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My baby boy is 7?!  Seven years!
Seven years ago.... he came along and lit up my world.
I love you little man.

This morning he bounced down the stairs and in a flurry of present opening, declared it was the 'best day ever'!
As requested, blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
Tomorrow we are having an Indiana Jones party in the woods.
I've spent the day making snakes out of tights and newspaper, and painting shoe boxes brown (treasure chests).
It's gonna be so much fun!

Previous years woods parties 6 and 5.

Happy birthday Ru!

Super Six...

Yesterday, we spent most of the day in the woods.  Celebrating Rufus' 6th birthday, he and his friends, had the wildest of times. Charging around the woods. Dressed as Superheroes, building dens, and cooking marshmallows and fire apples on a huge roaring fire.

To us the woods are the most perfect place for our boys to have a party.  The freedom, the secretive play amongst the trees, the poking of the fire, the smell of woodsmoke and the fresh air.  The little downpours didn't matter one bit... we loved every moment. 

I think I said it last year, but I love Ru's friends they are really the loveliest, most fun kids. It was SO much fun.. I totally forgot to take a single photo of the birthday boy! 

Birthday boy...

So this was the scene yesterday morning. Rufus turned 6, dressed as a silvery?! Batman opening his presents.  One very happy boy. After school we had more presents and tea at a pizza restaurant. He said to me 'Does everyone know it's my birthday, am I famous?' - I suppose it does feel like that when you are 6 and everyone you know says Happy Birthday to you.

Tomorrow we are having 30 or so kids running wild in the woods.  Much like last year's Wild Woodland Rumpus.  But as superheroes this time.  I hope it will be as much fun as his last birthday.  Tonight I will be packing goodie bags and making sure we have frying pans for sausages and marshmallows for the fire.

So this weekend you will find me mostly...

* recreating this
* treating myself to this (I've been a mama to 2 boys for 6 years, I deserve it!)
* Going here - winter coat hunting
* thinking a lot about my next post for here
* making and eating this
* Inspired by this so hunting for some dahlias

Oh and I forgot to mention!  I will be contributing weekly to the Lionheart Magazine Blog whilst the Editor Hels Martin is on maternity leave.  My first post can be found here.  If you love inspiring women, beautiful plants and uber cool interiors - you will love it.

So what will you be up to this weekend?

Bat Boy...

So it's Half Term.  
Days have become slow.  We like it like that.  Mornings are spent playing Lego, drawing, or dressing up.
I love the holidays. I love how happy my boys are.  They love spending time as they please.  Fixing themselves a drink, having an apple, designing a new space station out of Lego.  Becoming Bat Man.

Today we spent time with a good friend, Rufus' bestie, Jasper.  He is a boy much like my own, loving Lego and Superheroes (what boy doesn't).  The days when my children's laughter and squeals fill my ears are the best.  Good times.

Rufus has been dressed like this ALL day.  He scooted down our local high street in full Bat Man costume, oblivious to the smiles from passers by.  I love him for that.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays too.

In other news, I've discovered I have been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards.  Thank you, I am over the moon.  If you would like nominate me (blush) or any other blog you can vote over here.


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Charlie: My boy you have grown! Now 7 years old, and learning the guitar.  I want to hold on to these years and not let them go.
Rufus: Any chance to make someone laugh he will be there. My funny face.

It feels like Charlie has grown overnight.  His young years are slipping from my fingers and I desperately want to cling hold to them.  But at the back of my mind there is a voice saying 'cut the apron strings a little mama, let him fly'.  But it is so hard.

This week Rufus told me he wanted to sit next to Amelie at school lunch time, 'But, she is NOT my girlfriend!'. (He has never mentioned her before, it's like he's just noticed this pretty little girl). 

Playing along with Jodi and the 52 portraits.



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Charlie: Turned 7 today.  Loves Lego, life and learning.  My little big boy. Happy Birthday darling.
Rufus: Wrote a perfect sentence in school 'In the snow I will meke a snow lion' - and he did.  Sitting here so proud.

A whirlwind of a week, such contrast in these two images to last weeks, when it was full winter sunshine.  Since then we have had snow, and a 7th Birthday Party - Rock climbing.  Playing along with the 52 project.  


forest school...

