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make do & mend...

Good Morning!
Happy Saturday...
Last night I went along to Cordial & Grace (a new Sewing Cafe here in Bristol) - for their Make do & Mend evening class.
A couple of weeks ago I bought a vintage Mexican Dress on Etsy from the States. It arrived last week only  to find it was made for a woman twice the size of me!
I needed to take it in and up...but wasn't sure on how to go about such a task.
So last night, with a glass of wine and a slice of chocolate brownie, I was guided through the process of changing the tent into a dress that fitted me.
Laura - expertly explained that I needed to completely unpick the seams, then cut out a section and sew it back together, re-inserting the darts at the back so it fell correctly, without swamping me.
There were 3 other ladies there. One was making a delicious be-jewelled corset for a customer of hers.
Another was making cute lavender bags with hand-painted birds on the front.
And another was changing the lining of their coat so it fitted better.
Conversation flowed and my dress slowly came together.
I will be going back next month to complete it.... will you be joining me?

Make do & Mend classes take place the 3rd Friday of every month... booking required. Check out their website for more information and other classes such as patchwork and sewing for beginners.


I have finally finished making 8 dinosaur/dragon/crocodile tails for tomorrows party.
Using this amazingly easy pattern.
Although I don't hope for snow like in the image below...
I cannot wait to see all of Rufus' friends running around in them.
Let the rumpus start!

Book Day

This week at school it has been book week.  I haven't a clue what they are doing, maybe reading a lot?  Visiting the library, who knows?  All I know is tomorrow the children have been asked to go into school dressed as their favourite book character.

After speaking to Charlie about this he first wanted to go as the Gruffallo (nope, not attempting to make that!), then he wanted to go as a pirate (yeah, that famous book on pirates?), then I suggested he went as Charlie from Charlie & Lola.

I know, I know easy cop out!  But I know my son, and any outfit he goes in wearing, he will be taking it off and loosing in half a minute.  So I thought a t-shirt and jeans combo, he will comfortable and would wear it all day.  He agreed.

So this afternoon.  I cut the sleeves off a plain white t-shirt, and the sleeves of a red long-sleeved t-shirt and sewed them together.

Then out of green felt I cut the letters for Charlie's name and sewed them on. Job Done!  I am quite proud of the results.

Only problem is.... Charlie refused to put it on, saying he wants to go as Buzz Lightyear or he's not going to school!

What to do? 

He will be going in last years halloween outfit at this rate! 

(Frankensteins monster! - well at least it's a book character!).

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Update

Many of you are aware that last week was Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I signed up with the best intentions to make some clothing for my boys.  I unfortunately didn't take into account it was the same week as Rufus' birthday and all the preparations that come with organising a 3 year olds party.

Anyhow... (I'm not making excuses honest!), I wanted to make some PJ's, mittens and some cord trousers... but these were all shelved due to lack of patterns, time and bank balance!

So today, nearly a week later, I visited John Lewis and bought some lovely olive coloured needle cord.  I am going to make Rufus some cute little trousers using this pattern (thanks to Colette for suggesting it to me).

It looks easy and simple (which is important for me as I have no sewing skills!).

So after a week of being quite rubbish, I am getting on with it!

Wish me luck!

P.S.  I would also like to thank Charley over at Flora and Purl for her pattern for some wrist warmers, Holly for lending me her book on making Childrens clothes and Dan for listening to me rant and scream when things have gone wrong!