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my wednesday tune!

I have Metronomy on loop this morning!

EDIT - wow so many of you loved this! Maybe I should ask Metronomy for some promotion fees!  So glad I made you all dance, and some of you found a new artist too.  And yes, it is addictive! x

today has been...

a foot stomping kind of day...
I love dancing with my son.
He LOVES these guys... air banjo's!
1. dancing
2. days at home with my boy
3. new clothes

dance away the blues..

Had a rubbish day today... don't really want to go into it.
But I just wanna say thank you to the lovely support from my lovely friends.
I feel blessed to have such kind positive people around me.
This tune has made me feel happy along with the beautiful one below (thank you Elle) which made me feel alive.

the cave

Did anyone see the Mumford & Sons set at Glastonbury on friday?  Oh how beautiful it was... this made me want to be there.  Stomping, whipping up a whirl in the mud... glorious, churning, melodic music.

Oh how I love thee!


plus I love this video - put me in India again now!

the look

I can't get this out of my head since Friday night.
Our neighbours had a Royal Wedding BBQ - and after they had drank themselves silly,they played this track over and over again, singing their hearts out.
It could have been worse - it could have been Queen, We are the champions or something equally royal.
Anway, I have just watched Metronomy perform it live on Jools Holland.. so it looks like I will be going to sleep with still going round my head again tonight!
Great tune,though!

florence & mac

glastonbury in the evening sun

for all mamas out there...

Hope you have had a great day, even if it isn't mothers day where you are.
You are still treasured.

makes me want to dance

Today in Bristol it's grey & drizzley.
Most definitely in need of some good, hot music to shake away this dreary day.

Loving her green sequinned dress!  Alice you rock!

p.s. discovered this joyful song via kelly, thank you!