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Year 2...

Oh where has the time gone? Year2?!!
Charlie you are such a handsome big boy.  I know you are going to do so well this year.  Last year of Infants.
I've had such big empty hole in my stomach all day. It was tough a drop off.  I felt choked.  I have missed him so much!
Gawd knows how I am going to cope next week when Rufus joins him!
Big mummy tears, I tell you!

Goodbyn Lunch Box

The start of the school term is looming ever so closer. GULP!
My little boy will be starting in Reception class.  He is oh so excited. I am oh so proud that he feels this way, but with the pang of sadness that only a mama can feel. I will miss you my littlest buddy.

The other day Rufus' school lunch box arrived. I had bought a Goodbyn Original box for Charlie last year and was so impressed with the quality and super ease of it, that buying one for Rufus was the only option.

If you don't know about Goodbyn let me explain.

Image via

image via

Cool eh?
So last school year Charlie had hummus dip, carrot sticks, yoghurt, pasta salad, sandwiches, etc... all in neat containers that kept the food away from the other food.  No more sandwiches that taste like bananas. No more smelly lunch boxes that slowly go mouldy because they can't be cleaned properly.  The Goodbyn is just emptied and stacked in the dishwasher - easy!

The Goodbyn is sturdy and strong.  My two boys tend to drop everything on the way to school and the Goodbyn took all the knocks and tumbles like a pro.  And as it's so strong, indestructible and easy to clean it will last throughout their schooling year!

If you can't tell already, I am in LOVE with it.

I am thinking of doing a new series on School Lunches featuring the Goodbyn.  So in September expect to see a weekly post round up of what food my boys ate.  If Charlie had his way it would be Nutella sandwiches every day! So this is going to be a challenge!

If you have any top tips or recipes I should try in their lunch boxes I would love to hear from you!  If you would like to join me in my School Lunches series or would like to buy a Goodbyn you can here.

this is a gifted post

blossom overloaded...

Good morning lovelies!
Thank you for all your kind get well messages... still feeling awful today, but soldiering on!
This morning when I dropped the boys off at school I took some photos of the blossom outside Charlie's classroom.
I had meant to do this last year, but it was at it's best during the Easter holidays so I missed it.
This year, we are having a frothy, blossom laden show.
Gorgeous isn't it?
Ah spring... you are the best medicine.

Mr Pernickety...

Today at school, Charlie's class were asked to go dressed as their favourite Mr Man.
Charlie decided to go as Mr Pernickety (or Mr Fussy is you are remembering the original Mr Men).
He looks rather dapper don't you think!
Here is a clip....

Don't forget you have just 3 days to enter the Canton Tea giveaway...

pre-school & year 1

So the new term has begun.
Charlie has started Year 1.  He couldn't wait to get back to it.
I trimmed his hair last night and this morning he stood in front of the mirror in his new school uniform admiring himself.
'I look sooooo smart'! He said excitedly.
Oh my boy, I hope you will always be excited about school.
Rufus had his first session at pre-school.
It was after lunch and all morning I was badgered about going.
He was fine... came out with a sticker saying he enjoyed the water table.
So there it is... back to school, reading, pack lunches and uniforms.
Only 6 weeks til half term!

I am a greedy crocodile...

Yesterday afternoon was the School performance for the Reception year at Charlie's school.
It was called the Secret Path - a mash up of Percy the Park Keeper, Little Red Riding Hood and lots of characters thrown in.
Charlie (as you can see) was a Crocodile along with his good friend Lucy.  Scary eh?
Before the performance Holly and I face painted about 30 children.  A mix of crocodiles, badgers, mice, princesses and Knights.  Phew!
It was so much fun.  The actual play was so so cute.  Charlie 'acted' well, standing their with his arms like snapping jaws and singing the following song:

(to the tune of 'what shall we do with the drunken sailor')
I am a greedy crocodile
Flash of teeth and a charming smile
Come too close and in a while
You will be my dinner
snap snap
now I've had my dinner

Were you scared?