Last weekend Rufus was invited by his good friend, Wilfred, to celebrate his 5th birthday party.  Wilfred's  party, just like Ru's, was held up in Leigh Woods.  Unlike our crazy Indian adventure, Wilfred's was an organised party - all about woodland survival.
Set in the Forest School clearing - the children made their own tribal jewellery, followed a treasure hunt to find the food, made goblin dens, and had the perfect morning.
Rachel , the leader, gave them each a  potato peeler so they could whittle their own sticks for the fire.I loved watching these small boys bond over sticks and marshmallows.
Woods, 5 year old boys and a fire - what more would they want?

a wild woodland rumpus...

So... today we celebrated my youngest boy's 5th birthday.
A group of his closest friends all gathered in the woods for a wild game of bows, arrows and Indians.
We decorated headresses, painted faces, stormed the tipi's, made bows with sticks and string, ate hot dogs and toasted marshmallows on the fire.
You can see from the photos, Rufus had a wild time... we all did.  Children and parents alike.
It was epic, I feel I have been away for a weekend at a festival - the most fun, exhausting and happy all at the same time.
As I sit here now with the smell of wood smoke in my hair - I feel absolutely blessed that my boys have such great friends and that I do too.
I think all Saturday afternoons should be like this!


Happiness is blowing out candles on your 5th birthday cake.

Rufus is 5

rufus baby


Oh my beautiful, happy, wild, life loving boy has turned 5 today.
As a mama, deep down I don't want this day.  5 is such a big year, everything changes. A year of letting go by me, just a little.
My baby has grown.


* Giggles uncontrollably and loves to be tickled.
* Is obsessed with Treefu Tom
* Always has to take a toy animal with him everywhere
* his best friends are Morgan and Henry
* Loves to eat
* Will skip everywhere
* Sleeps with his toy tiger - Tigey
* Loves to eat Blackberries
* Loves to cuddle his brother on the sofa
* Favourite phrase - 'That's really cool'
* Like's to dress up
* Doesn't like to go to sleep
* Always smiling and busy

Today we are having a quiet family celebration, and in a weeks time he is having his birthday party in the woods.. his good friends (and ours) will come together to have a wild rumpus.  I cannot wait.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy.  Ru - you rock my world.
Rufus - Four
Rufus - Three

first day at school...

So that day came.
He was oh so excited and I couldn't help get caught up in his energy.
He skipped to school, madly waving at friends and announcing the world he was wearing his uniform.
He ran inside without a backward glance, playing duplo and cars with friends.
I stood that waiting for a hug or some kind of ceremonious handing over of my baby... but there was none.  So out I shuffled.  Luckily Dan was with me for moral support.  (only a few tears were shed at home).
At pickup he loudly shouted - 'Oh no!' 'I don't want to go home!' - great!  Other parents found this hilarious... what does that say about me?
Rufus then showed me the climbing frame and proceeded to show off doing stunts and hang like a sloth!
So that was that... he cannot wait to get back there again today...
My baby has grown.


I love my Thursdays.
A day to cherish time alone with my youngest son.
He climbed into bed with me this morning, excitedly telling me that Daddy and Charlie are off to work and school and that today is just a me and mummy day!
Lucky for us today was blissfully warm. So we wandered in the sunshine, him riding his bike, wobbling madly as he goes.
We stopped for a while on a bench to look for birds to record in his wildlife finder book.
Ticked off a crow, magpie and an eagle who pecked his hair, apparently.
Suddenly this loud low buzz came along.. the largest, dopiest bumble bee heavily floated around his head. And then finally landed on his binoculars.
Ru decided that was the end of nature watching for today.

autumn leaves...

Rufus stayed home from pre-school again today.
What we thought was just a sore throat has turned out to be hand, foot and mouth virus.
Blisters inside his mouth and on his hands... poor little man.
As it was such a sunny autumn day, we made tissue paper (stained glass) leaves to catch the sunlight.
Inspiration from Flora and her beautiful leaves.
It all got a bit silly and messy... but good to see him a little happier.
I think these will stay up until Christmas when they will be replaced by snowflakes.