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the summer list 2012...

This is our summer list for this year....
Again we sat down and thought through what we would like to do... and yes there were the usual crazy ideas of riding lions and going on a plane (yes it's crazy)... to buy a camper van (mine) and to stop working (Dan's).
So we disregarded the unachievable and went for more do-able things.
Fingers crossed for some sunshine!
This was last years...
What will you be doing on yours?
If you do make one... please share it.

p.s. point 40 is a phrase that my friend says to her boys.. and I like it - a lot. (Rufus the dude)


We have made it through the darkness people!
Spring is almost here, March!
Day's are longer, weather is warming and flowers are blooming.
Just look at March last year... we had such glorious weather!
Lot's going on this month.
A few really good days out and meet up's with lovely blogging buddies! Cannot wait.
March is also a busy time at the allotment.. beds to prep, seeds to sow. A bit overwhelming, but we get there in the end. One thing I do want this year is an abundance of insect loving flowers, which will mean lots of cut flowers for the home too.
Also it will be Littlegreenshed's 2nd birthday. Aw terrible two's... I hope not.
So what are your plans this month?
p.s. I've put up my love list again. I missed it. Enjoy. x

January manifesto...

This months manifesto.
I really DO need to plant my garlic at the allotment.
Please someone drag me there, but the weather is just so awfully wet at the moment.  My logic for not planting yet is they will rot in the ground.  Sounds logical doesn't it?
And the main thing - Stay Positive.
The January blues are NOT welcome here!


This December there is a lot going on!
I just had to write it all down to kind of get my head around it...
I have missed my manifesto's...I am going to start up again, it's good to have goals, don't ya think?
What are you up to this month? (except the big day)


I actually cannot believe it!
Really, is it really May?
We are hoping to see some May Day celebrations today... which will mean going to the villages for this as Bristol seems to have lost it's pagan roots!
Have a wonderful May... I am sooooo excited!
Yippie to Beltane, yay to cowparsley & whoop to longer and longer days!

Hopes & Dreams .....

{Deep breath!}
I suppose I have a whole year. 
I am looking forward to the learning & the holidaying bits.
Have a Happy Happy Happy! 2011 lovelies...
Enjoy celebrating today, we are having roast lamb stuffed with rosemary & garlic, with family.