This weekend was so different in it's two days. 
Not only the weather but in activities too. 
Saturday was busy busy, with the school street party. 
I helped in the Butterfly Cafe, serving delicious cakes and quiches.  The queue was non-stop...I haven't been so busyat work  since my days as a waitress!
Charlie took part in SportsStars.  He and class mates ran around playing British Bulldog and other games, which ended up in giggling chaos as none of them new the rules. 

After the streetparty we went to witness the beautiful naming ceremony of little Violet.  Such a tender, happy, loving ceremony.  Delicious cakes and pink champagne.  Held in the most amazing building...the University and Literary Club.  Thank you Cathy, I can't stop thinking about it.  I love my flowers & little pot of  (Violet) Marmalade.

Sunday, gosh didn't rain?! 
I didn't leave the house. 
Instead we did a bit of crafting and I made a star garland for the boys room. We had a puzzle and game marathon and then settled down to watching Tangled DVD with popcorn and hot chocolate.

I am so pleased to see the sun today.
Have a great week.
p.s. HELLO to all my new followers, so nice to see you.  And THANK YOU to all your wonderful encouraging comments about the shop.  A quick update.. more cards on the way!

Christmas Carols

This afternoon Charlie's class performed their Christmas Carol Concert in the School playground.

They all filed outside and stood in a little area where straw had been laid and baby Jesus was in the manger.

Choked me?  So, bloomin emotional!

All wore lovely Christmas hats and sang some beautiful carols, although the only one I recognised was Jingle Bells.. with the 'Hey' shouted with gusto!

After the performance we had a celebratory hot chocolate in the local cafe.



Hello lovelies.... it's been a while since I've been here.  Only 5 days, but seems a long time.

We are fully recovered from the nasty bug, and have come out the other side feeling brighter and much happier.

But something has seemed to escaped me.

Christmas Spirit!

I just cant get myself into the Christmasy mood.

I am 'on schedule' with getting things organised for Christmas, presents have been bought, yes even wrapped.  Christmas cake made, though not iced, but is most definitely marinated in Brandy.

Christmas Cards have been sent and I even had time to make shortbread star biscuits for the school cake day.


(excuse me... glug wine)

I am home alone tonight (not really alone, boys are in bed).  Dan has gone out on his works Christmas do, and I have been left with a box of mincepies and a bottle of red... I know what I prefer to do!

Soo, this evening I have been looking through photos of last Christmas, trying to get in the Christmas mood, when I spied this photo.

It made me chuckle.

Picture this... it is 8ish on Christmas Morning.  Charlie (who is 3 nearly 4 here) has found his stocking, opened all his presents, the wrapping paper and gifts lie all around us.

The one thing that puts that smile on his face are Chocolate coins... boy does he love em!

Look at that smile!

I must remember to get some tomorrow.

Oh tomorrow, should get me in a festve spirit.  In the morning I am helping to sell Xmas Trees at the school for the PTA.  Then we are (naughtily, cos I'm not buying one there) going to chop our tree down..... it' a family tradition.

Followed by, lots of mulled wine and letting off skylanterns.

Yes... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Have a wonderful weekend my sweets!


School Christmas Craft Fair 2010

This week Charlie's school held it's annual fundraising Christmas Craft fair.

I volunteered to help.

So this morning I helped Children make:

Pipe cleaner Candy Canes
Doily Snowflakes
Christmas Cards
Reindeer Wooden Spoons

Children paid £2 each to spend time in the craft room, get gluey, covered in glitter and generally have a ball making christmasy things.

We must have made a mint! The amount of children in the classroom all working away.  I suppose they are used to coming into school and making things.

Charlie & Rufus had a go at the Reindeers and cards.

I love the expressions on the spoons faces... look like they had too much sherry!  They did have red pompom noses, but we were having trouble sticking them to the spoon.

