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It is so dark and grey today. It seems to have rained for days {nothing like the rain in other countries, which my thoughts are with constantly}.

This afternoon, Rufus and I made tissue paper kites in an attempt to bring cheer and sunshine on a dull day.

Although happily, the sun made an appearance just as I took these photos.. oh no, it's gone again.  Rain for school pick up no doubt!

I just need to take off the snowflakes on the other door and make more kites.

Kite inspiration from bristolparentingcafe blog, thank you!  It has brightened up our day.


Rainy Old Saturday Morning

Yesterday it poured.

It was a bit of a surprise to be honest.  We have been so lucky with our weekends of late, being bright sunny and warm, that today took us all off guard.

What do we do?

 What did we do last winter?  Oh god??? I remember, feeling trapped at home when it was snowy and icy outside.  Brrrrr!  I don't like feeling like that.

It's going to be different this year.  We are going to enjoy home time.

So yesterday the boys made the best train track...

I put on some 'summery' music, Morcheeba.  Reminds me of my days travelling and singing at a gig in Tel Aviv (another story, another life!).

I love this album cover!  The sideboard, the chair...yum!

Whilst the boys played, I made lunch...

Tomato & Lentil Soup.  Delicious on a cold, wet day.

We survived a dreary day... this morning I have woken to glorious sunshine.. thank goodness.  Although we coped yesteday, I don't want to live housebound forever!