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The first day of Spring - Primavera Crowns...

Today marks the first day of Spring or the Vernal Equinox.  The sun is shining and my laundry is blowing wildly in the wind.  A perfectly handsome Spring Day.

To mark the first day of Spring I have joined in with Bethan and Michelle to create Primavera Crowns.  I used blossom foraged, primroses, grape hyacinths and honeysuckle fronds from the garden.  And the pinkest tulips from the high street.  Using a piece of horticultural wire, I wove the stems in to create the crown.

Harts Bakery...

Yesterday, whilst the boys were at school, Dan and I stole a precious hour for lunch together in the sunshine.  Something we don't get to do very often. We chose to wander down to Temple Meads Railway Station in Bristol to eat at a hidden gem.

Harts Bakery resides in an old railway arch beneath the station.  Beautifully renovated, painted in a pale jade colour tongue & groove, it houses the kitchen bakery, renowned around these parts for the best baked sour dough and sumptuous custard tarts.  Plus a small cafe area where customers can eat the baked treats with the best coffee care of Extract.  

Dan and I sat in the April sunshine, and devoured a pancetta and blue cheese pasty (him) and spiced lentil soup (me).. served with crusty sour dough bread.  It was bliss.

The first I learnt of Harts Bakery was a few months back when my father in law attended the Bread & Breakfast Workshop.  Saturday evening he went along and learnt how to make a Sour Dough loaf, croissants and pastries.  The next morning he returned to bake them after a night of prooving.  

We were lucky to sample his hard work, by having brunch delivered, eager to share the fruits of his days work.  The standard of his baking was incredible and doubly delicious.  Rufus remarked that they were still warm...mmmmm.

(and yes The Dude Abides - The Big Lebowski)


Close to the city centre, tucked up behind one of the main shopping streets, lies one of Bristol's treasures, Brandon Hill.  If have ever been to Bristol you will recognise the iconic sight of Cabot Tower on the Bristol skyline.   

Yesterday, the cold wind stopped for just a while and allowed the gentle heat of the April sun to warm our faces. After returning the boys library books we wandered slowly up Park Street for lunch at  Boston Tea Party and then on to Brandon Hill for a wild play. 

The view from the top of the hill is awesome, far reaching across the city.  We spent a while looking for our house and then the boys school.  Soon the lure of an ice-cream called from the Veedoublemoo van - Rufus' eyes stood on stalks at the sight of his smartie covered ice-cream. It was delicious and tasted all that better as it was the first ice-cream of the year.

The boys hill rolled down the steep slope to the play park below.. whilst I sat on the grass and soaked up the sun.  Oh and we met Spiderman too - apparently he likes climbing and ice-creams as well.

Spring?  Is this really you?

Spring Look Book - a clothing update.

Wardrobe wish list

Hi there!
I just want to start with a huge THANK YOU to all of you who left such wonderful and helpful comments on my last post.  It seems I am not alone in my desperate plea of finding affordable and on-rend clothes that suit women of a certain age, who still want to look cool, colourful, unique and stylish.  

Some of the suggestions were:

White Stuff
&Other Stories

We seem to all have very similar tastes.

I was contacted by Niki a personal stylist.  Niki kindly emailed me out of the blue with a look book which she pulled together on Polyvore using the wish list on my previous post.  She came up with the look book above.

Pretty good eh?  Isn't she kind?

Niki offers her services as a personal stylist and is going to start a new feature on her blog - Hip Shapes and Bristol Fashion - where members of the public can email her their 'wish list' and she will pull together a look book for you, like she did for me.  Go do it!

I thought this looked like fun, so I had a go.  Polyvore, where have you been all my life!!!  
So what do you think?  To be honest there as so many different versions of this style out there that I could do a different one every single day.
Spring Look Book

Spring Look Book by lou-archell 

Why not have a go too.  Have a look at my Clothes Inspiration Pinboard on Pinterest for more cool looks.

March ...

Image via here
Welcome March!

Oh I have longed for it, February has been really been a test of my strength, mentally and physically.  As it seems to every year and yet it still takes me by surprise at how rubbish this month truly is. As a family we have been struck down by lingering colds, bugs, ear infections and the more debilitating winter blues.  Money is tight (as always) so even when times are tough we can't 'treat' ourselves to a day out or some new clothes (this is me wishing, I'd love some new threads!).  Ho hum...

But as of today... I am shrugging off this veil of crapness and with my head held high I welcome Spring in my heart.  I am thinking thoughts tinged with yellow, daffodils are paving my way through the greyness and hope for brighter times ahead.  

