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Work in progress...

Firstly THANK YOU for all your positive and wonderful comments about the boys bedroom.  Gosh I wasn't expecting that kind of response at all!  It has been a right old slog getting it done (and it's not even finished properly - wood trims needs a lick of paint and so does the door).  BUT it is looking a whole world better.  I can walk in there now and feel good rather than despair!  Plus I'm not bothered about who comes round for a play!!

So, on to today's news.  I am currently in the process of designing a new range of Greetings Cards. So I thought I'd show you one that is nearly finished.... Hare.  Hopefully the new cards shall be in the shop by the end of the week.  Hope you like them!

Spring Look Book - a clothing update.

Wardrobe wish list

Hi there!
I just want to start with a huge THANK YOU to all of you who left such wonderful and helpful comments on my last post.  It seems I am not alone in my desperate plea of finding affordable and on-rend clothes that suit women of a certain age, who still want to look cool, colourful, unique and stylish.  

Some of the suggestions were:

White Stuff
&Other Stories

We seem to all have very similar tastes.

I was contacted by Niki a personal stylist.  Niki kindly emailed me out of the blue with a look book which she pulled together on Polyvore using the wish list on my previous post.  She came up with the look book above.

Pretty good eh?  Isn't she kind?

Niki offers her services as a personal stylist and is going to start a new feature on her blog - Hip Shapes and Bristol Fashion - where members of the public can email her their 'wish list' and she will pull together a look book for you, like she did for me.  Go do it!

I thought this looked like fun, so I had a go.  Polyvore, where have you been all my life!!!  
So what do you think?  To be honest there as so many different versions of this style out there that I could do a different one every single day.
Spring Look Book

Spring Look Book by lou-archell 

Why not have a go too.  Have a look at my Clothes Inspiration Pinboard on Pinterest for more cool looks.

New cards...

I almost forgot to blog about my new cards!  How silly of me.  Since the New Year I've been dabbling with my water colours again, I quickly became caught up in painting bright and carefree blooms... dreaming of Spring I suppose!
So here is the result of many hours daydreaming.  Three new greetings cards.  The first two are suitable for Valentines, but can be sent at any time of the year to your beau.  And of course the bottom is perfect for a Spring birthday.
Available now in my Bigcartel, Etsy and Folksy shops.


Merry Christmas lovely people.
Hope you've had a wonderful few days.
We have.
Just popping to let you know I am having a little sale in my shop.
50% off selected Sale items.
All orders will be shipped after 2nd January 2013.
Just a little thank you to you all - Merry Christmas!

back in stock and in time for tea!

My black teapot, yellow teapot and matching cups are back in stock!
Perfect gifts for yourself this Christmas - go on, you deserve it!
And I know just the place to buy your loose leaf tea their Pouchong Green Tea! YUM.
So... yes back in my Bigcartel and Etsy shops.

Bee Geo A3

Just popping in to show my new A3 print.
It's a bee (Dan thinks it looks like a wasp - But I was going for a bee as they are friendlier!)
This is part of my submission for the Insect and Bugs exhibition I was talking about back here.
It will be buzzing it's way into the shop today - if I can get my two boys to stop bickering for 5 minutes!
Back to school tomorrow and I can finally breathe out!

Also whilst I am here - just a quick quick heads up about posting for Christmas.
A3 prints going overseas can sometimes take up to 5 weeks posting - so if you are thinking of buying one for Christmas, you had better get buying to ensure it arrives in good time.
Only 7 weeks to go - eeek!

Shop love - From my bear hands

Hello lovely people!
Every Tuesday I am lucky enough to work in Paper Scissors Stone Volume 4 - an artists temporium here in Bristol. You might remember I mentioned it here.
So each Tuesday I leave my 2 boys behind and scurry over to the most beautiful of shops... I really do love being there.  Gorgeous artwork, ceramics, jewellery and clothing - fill the shops shelves.  The best artists, makers and creatives that Bristol has to offer.  It really is a shoppers heaven.
On a Tuesday afternoon I am joined by the lovely Sally Haysom who illustrates and makes the most beautiful jewellery.  You can see some of my favourite pieces above.
Lovely aren't they?
You don't have to live in Bristol to buy Sally's work she has an Etsy shop too!  Go see.
If you'd like to pop along to Paper Scissors Stone - we are open every day from 10am-6pm - this Volume will end on 25th November. The shop is in Quakers Friars (Near Cabot Circus), next door to Howkapow!
Come and see us.


My neighbourhood here in Bristol was lucky enough to be awarded funding through the Mary Portas - Portas Pilots scheme.  It's basically funding to help develop shopping areas which have closed down due to the recession.  Help is given to shop owners to develop their business and bring a vibrant community back to run down areas.
Part of this funding is given way to the arts.  There is a theme 'insects', where local artists can show their work in local shops and business forming a trail for people to follow.
Here is my application.
What do you think?
Vintage images, re-worked using textures and brushes with digital geo shapes added.
I hope they get selected!
Shall I also put some in my shop?

EDIT - These prints are now available in my BigCartel shop

Seconds sale...

