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February Newsletter...

Hello dear friends.
I am just making the finishing touches on this months newsletter, and for those of you who have subscribed it shall be in your mail boxes tomorrow evening (fingers crossed).
If you'd like to receive one too please complete the box over on the right hand column and I will make sure you are on the list to get one.
Have a great day... I am out tonight with some very lovely ladies... tapas and plenty of wine.  I cannot wait.

January Newsletter...

jan screen grab

Yesterday I clicked send on my very first newsletter.
Held my breath as it winged it's way across the net and landed in your mail boxes.
I hope you liked it?
Just a little one this time... I could do with some feedback though.
Would you like more on me, the shop or things that I am in to... i.e. interiors, art, food etc.
Please let me know!

If you haven't signed up yet - there is still time.
Just fill in your email address in the form over there top right ------>
Where it says 'subscribe to Littlegreenshed mailing list' and I will get January's newsletter off to you!


Hello dear friends!
As it is the start of the New Year, I am cracking on with new projects, designs and of course lots of behind the scenes things.
Like a newsletter!
If you look over there on the right you can see below a picture of yours truly there is a little box to fill in.
If you would like to receive the occasional newsletter on exciting new projects, stockists, events, promo codes and maybe little secrets then please fill in that form.
I would love it if you did!
Righto... I'd better get on with being busy!
Have a lovely day!