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Total white out...



This morning our wishes were answered.
Bristol was covered in a thick blanket of crisp white snow.  The kinda snow that crunches under foot, makes great snowmen, snow that you want to roll around in!  Yes, we did it all.

Once we heard school was closed for the day, we quickly threw on every warm layer we had ready for an Arctic adventure.  Finally, when we had wrestled our boots on over too many pairs of socks, Dan and I pulled the boys on their sledges to the local park.  Snow was so thick we could sledge the entire way there, down the paths, through the snow covered streets, across roads - all around us we saw other families trudging to the park with the obligatory red plastic sledge in tow.

The excitement was contagious.

There were flung ourselves down short, steep slopes, built snow castles and a snow Aslan.  Played angels in the snow and had a wild time with friends.

Soon fingers turned blue so off to the local cafe for hot chocolate and hot chips.
A perfect morning.

A snowy sledge to the Park

Woah!  Didn't it snow last night?!

We woke to a few inches of snow here in Bristol... yay!

Also Yay for it being a Saturday and the first day of school holidays!

We took the sledge to the park and did a bit of shopping on route.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - the view from the end of our road.

Super strong Daddy pulled the boys all the way to the park. 

Down the hill to North Street, our local high street.

Charlie's school covered in snow.

Past the local brewery & a stop off at the bakers for a loaf of seeded sour dough and bread pudding.  Notice the lettering saying DAN(CE)... with Dan stood next to it!

Oo I've just notice the sign, Barn Dance!  I wonder what that was like?

The park looked glorious in the sunshine.

Charlie pointed out these huge christmas trees.

The boys had a sledge down the hill.

Yes folks, this is my new coat.  I chose an amazingly warm Parka in the end.  So glad I did, it is so very toasty, too warm, I was cooking!

We walked/sledged slowly home, with a stop at the deli for hot chocolate.


A dusting of Icing Sugar

Yesterday after school, we made snowflakes, hearts and stars.

Using greaseproof paper & card (as the hole punches wouldn't work on the greaseproof paper), we stuck our winter display to the french doors.

This morning we woke to this....

A light dusting of icing sugar.  It looks so pretty!
Rufus is convinced the snowflakes we made had somehow performed magic and made the real snow arrive!
Today is Charlie's last day of term, I didn't send him as they were only watching DVD's.
I would rather do some more craft with him and maybe play in the snow.
Whilst writing this, the snow is really falling outside...
Hope you are all cosy & warm, have a wonderful weekend.

First snow of winter

This morning we woke to a slight dusting of snow in Bristol.  Nothing much really. 

Snow had just barely settled on the rooftops, too warm in the city for a really good layer to settle.

We decided to head out into the country, to my home village and to the fields where I used to sledge as a child.

Here the snow had fallen deep enough to allow the boys to test out the new sledge.

The view from the top of the hill over the valley to Tyntesfield Estate was breathtaking. The sunlight on the woods makes it look like mountains!

The hill was just the right gradiant to get a good slide going without being to fast.  We couldn't get Rufus out for anyone else to have a go! 

Although, I did manage to squeeze my behind in for a whizz down the hill (yes Ru had to come too!).

I love how the snow picks out details which I would normally take for granted, like these victorian roof tiles on the old barn next to the church.

We only lasted half an hour before the boys became cold and tired.  Headed off to Nana & Grampa's for hot chocolate and the log burner.


Knit one, snow one

What a day!

This morning I decided not to send Charlie to school as he was exhausted.  He has been waking most nights with a whoopy cough and on top of this, this morning he woke with 'dead' arms.

He is so tired, he must have slept so heavily that the blood had drained from his limbs in a funny position.  He was very upset about it.

So this morning I looked out at the hard frost on the ground and thought no, not school today.

We cuddled on the sofa, and watched the film, 'How to tame a Dragon', which Charlie thought was amazing!

Whilst watching Vikings tame fire breathing dragons I started knitting Rufus a scarf.

I am using Sidar chunky wool with large needles (something I haven't used before).  Wow, so pleased with the results, it's hour later scarf nearly done!

What was the weather like with you today?

Here in the West Country it was a day of two halfs.

This morning the sky was brilliantly blue with glorious sunshine, as you can see from this photo.

This afternoon, the weather closed in and it started to snow!  We are sooooo excited!

Yesterday I bought a lovely blue plastic sledge, I hope we will get a chance to use it this weekend.

In the meantime, I was so pleased to be back home from my parents. We arrived there after lunch in sunshine and green fields.  Left in a blizzard and a blanket of white.

Home, warm & cosy.


Hope you all are tucked up warm tonight.

Have a great weekend.