 

I was convinced she was having a boy.  I even knitted her baby some green booties, thinking she was having a boy.  Green booties on a girl will rock with some stripey tights!

So, little Ella, welcome to the world.  Thank you for arranging to have the sun out and shining brightly on the day of your arrival!

I can't wait to meet you and have a cuddle.

Rufus and Charlie will show you the joys of the allotment (when you are a bit older).

Well done Jess... Big hugs, enjoy this precious time and remember to sleep!


Also I would like to say another welcome - to all the lovely new followers of my blog!  Welcome!!!  Thank you all for your heart warming comments, it makes me feel great to know there are people like me out there... big hugs to you all!

Happy October!

Okay, the weather maybe glum and extremely wet, but I am not going to let it bring me down.

I love autumn!

I can't help it, it is my favourite season of the whole year.  I love crisp golden sunny days, with deep blue skies.  I love how the sunshine picks out the yellowing grass heads and the turning colours of the leaves.

Autumn is also a great time for storing, nesting and taking stock.

Dan always calls me a little squirrel.  I love nothing better than foraging for cob nuts, sloes, damson, and blackberries and turning them into bottled treasures.  I love having a larder full of goodness waiting for us discover again in depths of a cold grey January.

So this month I will be:
  • Making Blackberry Vodka
  • Gathering cob nuts
  • Picking and storing squashes, beetroot & carrots
  • Making Sloe Gin
  • Taking out blankets from summer storage, nesting our home
  • Knitting wrist warmers for the four of us
  • Sowing green manure at the plot
  • Eating lots of homemade soup
  • Having a halloween party
  • Visiting Westonbirt Arboretum to see the colour
  • Go mushroom hunting in the woods
So Happy October.... what are your plans this month?


Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day 2

Okay, it's official!  I am finding this challenge difficult!  Firstly I am having real problems sourcing decent patterns for boys...(yes I should have done this weeks ago, and believe me I did start then, but I am still blooming looking!).

I wanted to knit mittens, then realised I needed 4 double pointed needles... don't have those, so this idea has been shelved.

2nd I wanted to make this cool idea, on turning an old jumper into some lovely mitts... I've been around the charity shops and cannot find a single jumper worthy of chopping up! 

3rd I am in need of a pattern which is simple enough (I am an utter novice with my sewing machine), which doesnt involve buttons, or zips!


Is anyone else having problems?

I am having a wobble and wish I hadn't signed up for this!

I should stop moaning and start doing... humpf.

Shhhh it's a Woolly Secret!

Shhh!  I've started a small project.  Here is just a sneaky peek at what I am doing.  I reckon you can probably guess what it is from the photo, and no it's not for me!

I love Debbie Bliss patterns and wool, so easy to use... I should finish this in a couple of days, so will post the final product later.

Shhh... for a lovely friend...

p.s. on another note, has anyone had problems with wool/clothes eating moths?  They are in my house and having a party!  Any tips of riddiing these buggers?  This wool is being kept in an air tight container, so they don't get at it!