The rest of the craft fair involved stall holders selling all kinds of things from cakes to toys, jewellery to hand made wooden utensils.

Father Christmas came for a visit too.

I hope we raised lots money for the school.

Disco Fever

This evening was Charlie's first school disco.

Excitement had been building to fever pitch (disco fever pitch!) over the past week.

All Charlie knew about a disco was, that you danced around a glittering ball... hmm has my mum been showing him episodes of Strictly?

We both didn't know what to expect, and was totally blown away with the dancing, the noise and partiness of it all.

Most of the children danced and did routine's (following the DJ's lead) to YMCA, Superman etc.  Some children just ran around and waved their glo sticks in each others faces.

Charlie found the whole experience baffling, he could not get his head round the idea of dancing for an hour to music he didn't like!

Yup, I think we've all been there!

He just wanted to hang out with his friends, who also seemed a bit perplexed by the whole 'disco' thing.

I found it sweet.  Small children so full of excitement, boogieing away without a care in the world.  The girls at the front doing routines and the boys running around at the back, being cool.

Charlie just wanted to dance with Lucy.

And play with his glo stick.

In the end he asked to go home, he'd had enough of all that disco dancing... but he did get to do his Elvis impression with his teacher Miss Patel before he left.

What a great first experience to the world of disco!


Book Day

This week at school it has been book week.  I haven't a clue what they are doing, maybe reading a lot?  Visiting the library, who knows?  All I know is tomorrow the children have been asked to go into school dressed as their favourite book character.

After speaking to Charlie about this he first wanted to go as the Gruffallo (nope, not attempting to make that!), then he wanted to go as a pirate (yeah, that famous book on pirates?), then I suggested he went as Charlie from Charlie & Lola.

I know, I know easy cop out!  But I know my son, and any outfit he goes in wearing, he will be taking it off and loosing in half a minute.  So I thought a t-shirt and jeans combo, he will comfortable and would wear it all day.  He agreed.

So this afternoon.  I cut the sleeves off a plain white t-shirt, and the sleeves of a red long-sleeved t-shirt and sewed them together.

Then out of green felt I cut the letters for Charlie's name and sewed them on. Job Done!  I am quite proud of the results.

Only problem is.... Charlie refused to put it on, saying he wants to go as Buzz Lightyear or he's not going to school!

What to do? 

He will be going in last years halloween outfit at this rate! 

(Frankensteins monster! - well at least it's a book character!).


Charlie came home from school yesterday with a sticker attached to his drinks bottle.

The sticker said "Head Teachers Award".

When we asked him what he did to get the award, he said he did really good at tidying up this week.

I asked him who gave it to him he said,

"Mrs Wilson, you know she is the Queen of School"

I replied "Yes, I suppose she is", trying my hardest not to giggle!

(Mrs Wilson is the Head of his School, so in his eyes she is the queen!)

Another pearl of wisdom from my son, I am sure there are more to come.


Dancing to the Darkness

This Saturday saw the School PTA Barbecue.  It was our first school event, so we hadn't a clue what it would be like.  I thought we would just turn up and a be given a burger and parents would stand around and chat.


A wonderful mini festival took place!

There was masses of bunting, delicious sausages, corn on the cob, a multitude of salads, beer by the keg, cool kids taking over the fort and live music.

Hot air balloon fly bys (well this happens everyday in Bristol).

Between the live acts on stage, they played extremely loud (yes I am old) music, which the kids went crazy too.  My boys loved it when they played The Darkness 'I believe in a thing called love'.  Moves I have never seen before!

Whilst the children danced, played with glo sticks and hang out with their friends, we 'grown ups' got terribly drunk on real ale from the brewers over the road (as local as you like!), and was able to actually chat! Yes, I know!  Those of you who have young kids will understand this bit!

Yes, there was stage diving and pushing in the mosh pit, but hey it was just kids yeah!

A thoroughly brilliant night!  Bring on more school events!

Hurray for school!