March you better be a good one!  It has a lot to live up to!

I'd just like to thank the lovely friends who have joined me in celebrating flowers and plants and their ability to cheer up the most rubbish of days.  I will talk more on these next Wednesday.  There is still time to join in as I am making this a weekly link up.  For some inspiration do hop around the blogs linked in my previous post.  Such pretty plants and flowers!

Good news!  I am adding the finishing touches to my March newsletter, this should be winging it's way to you in the next few days.  If you'd like to sign up for one, please fill in the form over there on the right.

And finally my March Love List is up... enjoy!

Have an awesome weekend, dear friends.

We are birthday partying, eating this, and listening to this a lot (Charlie is learning to play this tune in his guitar lessons).

blossom overloaded...

Good morning lovelies!
Thank you for all your kind get well messages... still feeling awful today, but soldiering on!
This morning when I dropped the boys off at school I took some photos of the blossom outside Charlie's classroom.
I had meant to do this last year, but it was at it's best during the Easter holidays so I missed it.
This year, we are having a frothy, blossom laden show.
Gorgeous isn't it?
Ah spring... you are the best medicine.

tuesday treasury..

spring fling

Oh yes Tuesday has rolled around again.
So quick!
I have come down with a stinking cold.. feel quite rotten.
Doubley poo as the weather is so gorgeous.. no wallowing on the sofa, must be out in the sun.
Hopefully the Vitamin D will help.
Anyway... enough about my running nose!
Today's treasury is all spring like - with a few Easter Bunnies thrown in.

our spring weekend...

An epic weekend.
The sun has shone its heart out... most unseasonally for March, no I am not complaining, just saying!
This weekend we have:
♥ picnicked,
♥ drawn,
♥ pretended to be dinosaurs,
♥ painted my toenails coral red
♥ wore my birki's all weekend
♥ planted onions at the allotment, weeded thistles and cooch grass,
♥ Swooned around the Bespoked Bike Festival,
♥ climbed trees
♥ Eaten cake,
♥ Jumped on a trampoline,
♥ Charlie went to his bestie's birthday party and saw a giant millipede (Pete the Bugman was in attendance),
♥ cleared the back garden of all traces of toddler toys,
♥ tried on vintage dresses at the mshed,
♥ bought a pair of 70's sunglasses, a mid-century plate & a 70's tea towel,
♥ ate choc ices in the back garden,
♥ made a grapple arm out of lego technic,
♥ ate homemade lasagne,
♥ drank red wine,
♥ laughed at Rufus dancing.
♥ lapped up every - single - ray - of - sunshine........

how was yours?


I love my Thursdays.
A day to cherish time alone with my youngest son.
He climbed into bed with me this morning, excitedly telling me that Daddy and Charlie are off to work and school and that today is just a me and mummy day!
Lucky for us today was blissfully warm. So we wandered in the sunshine, him riding his bike, wobbling madly as he goes.
We stopped for a while on a bench to look for birds to record in his wildlife finder book.
Ticked off a crow, magpie and an eagle who pecked his hair, apparently.
Suddenly this loud low buzz came along.. the largest, dopiest bumble bee heavily floated around his head. And then finally landed on his binoculars.
Ru decided that was the end of nature watching for today.


We have made it through the darkness people!
Spring is almost here, March!
Day's are longer, weather is warming and flowers are blooming.
Just look at March last year... we had such glorious weather!
Lot's going on this month.
A few really good days out and meet up's with lovely blogging buddies! Cannot wait.
March is also a busy time at the allotment.. beds to prep, seeds to sow. A bit overwhelming, but we get there in the end. One thing I do want this year is an abundance of insect loving flowers, which will mean lots of cut flowers for the home too.
Also it will be Littlegreenshed's 2nd birthday. Aw terrible two's... I hope not.
So what are your plans this month?
p.s. I've put up my love list again. I missed it. Enjoy. x

abbots pool

Gosh another scorcher of a day... {sorry to those who aren't experiencing this unusually hot weather this April is giving us}.
Boys went to Lucy's birthday party this morning, Dan & I painted the landing floor {yes we always do DIY on the hottest days... doh!}.
At lunchtime we went to Abbots Pool for a little picnic and a ride of the bikes.
I love Abbots pool for it's stunning tranquility.  Charlie & Ru spotted wild flowers in the hedgerows, wild strawberry's, celendines, devils' tongue ferns and cow parsley almost in flower {a whole month early!}.
At the pool we watch dogs bathe, ducks chasing each other, older children paddle in the shallower pools, people fish.
I couldn't stop taking pictures of the newly emerged leaves... such amazing greens.