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This Saturday we...
played lego, ate a whole loaf of local artisan bread with butter, drank coffee, shopped for plants for Mother's Day, climbed and slid in the park, ate pain au chocolat, took lots of photos, ducked in and out of the rain, listened to this, made homemade pizza, rode bikes through the woods, climbed trees, splashed in puddles, read some blogs, drew leaves, watched Pingu.

spring flowers

Good morning!
It's the weekend and I for one and super happy about that.
Look, look what I did yesterday.
I had some of my prints back from the printers.
My new Spring Flowers Print.
I love it.
Perfectly peachy in spring sunshine!
This will be going to my shop and be available to buy over the weekend. Keeping checking back!
But today is a day for shopping, chatting, tea drinking and cake!
Have a great day!

ticking along nicely...

So this was Saturday.
A couple of hours up at the allotment, weeding, clearing the site for the new growing year.  The boys re-discovered their dinosaurs, diggers and favourite climbing tree.
I got covered in mud, and stung by nettles, ho hum!  I do love it there really.
Sadly the soil was too wet to plant the garlic, but the ground is prepared for planting next week.
Home again, Dan went scavenging for wood to burn with Charlie, whilst Rufus and I baked jam tarts and gingerbread hearts for lunch boxes next week.
Oh and I posed around a lot in my hand knitted hair bow.  There, I said I was gonna make one!
Tick it off that list!

saturday morning

A slow mooch around the neighbourhood.
Checking out some junk shops for a mid century sideboard to house our linen & towels - sadly nothing.
Walking through the streets and the light rain.
Lunch at the our local cafe - the family mezze plate.
Home to craft & homemade biscuits.

Lips, Chips, Ice-cream & Lego.

Last night we had a bit of a scare.  Boys had gone to bed, but were still being silly giggling {the usual pre-sleep routine}.  When all of a sudden Dan & I heard a loud thwack and screaming.

We ran to the bedroom to find Charlie screaming his head off, hand to the mouth and blood everywhere.  Rufus had thrown his wooden Brachiosaurus at Charlie and it had hit him fully in the mouth!  God knows how he managed to aim and get him in the dark!  Anyhow.. it took hours to calm them both down, watching mastermind, Carol Klein's cottage garden and Blue Peter {anything not that fun for small children, so they will want to go back to bed!}. 

Charlie split his lip inside & out, and it became as swollen as Jordan's top lip!  Poor Ru was distraught that he did it. I am sure he didn't mean it to do the damage it did.

Bloomin hell!  Typical it happens on a friday night {our night for something special to eat... last night it was Jamie's mussels with cider recipe from the Fishfight.  We ended up eating it close to 10pm!}

Anyway, today his lip is fine.  He {we} have gotten over the shock, the swelling has gone thanks to the icecream at lunchtime.

Charlie even managed to make some incredible lego creations including this Pirate launching Missile carrier!

Hope your weekend has been calm and not as stressful as ours has started!

They are fast asleep now... time for wine o'clock!