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1000 posts celebration giveaway - Capturing Childhood

How are you this Saturday?  Did you celebrate Solstice where you are?  Mid Summer or Mid Winter?  I hope it was good.

Do you dream of taking great photos?  To document the everyday lives of your kids?  Well I might have just the thing... I am absolutely over the moon to introduce my next giveaway in my 1000 post celebrations.  Coming from dear friends, the Kats, at Capturing Childhood. Here's a little about the amazing duo behind the camera ...  

Please can you introduce yourselves and tell us a little about what you do?
We are Kat Goldin and Kat Molesworth, friends, bloggers and business partners. We run Capturing Childhood the online film and photography school. As well as running classes to help people take great pictures of their children we have courses for learning to use your DLSR on manual and creating films.

This year we have started teaching workshops and following a superb first DSLR workshop we’re about to announce dates for Product Photography, DSLR Photography and Video Workshops in the autumn – dates will be going out to our mailing list soon!

Apart from Capturing Childhood what else do you like doing?
KG: Sleeping, crochet and drinking wine!
KM: I have been making an effort to take evenings off and go out with my friends – there is nothing better than belly laughs.

What was the inspiration behind starting your business?
KM: I have a passion for family photos and used to spend ages sending email tutorials to friends and readers. Kat and I talked a lot about photos and one day the idea just popped into my head and Kat said yes right away.
KG: We really love to inspire people and see them develop.

What piece of advice would you give to a novice photographer?
KG: Read your camera manual.
KM: Start thinking about how the photos you love are composed and then pick up your camera to try it for yourself.

Describe your studio/workspace?
KG: I have a room on our first floor filled to the brim with yarn and camera equipment.
KM: I flit between a tiny desk in my bedroom and a corner of the sofa. I dream of having space to spread out!

Please tell us about your current loves...
KG: VSCO – I love what they are doing at the moment and the community they are building.
KM: Alain Laboile – his photos of his six children are full of joy and chaos. He inspires me to let go and think about the long game.
KM: I have so many blogs I love! Every time I see a post from my friends at Sisters Guild my heart skips, love their recent 122 things every child should do before they’re 5. 
KG: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.
KM: Ooh, that’s on my wishlist; is it good?
KG: Yes, I haven’t read much of it yet.
KM: I loved The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared recently. Like a cross between Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and Forrest Gump.
KG: Pom Pom Quarterly
KM: I’m not much of a magazine reader these days but I do love digital magazines like 91 magazine and Sweet Paul.
KM: I adore The Hambledon

What is a typical work day for you?
KG: I start work at five and work until midnight. Be it answering emails, checking in on our students or working on my latest crochet design I pack a lot in as I only get three days a week.
KM: I spend a lot of my time snatching a few minutes here and there before getting to work when the children go to bed.

What do you love most about what you do?
KG: Seeing students learn things and click with the material.
KM: I love how many people it connects us to; it’s a great privilege to know so many amazing women.

What camera do you use?
KG: We both shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II, we bought them as an investment into the business last year.
KM: I love the 5D Mark II and working with it has been great for my films.

What camera do you most desire?
KG: Canon 5D Mark III!
KM: I waver between the Mark III and the Canon 6D. An upgrade is a way off so who knows what will happen before then…

If you were stranded on a desert island what item would you need with you?
KG: iPhone & solar charger
KM: My children, I would be devastated without them.

Where would you like to be in ten years?
KG: On a desert island!
KM: I dream of a house where everyone has a bedroom of their own and the parents have a workspace. It is going to take a lot of work to get there.

Thanks for having us Lou!

I told you right?  I don't know how they manage to fit all this in and raise such beautiful happy kids too.  They are just a bit awesome.

The Kats are offering one lucky Littlegreenshed reader a £55 voucher to be spent on any of their on-line courses - this is open to Worldwide and can be used at any time.  Amazing isn't it?  Winner will be announced next Saturday.  Good luck!

all images via Capturing Childhood

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nature in the home - a series...

Good day!
Today's nature in the home comes from the quite wonderful flickr pages of Brian Ferry.
I have had a love of affair with his photography for a long time.  And he does love to feature plants!
I have also had a long time love affair for succulents and cacti.
I always think of my mum when I look at Cacti - she hates them!  Teehee... I think they are beautiful, architectural and dangerous!  A great combination.
These weathered terracotta pots against this greeny/grey wall is just gorgeous.... a taste of the Mediterranean.

february photo challenge...

I haven't done a manifesto yet for February.
To be honest my brain is mush at the moment.
Finding it difficult holding an 'adult' conversation with myself let alone with anyone else or 'doing' anything in particular other than picking up snotty tissues and changing the TV channel when Tracy Beaker comes on!
So... in desperation of wanting to do something for me, I have decided to take on the photo a day challenge for February.
I know lots of people have just done one for January and it feels like I'm a bit late on this, but for me it's not about when I do it... it's actually doing it!
So here... here is my list of daily photo challenges.
Better charge the camera.
1. Parents generosity
2. The worlds juiciest orange
3. A larger wood stack (thanks Dad)

Look what I've been doing today....

Today I have been photographing Yixing teapots.
Cute aren't they?
I've been helping Dan to photograph these new products for Canton's website.
I am so worried I will drop one, so perfect and delicate, each one is hand crafted in China by small artisan potters, each are inspired by nature.  The top one above resembles a squash.
Perfect for drinking traditional green tea.
Speaking of which I need a cuppa!

5 photos & 5 things....