Just popping to see how you are doing?
I've been sorting out my studio - gosh it was a total wreck.  To much busying and not enough tidying.
Whilst clearing the decks I found a few prints which I had kept as they were slightly flawed during the printing process but still look ok to be framed.
So I though maybe I'd sell them reduced.
There are only a few... so grab them whilst you can.
Over in my shop - marked SECONDS SALE.
Have a lovely one!

I'm drawing again...

Yep - I most certainly am drawing again.
After what seem like months, I am working on a series of hand-drawn illustrations designed for Children's Rooms.
First up is Toadstool.

I have a love of Toadstools and all things Fungi. I love to walk into the woods in Autumn and smell it's deep earthy scent.  I love to forage for edible mushrooms - although I am far too scared to cook them, in case I might drop dead!

I have an early childhood memory of gathering large red capped Fly Agaric Toadstools in the Ashridge Forest (close to my Nan's).  I gathered them all up using my jumper as a bag and ran back to show my family.  I must have been 8. Instead of being told they were poisonous, my Nana took them home with us and placed them all on her kitchen windowsill and decorated the house with them.  And why not.  They are beautiful.

I have a small pinterest board - just for Toadstools.  You will probably see my inspiration there.
So what do you think?
Do you love Toadstools too?

Toadstool A3 Print is now available in my big cartel shop.

Also - I have changed the size of the Blossom Geo and Yew Geo.  I think they look better as an A3.

New A3 prints...

If you follow me on Instagram or my facebook page - you might have already seen a sneaky look at my two new A3 prints.

FloraEach day I find a new favourite flower... tulips one day, hydrangeas the next... such is the beauty of nature.. you fall in love over and over again.  An original photograph of summer blooms.

DreamsI love to day dream. Lying under a big leafy tree, gazing up at the sky on a sunny day.  An original photograph of an Indian Bean tree.

Both are now available in my Shop.  - take a look in the NEW section, you will find lots of things I've been recently working on.

♥ NEW ♥ - Botanicals Geo A4 Prints...


You might have noticed in my shop or seen a sneaky peek on Facebook  - my new A4 prints, called the Botanic Geo Series.  They are from the top:  Nettle, Creeping Thistle and Rough Hawksbit. All British wild flowers or as gardeners would call them - WEEDS!

I chose weeds as my topic because they are just as beautiful as flowers but most of the time get ignored or composted!

They are all now available to buy in my shop....
I do hope you like them.

tuesday treasury...

Instead of my usual showcase of Etsy beauties... today I am going to show my own Etsy shop.
Please indulge my vain carryings on!

Here is just a selection of the most popular postcards.

*secret! shhh*
I am busy working on new prints and cards.
Plus in the pipeline... some necklaces and brooches!
Whoop!  You will just have to wait til after the summer holidays for those.

Speaking of holiday... I am off to Cornwall next week.  I cannot wait!
Fingers crossed for some perfect beach weather.
In the meantime there is 20% off in my shop....
have fun!


♥ NEW ♥ Postcards!

Hello everyone!
I've just listed over in my Etsy Shop my new postcards.
Just 4 new designs - more to follow.
I do hope you like them.
A4 prints will follow also!
Bet get off... Need to pick up Charlie from school!
Have a wonderful weekend.

autumn sale...

Yes it is SALE time over in my etsy shop.
I am hoping to make space for some exciting winter projects - (I don't really want to mention the C word just yet, but I am sure you know what I mean!
Calendars and new cards are on the horizon.
So for a limited time there will be a little SALE in my shop.

15% off!  Yep that's right!

This discount will apply to all cards, please use the code AUTUMN15 at the checkout.

Offer ends midnight Friday 30th September 2011.


Pink Rose Card back in stock...

Good morning lovely people!
How has your Friday been so far?
I've been listing new stock onto the shelves of my shop.
My best selling Pink Rose Card is now back in stock... hurry these sell out pretty fast.

In other news... I am very excited to be popping on the train tomorrow and heading up to London and having a good ole' nose around Camden Passage with these two lovely ladies... Books and Tree.  Yippy!  I must admit I am a bit nervous about the tubes...being a country lass.  But I am sure we will have a great time.  Photos of our trip will be posted over the weekend, it will be interesting to see how each of us post about the day.

Also on Sunday we are off to meet Steve Backshall at the Live 'n' Deadly roadshow!  Oh my!  My two are both very very excited!

A busy weekend indeed.
Hope you all have a great one.

new in the shop...

Finally I have managed to take some product shots of my own.
These cards I had printed after my birthday celebration in Cornwall earlier this year.
It has taken 2 months for me to get round to listing them in my Etsy shop!
(Well I did have the school holidays to deal with, that's my excuse anyway!)
I hope you like them!

summer holidays...

Today is the first day of the summer holidays.
I was woken with this Bison (Bisy) shoved up my nose, not the best way to wake up!
The boys are still in their PJ's, they have played lego, made a den and animals (I keep finding Jim the Lion all over the place).
What will happen next?
Other news...I have some lovely new cards just printed.  When I get a chance these will be in the shop...
Have a lovely day... we've a party to attend in a minute if I can wrestle the PJ's off them!