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Today we having been hanging out at home.
Doing little jobs... cleaning the car, mountains of laundry etc
I've quite enjoyed it.
On my way back from saying goodbye to Tree and Books yesterday, I stopped off at my local furniture junk shop.. (if you are in Bristol and know where I mean, there are some great treasures in there at the moment!).
I found this chair!
I love it. I don't think it's designer or teak or something special, but I love it's shape and the back rest.
I've given it a good clean today as it was covered in sticky stuff - ergh!
And it looks right at home now.
I just need 3 others to make the look complete.
Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday... I am now off to the park for a run around.


I woke this morning in need of some exercise, good food and happiness.
We have been ill at home for over a month now, each one of us coming down with one illness or another.
This morning it just got to me... I've had enough!
Charlie is recovering from his ear infection and after being cooped up at home for the past few days we all need to breathe some fresh air in our lungs.
So this morning we took the boys to the new mountain bike track up in Leigh woods... they squealed with delight as they rode round.  The colours of the leaves were gorgeously golden, a real sight for sore eyes.
For lunch we headed back to our neighbourhood for North African Haloumi Skewers in the Souk Kitchen - totally yum.  I love it in there, our new family favourite.
We wandered the market and spotted Rufus' favourite - the bear.
A perfect Sunday.
p.s. I start my new job tomorrow.... eeek.  Nervous and excited at the same time.  New job here...if you in the area do stop by.
Have a great week.


Today we prepared for halloween.
Spooky pictures were drawn.
Bats flew into roost.
Pumpkins were carved.
Costumes and masks were made.
We also went to the LoveFood Festival and saw the most incredible carved pumpkins made by the sculptural team of Aardman animations. Totally cool.
I loved the zebra skin zebra crossing.
We are very excited about tomorrow... spookiness awaits!

bike ride sunday...

Went for a bike ride through the rolling mendip hills.
Didn't find any black blackberries only green ones... another couple of weeks here I think.
Did find some huge acorns.
But better - we found some ripe sloes which we picked for gin or vodka later.
It was good to get out of the city, stretch our legs and breathe in the late summer sun.

new in the home...

Some new things in our home.
My birthday print by Yellena - I have adored her work for a very long time, so I am super happy I finally have her beautiful 'morning' print.  It brightens up my world.
Also new, a large wall map of the British Isles, which I have stuck up with tape opposite the bathroom.
Whenever we go anyway with the boys such as Cornwall, they ask "are we still in England?".
So I thought a large map to show where we are and how far away places are, might help.
Have a great Sunday, we are off foraging.... Jam making this week again!

so overgrown

I nearly died when I saw the plot today.
I was hardly able to walk up the paths through the thick weeds.
Dan strimmed the whole plot, which enabled us to actually move around it, but this then highlighted the weeds covering the vegetables in the beds.
After hours of back breaking labour, we managed to weed free a couple of the beds... and take home a harvest to be proud of......
* 60 bulbs of garlic
* 20 onions
* loads of purple mange tout & peas
* sweet peas
* the final harvest of broadbeans
* new potatoes
* yellow and green courgettes
* and finally BEETROOT!  Yes, I can now grow the little buggers!

So I am achey and tired, but happy the plot is saved from couch grass, bindweed and thistles.

Have a great week.

the sun shone for 5 minutes...

After the rain of most of the weekend....
the sun shone for a wee while on Sunday afternoon.
A quick dash to Ashton Court Estate for a bike ride and to smell the roses.

weekend in pictures....

How was your weekend?  Super good I hope.

A few snippets of our two days....

* the sunshine after the rain, the clouds were awesome.
* boys emptied tadpoles into our new pond at the allotment {came from Nana's pond}
* visited the garden centre and park
* netted the peas and mangetout
* bought new Rufus new shoes {will show you later}
* Comet came home {Charlie's new goldfish}

♥ Have a great week!