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So, Summer is behind us... the holidays anyway.  This Wednesday the boys are back at school, starting the new school year with sharpened pencils and new shoes.  Blonde locks have been cut (a little) and we've begun the routine of early bedtimes, and reading.

I shall miss the emptiness of days. Days without structure, routine, deadlines. The gentle flow, of hours unfolding.  I shall miss their wilderness, their feral mud streaked faces. The grazed knees, nettle stung ankles. Bruises. Purple stained blackberry fingers. Pockets filled with stones, sticks slung over shoulders. The whoops and hollers. The noise.... maybe not that.

Pancakes in the morning. Ice-cream for lunch. Popcorn for tea. Sea salt hair. Sand in everything. Their camaraderie, their song, their silly stories about poo. Super soakers, fancy dress, Indiana Jones.

School will take these boys of mine... scrubbed fresh, wearing royal blue, hidden festival arm bands on wrists , eager to tell their tales of summer. They are ready to go, looking forward to seeing their friends... 

Summer is over for another year, this leaves me blue, but I do love September for it's fresh start. A new notebook and planning new adventures. So much to do...


the return of the R

September, the month where the R returns.... summer days of walking barefoot and skipping through the grass are slowly, passing by daily.   I feel melancholy, blue, at the passing of the summer.  Missing June & July already.

But secretly I love September - the slightly cooler days brings a sense of harvest to the home.  Jams and flavoured spirits to be made.  Wood store to be stocked.  Apples to be harvested from our tree.  In September I start looking at stationery, feeling the need for a new notebook or pens set.  Maybe I shall treat myself to a new to do list or school year calendar.

This month already, there is alot to look forward to.

Back to school - whilst I will miss the boys, and hate the daily routine, I will relish the peace and time to crack on with projects and work during school hours.  They are really looking forward to going back and seeing their friends.  

This month it's also Rufus' 6th Birthday - where has the time gone?  I am feeling a slight panic at the thought of planning this one.  In the home - we are (forever) renovating and re-decorating, I am hoping this month to finish a few projects, and finally move some paint tins to the shed.

What do you like about September?  Do you have plans?

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good bye September...

Well September you were an 'unusual' and action packed month.
Charlie went back to school into Year 1. And Rufus started pre-school and settled in so well, making lots of new friends.
Rufus, my little baby, turned 4.  He has grown so much, constantly asking questions, such as 'how do you make a car?' or 'where do bats live'?
I went to London, not to visit the Queen, but to make to new lovely friends.
We went on some crazy adventures and met a hero.
September, you threw all kinds of weather at us.  Freezing cold nights, which made me dig out warm blankets and rugs and seriously think about installing a fire into our lounge.  Rain... so much Rain that our kitchen leaked.
But now, September your final sunshining glorious flourish before you fade away until next year.
Wow, September you blessed us with a second summer...
Thank you!


The first day of September.
I LOVE September.
I love the change of season.
Autumn is my favourite.
It's the squirrelling I love.  Gathering crops, harvest.  Turning them into Jams & Chutneys.
Hoarding of onions, garlic, squashes and potatoes to give us warmth through the winter months.
I love to forage for mushrooms, blackberries and sloes.  Rose hips for making a syrup to ward off colds and flu's.
In September we get our home ready for the winter.  Bring out lovely warm blankets and plan projects to keep us occupied on cold winter days.
Today I went out in the garden and spied signs of Autumn.
My onions drying in the sunshine.
Spiders, fat from the summer, trying to catch more before the winter.
Large yellow heads of the Rudbekia.
And my beautiful rosie red apples on the tree.
Ah yes, welcome September.... please bring us warm days and an abundant harvest.