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The month of colour - ochre, russet and red, the smell of the earth is all around us.  October is a time of gathering for the winter, wood, food - time to get your squirreling on!
This month Dan and I celebrate our anniversary 11 years... has it really been this long? It seems like only last year we met, of course it isn't, we have a nearly 8 year old son.  I still feel like that girl who met that boy, all those years ago.... I suppose we always shall be, just a boy and girl, together in this life of ours.

This October there is so much to do...
* Celebrating us
* Going back to Cornwall and staying in this beautiful place
* Handing back our beloved allotment... goodbye dear friend (we just don't have the time anymore)
* Watching Rufus become a Beaver
* Planting these and these in preparation for Spring
* Having many Sunday lunches with friends
* Choosing pumpkins for Halloween - and the annual carve will commence
* Having a woodland Halloween rumpus
* A spa day with a friend (can't wait!)
* Wood gathering for the store
* Foraging for Mushrooms - I must go on a proper course, I'm scared to eat them afters!
* Bringing out my Winter Woolies 
* Getting into art with the kids.

I've been collecting a little inspiration mood board for October over on Pinterest....

last year..

This image above was taken this time last year.
The UK was treated to the best heat wave.
Sunshine and summer temperatures... it was glorious.
I still think back to this day - it was perfect... you know one of those perfect everything days.
It's the day I set all other days too... it was that good.
I am hoping we will get treated to weather like this.. I am ever hopeful!

p.s. over on the right I have my new monthly love list - October.  Go see.


Today we prepared for halloween.
Spooky pictures were drawn.
Bats flew into roost.
Pumpkins were carved.
Costumes and masks were made.
We also went to the LoveFood Festival and saw the most incredible carved pumpkins made by the sculptural team of Aardman animations. Totally cool.
I loved the zebra skin zebra crossing.
We are very excited about tomorrow... spookiness awaits!

this weekend...

was filled to the brim.
Mooched around the Lovely Fair, which was held down the road from us.
Ate pain au chocolat and drank coffee outside the deli whilst playing our counting game.
(counting game = pick a subject to spot.  I.e... dogs or bikes or something random like roller skates!, and you count what you see).  Dan chose roller skates, thinking he wouldn't see one.  Half an hour later in a shop, a little girl skated through to much giggling and hi fiving on our part!
Weeded and weeded and dug and sunbathed at the allotment. Oh and harvested many squashes.
Climbed trees.
Chatted and giggled with allotment friends.
Had Grandparents over for supper.
Painted the front door several coats of Yellow paint. (still not finished!)
Made some of these amazing autumn creations (Thanks Cathy for your constant inspiration!)
Went on bike rides.
Picked sloes from hedgerows. Made Sloe Vodka.
Charlie lost his second tooth... the tooth fairy is winging her way here this evening!
Roamed around in the mid October sun.
Happy days.

fish & chips & sunsets

What a weekend!
AMAZING sunshine here in the UK.  With strict instructions from the entire nation to make the most of it, we tried.
Saturday we hosted Rufus' birthday party.  I will tell you more about this on another post.
Immediately after the party, as the weather was so warm, we madly decided to paint the front of our house.
Yes, the whole front of the house, painted white.
It may have been in the high 20's out there, but we white washed the pebble dash.
I will show before and after pictures once we've sorted the windows and painted the front door!

But it wasn't all parties and painting... yesterday evening we headed to the local beach for fish and chips and to watch the sunset.
Charlie rock pooled.
Rufus threw stones into the mud.
We watched the sky turn turquoise and gold.
A perfect end to October heatwave.