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Corners of my home

Oh my god!  Hasn't it just rained today.... grey grey day.  Not a great day for photos, so I've been looking through my stock of photos and thought I would bring you photos of my home taken in the sunshine.

These photos are taken in our snug/family room - the room where we all hang out, play, listen to music... live our home life.

I love my sideboard, I wish it housed some gorgeous vintage dinner service and silver cutlery, but no, it is home to puzzles, playdoh, meccano and other boys toys.

The pictures above are from folksy, my good friend Melanie Wickham made the black & white Lino Print of Bristol, my great prize from Cassia Beck (which I need to frame), a ripped paper picture by Charlie, Butterflies Print & the Map of the world is actually wrapping paper from Stanfords.
The globe is a charity find and cost £6!!  And the teak fruit bowl is also a charity shop find for £3.

Our bookshelf houses our life!  Books, music, our vintage 1980's stereo (was my father in law's), the boys toys and books.

Loads of books, some vintage  (I like Richard Scarry & Barbarpapa), wooden toys and yes, a cooker.  They maybe boys, but it's important for them to learn how to cook for their mother!  They call it a camping stove though!

Boys do have plastic rubbish too, but this is kept in their bedroom, where there is more space.  And of course heaps of Lego!

Charlie's pride and joy... the Barbarosa!

Bathing in the sunshine, off to find distant islands to bury it's treasure!  Last time I looked it house a selection of uncooked pasta shapes.

Hope you've enjoyed a sunshine tour of our snug... fingers crossed tomorrow will be sunny!