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Welcome March and new sponsors...

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So we are here, at last, the 1st of March.  Oh yes, March you are most welcome!

In Bristol, today we have been blessed with sunshine streaming through the window, lighting up our breakfast. Such a blissful morning.  Let's hope all March days be like this, but I expect it will be typical sunshine and showers.  

Today, as the sun is shining so much, we are ditching our plans on DIY, saving it for a rainy day, and are off to the allotment for a dig.  Soon it will be planting time - exciting.


Today I am so happy to show you my brand new Littlegreenshed SPONSORS for March.  Over there on the right you can see the lovely people who have chosen to sponsor us.  Do take time to click around and visit their shops, see the wonderful things they do and say hi.

I am delighted to have each and every one of them on board, such a talented bunch of artists, craftspeople, unique shops and independent businesses.  

Thank you!


p.s. I have a few spots left for April - if you'd like to be part of Littlegreenshed sponsorship, please drop me a line.


A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013 

Charlie:  Growing, his legs are getting longer, his face changing. I see the older boy, almost teenage. The flick of his hair, the tone of his questions. Never to be fobbed of with an answer - always searching for more.

Rufus: The joker, the comedy maker, the hugger, the dare devil. This week I watched you interact with your friends at the theatre. Totally absorbed in a game - lost in a world of 5 year old boy.

Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.

March ...

Image via here
Welcome March!

Oh I have longed for it, February has been really been a test of my strength, mentally and physically.  As it seems to every year and yet it still takes me by surprise at how rubbish this month truly is. As a family we have been struck down by lingering colds, bugs, ear infections and the more debilitating winter blues.  Money is tight (as always) so even when times are tough we can't 'treat' ourselves to a day out or some new clothes (this is me wishing, I'd love some new threads!).  Ho hum...

But as of today... I am shrugging off this veil of crapness and with my head held high I welcome Spring in my heart.  I am thinking thoughts tinged with yellow, daffodils are paving my way through the greyness and hope for brighter times ahead.  

March you better be a good one!  It has a lot to live up to!

I'd just like to thank the lovely friends who have joined me in celebrating flowers and plants and their ability to cheer up the most rubbish of days.  I will talk more on these next Wednesday.  There is still time to join in as I am making this a weekly link up.  For some inspiration do hop around the blogs linked in my previous post.  Such pretty plants and flowers!

Good news!  I am adding the finishing touches to my March newsletter, this should be winging it's way to you in the next few days.  If you'd like to sign up for one, please fill in the form over there on the right.

And finally my March Love List is up... enjoy!

Have an awesome weekend, dear friends.

We are birthday partying, eating this, and listening to this a lot (Charlie is learning to play this tune in his guitar lessons).

tuesday treasury..

spring fling

Oh yes Tuesday has rolled around again.
So quick!
I have come down with a stinking cold.. feel quite rotten.
Doubley poo as the weather is so gorgeous.. no wallowing on the sofa, must be out in the sun.
Hopefully the Vitamin D will help.
Anyway... enough about my running nose!
Today's treasury is all spring like - with a few Easter Bunnies thrown in.

our spring weekend...

An epic weekend.
The sun has shone its heart out... most unseasonally for March, no I am not complaining, just saying!
This weekend we have:
♥ picnicked,
♥ drawn,
♥ pretended to be dinosaurs,
♥ painted my toenails coral red
♥ wore my birki's all weekend
♥ planted onions at the allotment, weeded thistles and cooch grass,
♥ Swooned around the Bespoked Bike Festival,
♥ climbed trees
♥ Eaten cake,
♥ Jumped on a trampoline,
♥ Charlie went to his bestie's birthday party and saw a giant millipede (Pete the Bugman was in attendance),
♥ cleared the back garden of all traces of toddler toys,
♥ tried on vintage dresses at the mshed,
♥ bought a pair of 70's sunglasses, a mid-century plate & a 70's tea towel,
♥ ate choc ices in the back garden,
♥ made a grapple arm out of lego technic,
♥ ate homemade lasagne,
♥ drank red wine,
♥ laughed at Rufus dancing.
♥ lapped up every - single - ray - of - sunshine........

how was yours?

tuesday treasury..

Spring Sunshine & April Showers