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Skip diving

Gorgeous 1940's glass

My journeys to and from school are taking me past a house which has been completely gutted and slowly been brung back to life.  Outside there has been a skip which is being gradually filled with rubble, old carpets and the usual rubbish which comes out of a house renovation.

Only the other day I spied several vintage looking suitcases which had been piled on top... well my thrifty juices started flowing.  I have always wanted a vintage suitcase for the top of my chest of drawers in the landing. 

So on the way back from picking up Charlie from pre-school I had the opportunity for a good rummage.  I opened one suitcase and inside wrapped in newspaper were 4 of these beautiful pixie glasses, what a find!

The newspaper they were wrapped in was dated 15th November 1952, so they could be 1950's or 1940's... either way they are old, VINTAGE!.  The suitcases, unfortunately were to battered to rescue, but I am so happy with lovely skip treasure.  Being the good friend, I gave 2 of these glasses to my friend Holly who was with me, and kept the others, along with a smaller glass similar to this with a mallard duck on it.

It is now filled with blue forget-me-knots from my garden and is pride of place on my mantelpiece.