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Sidetracked magazine...

During my 20's I travelled for five years, visiting many beautiful countries, meeting many interesting people.  I travelled for so long, hoping to rid myself of my wanderlust, but alas, I fear this only made it more ingrained.

Dan is a man of the mountains, it's part of him.  I suppose spending his Uni days in deep Wales does that to someone... soaring hills and large wooded expanses.  We both love adventure.  And long for it. 

Nowadays, with two boys, a house, and job, we can't just gather up our bags and head off to the great open road like we once did.  Instead we plan and take micro-adventures close to home. Saying that, I would love to one day take the boys to India or South East Asia.

Instead, we enjoy being inspired by stories of expeditions.  Recently, I discovered a beautiful magazine - Sidetracked - and immediately knew it was for us.  Awesome photography coupled with great articles written by intrepid explorers, thrill seekers and adventures nuts.  Volume 2 is a beaut! I particularly love the cover story, about the Tibetan nomads, of Chang Tang.  I have always wanted to visit Tibet. And the herdsman in Mongolia - the photography!

Dan and I have devoured this magazine, it's beauty & the adventure - it has inspired us to plan trips and to get out there more.

Get inspired - go buy volume 1 and 2 in their shop.

Another Escape...

I love magazines.  I love independent, interesting reads.  I keep copies of them like treasure, stored in piles on bookshelves or stacked high next to my bed.  Firm favourites are KinfolkOh Comely, The Simple Things and Bristol based Lionheart.

Bristol is fast becoming a creative hub for wonderful independent mags.  Earlier this year saw the launch of foodie/travel bi-annual magazine Cereal.  Much like Kinfolk this British born publication is stylishly photographed, well written and printed on the lovely smelling uncoated paper.  Have a look at their small film created to celebrate Issue 1.

Vol.1 - Pine Cone from Cereal on Vimeo.

You may or may not recognise it was shot in our very own Leigh Woods here in Bristol.  The very same spot where Rufus had his 5th Birthday party.

Another Bristol made newbie is Another Escape.  An independent lifestyle/travel magazine which ticks all my boxes.  Beautiful articles, amazing photography and oh so delicious to hold.  I was lucky enough to meet Rachel and Jody this week, the talented duo behind Another Escape. Their combined force of great writing and photography makes this publication really stand out.  Issue 1 is available to buy on-line now, a chance for you to start at the beginning of it's journey.

At home, I am not alone with my love of Bristol based indie mags. Dan hoards copies of Boneshaker like his life depends on it.  This small 'zine' like mag, celebrates the wonderful things that happen when people and bikes come together. As they put it: 'we're about freedom, friendship and adventure - the human side of cycling'.

So... do you need something for the weekend? :)  
Go grab yourself a copy of Bristol's finest reads.

Where to buy:
Another Escape

Lionheart Magazine - feature

You might have noticed over there on the right... a blue lion.
If you have clicked on it you will know that it leads to the lair of Lionheart.
A small independent magazine which is the brain child of the awesomely talented Helen Martin.

I picked up a copy of Issue 1 back in November last year and was smitten.  The interviews, the well written stories, the photography, the actual feel of the magazine made me want to keep hold of my copy forever.  Like a well loved book... something to cherish and keep on your bookshelf for years to come.

I looked into it further and came across Helen's website.  Her about page just won me over.  After gushing compliments over Twitter, Helen approached me for Issue 2.


Issue 1 was about Bravery, this issue was about Warmth.  So this how it came about... Me, my home, my illustrations and allotment are featured in Lionheart Magazine.  I am pretty happy about it too.

To be alongside other wonderful people... the likes of local guys The Ethicurean, and friends Fritha Strickland, Homemade Mama, The Owl and the Accordian and Shipshape Studio.

So... do you want a copy?
Of course you do!

Helen has kindly agreed to give away a copy of Issue 2 to one lucky Littlegreenshed reader.
This give away will run for a week, with the winner being announced on Sunday 12th August.
Perfect for summer time lounging in the park or to those southern hemisphere people, a snuggle down on the sofa read.  Yes this give away is open to all worldwide.

In the meantime if you can't wait that long you can buy your copy here.

Good luck!
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