I am taking part in meetmeatmikes game: 5 photos, 5 things... here goes:

1. My favourite creature is the Owl.  I have loved owls since a small child.  And whilst travelling I visited a witch doctor in South Africa who told me my guardian animal (we all have one apparently) was a large tawny owl - which totally freaked me!

2. I travelled for 5 years in the 90's.  Visited many countries and met some inspiring people and some people I wish to forget.  It changed who I am as a person, and for that I am enternally grateful.

3. I love photography.  I daily fall deeper in love with it.

4. I dream of owning a cottage, campervan, treehouse, teepee, boat.... it changes.

5. I can't grow beetroot.  And it is my favourite vegetable!  The irony!

Hop on over to meetmeatmikes for some more facts from some amazing blogs.


Colour your monday happy....

Recognise this image?  Yes it's from my post a couple of weeks back.

To my surprise and delight Emma Lamb has featured it in her post today!

I cannot believe it?

This is the second time that Emma has featured one of my photographs on her Monday colour theme.  This monday's theme is Fuchsia Pink.

Thank you Emma for brightening up my Monday!


All Colours In

I had such a great surprise yesterday! 

I have been following this lovely blog by Emma Lamb for nearly a year now.   Each Monday Emma does a post called 'Colour your Monday Happy, in which she will have a colour theme and showcases lovely photographs which people have uploaded onto her flickr pool all colours in.

Yesterday Emma posted her colour theme as warming autumnal yellows and oranges....

And to my surprise I saw this:

How amazing!

I took this photograph in the Temperate Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall whilst we were on holiday earlier this year.  Such a long time ago!
Thank you Emma for choosing my photo!
For more of my Flickr have a look here.

Diana love

Since starting this blog in March, my love of photography has grown.  I enjoy taking pics so much, that when I am not with my camera I am always seeing perfect shots to take.  I feel I have become addicted.

I have come across the Diana on many a blog.  The camera uses film, which will be a challenge to go back to after snapping away with a digital.  The beauty of this camera is that the images it takes look so old school, and you can play around with it.  Fully wind it on or leave it half wound on for a layered effect.

Like these beautiful images from here comes the sun blog. 

Take a look at Lomography Shop for more info.  Hmm maybe I need a holga too!


Yes please Mr Christmas, a camera like this would suit me just right!


Love Letter

Love Letter print by Cassia Beck
I have WON!

Little me, as won this awesome print by Cassia Beck, whose work I have loved for a while.  I first discovered her talent whilst looking on Etsy for my lovely friend Holly as she was moving home.  You may remember my post here, where I was choosing her a print.  Well I eventually chose Blue Monday by Cassia, under her other shops name, Lolas Room on Etsy.

I have been following her blog ever since.  Last week she mentioned that Here Comes The Sun blog was giving away one of her prints.  I entered and I was 1 of 135! Odds werent looking good.

So to my delight, I was notified yesterday that I won!

I am so over the moon.

Cassia is printing it for me this week, so I should have by the weekend.

Now, where to put it?  My work room? Bedroom?

Cant wait!

Horray it's Friday!!!

Country Living Magazine - Edible Flowers

Okay it's been a tough week, and I am really exhausted... dunno what's the problem, whether it is the cold weather, feeling like summer is over again for another year (please no!!!)

or it could be the election, the uncertainty of it all, and watching the news every night isnt good for me, to dwell on the worlds problems keeps me awake.

So all in all, i've been feeling a bit blue, mojo missing, and incredibly grumpy.

Until this little beauty arrived on my monthly subscription to Country Living Magazine!

Yes I know I live in the city, but my heart is truely in the country.  I love Bristol and all it's greeness and forward thinking people, great shops, galleries and masses of great things to do.  But I am still the county girl at heart.

So when my mag arrived I made myself a special cup of Green Tea in a pot and sat down for a little me time... luckily eldest son was at pre-school and my youngest was playing diggers... phew!

Flicking through the articles on 'bringing back afternoon tea' (great cake recipes), wonderful gardens, gorgeous houses, when I spied an article on recipes using edible flowers.  Ahh so they've been watching Alys too!

Recipe for Blossom Vinegar

Such great recipes and beautiful photography, I will have to give them a try.  I really like the recipe for Marigold, Parmesan & Courgette Risotto, which uses the Marigold petals as an alternative to saffron as it leaches its golden colour into the dish and also giving the dish a midly spicy note too... yum.

Another recipe was to make a Blossom Vinegar to be used in a dressing for salads.  The flowers that Elisabeth Luard recommended to use in the vinegar were roses, violets, thyme, rosemary, marigold and oregano.  It looks so beautiful in the jar.

So after 15 minutes or so with a good cuppa and my magazine I feel slightly revived and ready for a better weekend...

Have a great weekend, make sure you give yourselves a little 'me' time, and if you can have a look at this mag... made me feel better anyway!

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2010

Tulips, Photograph by Sergey Karepanov

I have just spotted these awesome photographs over at the guardian.  They have the winners of the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2010.

Wow, these photographs are stunning, truely inspiring for someone like me who loves plants and photography.

Alderman Allotments. Bristol, photograph by Mark Bolton

I love this one, the autumn morning sunlight over the brassica beds... ah I've got all romantic!  Maybe I am biased as Alderman Allotments are not far from mine.

I wish I could take photos like these, they are absolutely gorgeous...

Layered Landscape, photography by Marianne Majerus

So pop on over here for more wonderful plant filled photography.