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This morning we watched (by constant request) Cars 2 at the cinema.
We munched buttered popcorn & Choc Chip Cookies.
A fast paced action movie, filled with secret agents, cars & formula one stars.
I think Dan and I enjoyed it more than the boys!

strawberry picking...

A morning was spent picking 4 kilos! of delicious local strawberries.
I love doing this with the boys, they are so focused on what they are doing, choosing the most reddest & the biggest (then eating the biggest!).
We sat at the end of the row of strawberry tables for a drink and snack and watched swifts zoom across the newly baled field.
High summer in the UK doesn't get much better than this.
Last night I turned our masses of berries into 12 jars of sticky jam... yum!
Number 5 & 6 ticked off of the list.

a fine day for sailing...

Number 25 on the list!
Today we joined in the fun at the Bristol Harbour Festival and sailed the harbour docks on the Matthew.
The harbour festival happens every year and is such a lively event, bringing in thousands of people over the weekend.  I always find it too busy.  Too many people.
This year we saw the whole festival from the water and escaped the crowds - perfect.
The boys loved dressing up as pirates and joining the pirate crew on board.
We saw so many amazing yachts, royal naval ships, rowing boats and steam boats.
And to top it all, Wallace and Gromit came for a visit too!
Thank you Grandma & Grampy for a super cool adventure.

junk modelling...

Today we modelled with cardboard.
For weeks we have stock piled the cardboard recycling... cereal boxes, egg boxes, loo roll inners.
For weeks I have been nagged.. 'mummy when can we do junk modelling?'
Today we made a start.
Charlie's creation: a space ship
Rufus' creation: a tractor
They really enjoyed the process of finding a use of odd shapes and sticking it all together.
{the tractor lasted all of 20 minutes, before he got bored and pulled it to bits!}.
So... that's number 2 ticked off the list.